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Water: mystical, life-supporting, healing, purifying, cleansing, precious and unfortunately, taken for granted.  We are somewhat spoiled in the USA. Turn on the tap and relatively clean water emerges. For most of us, this has always been so. Traveling in Turkey recently we were told we could bathe in the tap water, but for drinking we had to purchase bottled water.  Unfortunately, this is true for most of the rest of the world as well, at least for those who have any water at all.

                                                                                                  In this issue of Pacific Naturopathic Newsletter, Dr. Connie muses on the history of water therapy and asks the question, "Is all water just H2O?"  Dr. Marcel gives a short history of the hydrotherapy movement, offers a simple technique for upper respiratory congestion, and brings to light a new form of stable, highly oxygenated water.  Read about our attempts to import this water into the USA.                                                                                                                                                                                   Nicole delves into her environmental roots talking about how water conservation is tied into personal and collective health and Carlene takes us on a journey to a healing place in consciousness where stress and worldly woes are far, far away.


Be Well.


Dr. Connie, Dr. Marcel and your care team at Pacific Naturopathic and the Hernandez Center for Adjunctive Cancer Care


Dr. Connie's Musings...

Dr. Connie muses in Ataturk's bathtub in his restored Pullman car in Selcuk, Turkey


Water Therapy: 

Ancient, Effective and Fun


Our vision, as graduating naturopathic doctors in 1991, was to establish a modern day water cure center in the mode of 18th and 19th century European spas for mineral water soaking (such as were found in Bath, England, and Baden Baden, Germany) and in early 20th century sanitariums in the United States. In those days, patients came for extended stays, taking in the sun, the fresh air and the water as part of their cure, as well as engaging in spirited literary including cultural and political discourse.


A typical Arabic hammam
with heated marble slabs

As for ourselves, landing in Vermont after graduating from naturopathic medical school, we frequented historic hospital auctions, seeking hydrocollators and sitz baths; envisioning Sebastian Kneipp inspired pebbled walkways of running water, somewhat like those we enjoyed in a Budapest Turkish Baths (hammam); or hot and cold faucets and heated slabs such as we found in our cave dwelling hotel in Goreme, Turkey and in the hammams we frequented in Malaga, Spain.


Throughout history, in most cultures, people have used water in healing.... the Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptians. Bathers stream to baths throughout the world to partake in the healing qualities of the waters rising up from the earth. Drenching themselves under waterfalls, Shinto priests in Japan purify body, mind and soul. Finns get steamy in saunas, then roll in snow drifts. Elderly inhabitants of Budapest attribute their long life to drinking the water from certain sulfurous springs.


In our naturopathic training, we treated patients suffering from

Constitutional hydrotherapy
AIDS and other viruses by raising their body temperatures to virus killing levels in hot water baths. Patients with colds and flus were wrapped in cold damp sheets, then covered with warm dry blankets to enhance immune function. Colon therapy is an internal cleansing. Dew walking is an immune system strengthening therapy inspired by early naturopath Benedict Lust.



Many water therapies are difficult to administer in Silicon Valley, what with the unavailability of specialized bathing apparatuses, limitations on plumbing, strict building codes and skyrocketing liability and malpractice insurance costs.  We are able to come a little closer at Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center in Hawaii (see below). Some of our California luxury spas are attending not only to pampering and relaxation, but also to cures. The word spa, after all, comes from the Latin "salus per aqua" or health through water.


We often advise "do it yourself" home water therapies. Among the simple home based naturopathic water cures which we recommend are Epsom salt and baking soda baths, herbal detoxification baths, wet sock treatments, hot and cold contrast showers, neti pot usage, salt water gargles and ocean wading (thalassotherapy).  


We hope that you will be inspired by something in this newsletter to think differently about water therapies, to take a dip in a mountain lake, a swim in the sea or go dancing in the rain. You will be healthier for it.



Read more about the medical services Dr. Connie offers here:




A simple, Safe, Elegant Approach to Common Health Problems

Marcel Hernandez, N.D.
In this age of high-tech, invasive, pharmaceutically-oriented medicine, a therapeutic technique as simple and elegant as hydrotherapy may resonate with some people on the same level as drums and feathers. However, hydrotherapy's effectiveness is rooted in sound scientific principles and ancient healing traditions. 

Hydrotherapy is the use of water in any of its forms (liquid, gas, solid), internally or externally for the maintenance of health or the treatment of disease. In hydrotherapy, water changes the environment of the body to achieve a physiologic response.   

Hydrotherapy was used effectively for the treatment of disease and
Infants love hydrotherapy
injury by the ancient Egyptians, Persians, Babylonians, Romans, Greeks, Hebrews, Hindus and Chinese.
Hippocrates (400-500 B.C.), the father of modern medicine, used water of varying temperatures applied to different parts of the body to help bring about healing in a variety of medical conditions. In the nineteenth Century and into the twentieth Century, the great spas of Europe focused on the therapeutic application of water in settings akin to the grand hotels. In Germany in the mid-1800's, Father Sebastian Kneipp began using cold water washes and warm wraps with sick nuns and parishioners. Kneipp's therapy was so successful that his reputation as a natural healer spread throughout Germany and Austria and sick Europeans began flocking to his parish.  In modern times, hydrotherapy has become one of the main therapeutic tools of naturopathic physicians and religious organizations, such as Seventh Day Adventists. 

On a physiological level, hydrotherapy stimulates healing by
Even cats may come to love hydrotherapy
 enhancing oxygenation and stimulating the circulation of blood andlymph. It promotes more complete digestion and assimilation of food and improves the biochemical uptake and utilization of nutrients by the cells. It causes and increases the mobilization of toxic metabolic by-products and forces their elimination from overburdened organs and tissues. Throughout the process of hydrotherapy, the body's immune function is strengthened as immune system cells are stimulated to circulate throughout the body. 

One hydrotherapy technique that I have used with great success with patients is known as the wet sock treatment. The wet sock treatment is an extremely relaxing therapy, and anyone of any age who has had trouble sleeping because of congestion due to allergies or upper respiratory infections will quickly drop off to sleep soon after the therapy is applied. Some of the conditions the wet sock treatment addresses include head and sinus congestion, headaches, ear aches, PMS, sore throat, prostate hypertrophy and other conditions where there is congestion. It also relieves stress, prevents and shortens upper respiratory infections, warms chilled persons and soothes abdominal pain. 

To perform the wet sock treatment you will need a foot tub of some sort (a basin or the bathtub will do), hot water, cold water (ice cubes may be added), a pair of thin cotton socks soaked in the cold water, a pair of thick, dry wool or cotton socks, a warm blanket and a towel. Follow these five simple steps: 
1. The wet sock treatment should be carried out in the evening just before bed or at other times when the patient can remain at home and not have to move around. 
2. The warmly-dressed patient sits in a chair or on the side of a tub with his/her feet in hot water (100 to 110 degrees) and a blanket draped around the shoulders. Hotter is better, though take care not to burn the skin. Infants may be immersed in warm water. The water should be 3 to 8 inches above the ankle bones. Keep feet in water for 10 minutes. The feet should become a rosy color. 
3. Take the feet out of the hot water and dry quickly. Wring out the thin cotton socks which have been soaking in cold water and immediately put them on. 
4. Put the thick, dry cotton socks on immediately over the thin cotton socks. 5. The patient should them lie down and take a nap, read or go to sleep. Within 2-3 hours body heat will dry the socks and they may be removed if they become uncomfortable or too hot. 

Although the wet sock treatment has no negative side effects (other than making you drowsy), it is always best to implement any new medical therapy under the guidance of your primary health caregiver or to consult a practitioner skilled in its application. 

Is All Water Just H2O?


Dr. Connie has offered natural medicine guidance to her Bay Area patients since 1993.

These days, we are confronted with a dizzying array of waters, water purification systems and water energizers. Can H20 be so very different in form, and still be H2O? There is alkaline water, oxygenated water, structured water, energized water and energy devices for transforming water. Through gathering research articles, collecting patient testimonials, searching objective data and drinking the water ourselves, we attempt to separate hype from reality.                                                                                    Alkaline ionizers, for example, purport to cleanse free radicals from and alkalinize the body, but in fact only temporarily neutralize stomach acidity, making it alkaline (not a good thing) and do not result in an alkaline body.


Many of us have been initiated into the energetics of water through the work of the Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto.  Emoto Sensei documented the effects of thoughts, words and sound on water by photographing the resultant frozen water crystals, and demonstrated the healing effects of water inoculated with intention. As do loving intentions, natural spring water (as opposed to distilled, purified, or polluted waters) forms beautiful, intricate crystalline structures. Dr. Emoto's photos have not been replicated and accepted in scientific circles, but his elucidation of the effect of vibration on matter (in this case in liquid form) does explain the positive effect of blessing food and drink. We recommend doing so as one method of water healing.


At a springtime cancer conference in Reno, I was instructed to drink a glass of double helix water, breathe it in nebulized form, and rub a cream containing the water on my skin. Before and after thermograms were taken. The temperature signature on the after thermogram showed a radical reduction in inflammation. We continue to look into this water.


In our recent trip to Budapest, our intent was to investigate a type of water called Kaqun WaterKaqun water is a highly oxygenated water that does not fizz out when opened, but remains stable. In government sponsored clinics in Hungary, people bathe in and drink this water in hopes of healing themselves of everything from dermatitis to dementia to cancer.


We met with Dr. Robert Lyons, a Shaolin master and clinician who discovered and researched Kaqun water, at his clinic outside of Budapest.  He presented slide after slide to us, documenting positive bodily changes after ingesting and bathing in the water. 


Our interest in Kaqun water centered on promoting the body's ability to work with cancer, but we were also quite interested in Kaqun effects on diminishing and preventing dementia. Most impressive to us, we spoke with an American woman, one of a number of residential cancer patients at the Kaqun headquarters at Kerepes outside Budapest. She showed us an iPhoto of her radiation damaged neck prior to therapy. Having "taken the waters" for several weeks, her radiation burns and scars were completely healed.  We are working on an agreement to bring Kaqun drinking water into our clinic. (See details on Kaqun water under Hernandez Center for Adjunctive Cancer Care articles below.)


We welcome input on patients re research and experiences of waters they personally have found to be healing. 

Find out more about Dr. Connie's work HERE.
Is This Miracle Water?
* * *
-- We think it might be! --

Dr. Marcel specializes in men's health and digestive problems. He works with Dr. Corrine in the infusion center at Pacific Naturopathic.


In 1924, a physician named Otto H.Warburg found that cancer cells get their energy to grow by breaking down glucose (sugar) in the absence of oxygen. Healthy cells, on the other hand, generate reproductive energy by using oxygen.  Dr. Warburg hypothesized that although cancer has numerous secondary causes, the main cause of cancer was anaerobic sugar fermentation.  His findings moved future researchers to develop the ketogenic diet, which starves the cancer cells of sugar, and hyperbaric oxygen chambers, which seek to infuse the tissues with oxygen. 


Always on the lookout for ways to effectively get oxygen into the body, Dr. Connie and I traveled to Budapest, Hungary, last month with the sole intention of researching something called Kaqun water. Kaqun water had been touted as a unique development in water chemistry that effectively delivers oxygen to tissues by both drinking it and bathing in it. In the past, oxygen infused water was extremely unstable, releasing the O2 content rapidly before it could have any therapeutic effect.


Kaqun is different. Kaqun maintains the oxygen in the liquid and concentrates the oxygen into groups called "clusters." These clusters allow direct penetration through the skin and intestinal tract, permeating the interstitial fluids and connective tissue and thereby delivering higher levels of oxygen to the cells than has been possible before.                                                                                                                               We met with Dr. Robert Lyons, the developer of Kaqun water, in his clinic outside of Budapest and were treated to 90 minutes of slide show and biochemistry. The slideshow outlined numerous studies and showed before and after healing of tumors in patients treated by Dr. Lyons with Kaqun.  He also shared with us that his daughter, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer four years ago, was still alive and enjoying life, thanks to the benefits of Kaqun water.  The average life expectancy of a person diagnosed with pancreatic cancer is less than six months.                                                                                                                                  Kaqun water was born as a result of Dr. Lyons' research work of twenty years. It has since undergone more than ten years of clinical and laboratory studies carried out on both healthy volunteers and those with health challenges.  His process is secret, but he did let on that the water used to produce Kaqun must be softened because minerals prevent oxygen cluster formation. Dr. Lyons emphasized that there are no chemicals or toxic materials used in the production of the water, and the oxygen is derived from the water itself, not from an outside source.


Results from the studies illustrate Kaqun's efficacy in helping the body respond to all types of cancer, increasing natural killer cells and reducing tumor mass through a variety of other mechanisms.  New studies show that body changes such as those brought about by Kaqun water can improve cognitive function in the elderly, reduce inflammation, promote cellular regeneration, reduce allergic symptoms and enhance the immune system.


Studies show that 1.5 liters of Kaqun water must be consumed every day to have a beneficial effect.  Because the Kaqun production process is secret, the water must be imported from Hungary in 1.5 liter bottles.  Dr. Lyons assured us that the special bottles he uses are safe and do not leak toxins or BPA, a hormone disrupting chemical that is linked to autism, birth defects, reproductive problems and other health issues.


You can read the studies and find out more about Kaqun water HERE. 


NOTE: At Pacific Naturopathic we will put together a group order if we have enough interested purchasers.  


Each bottle of Kaqun water costs $15 and the minimum order is a palate of 504 bottles.  To participate, you need to make a three-month commitment and purchase in advance 90 bottles. One bottle a day, $450 a month, $1350 for three months.  If you or a loved one has a chronic illness like cancer, MS or other condition, or if you would like to enhance your mental function and physical stamina, please contact the office immediately if you are interested in participating.  It is really not an excessive amount of money to invest, considering the potential outcome.  Dr. Connie and Dr. Marcel are going to try it, so that leaves only 324 bottles, room for only 3+ people at the minimum commitment.

For more on Dr. Marcel's work click HERE.


Water Conservation 
and Health Preservation

Nicole Noceto
Nicole Noceto fills many roles at Pacific Naturopathic.


With the theme of this month's newsletter, I have decided to reach back into my past as a passionate student of Environmental Studies to discuss this vital substance, water.  Truly our most precious resource, water constitutes more than 70% of our Earth (not to mention ~60% of an adult human body!) It's a wonder that this seemingly simple substance that is colorless, odorless, and tasteless lends itself as the source of life.


Up until very recently, water conservation was only of interest to environmentalists and liberals.  However, with California facing it's most severe drought on record, the impact of a dwindling water supply is reaching far and wide, shedding light on the importance of preserving this essential resource. Living in one of the more affluent regions of the globe, it is easy to take for granted the luxury of having immediate access to clean water. We take showers daily, brush our teeth, flush our toilets, water our lawns, wash our cars, run our washing machines, our dishwashers, and on, and on, and on. Similarly, we, as consumers, support commercial and industrial entities that use water carelessly.  In light of this drought, people are finally starting to take preventative measures seriously.


Nowadays, consumers are constantly reminded of the ways in which they can contribute to water conservation: take shorter showers, upgrade old appliances, fix leaks, and water landscapes less frequently. All of these measures make a difference, but one of the more interesting conversations, in my opinion, regarding water usage in California has to do with the food that we eat.  Whether we choose to buy organic food, or not; buy local, or not; grow our own food (and how), or not; our food choices heavily influence the state of our water supply.


It's no secret that California's multi-billion dollar agriculture sector is the state's biggest water-guzzler, using roughly 80% of the distributed supply. It is also worth mentioning that Big Agra's water is heavily subsidized by the government - residential consumers pay significantly more per cubic metre of water than do industrial farmers. As it turns out, the majority of California's big agriculture industry employs conventional, unsustainable farming methods - particularly those involving inefficient irrigation. Since water is so cheap for these farmers, they have little incentive to improve the efficiency of their irrigation systems, tolerating massive amounts of run-off and high evaporation rates due to overhead watering.


As consumers participating in a global economic relationship with agriculture, we can choose to support more sustainable farming methods. We can seek out small-scale, organic farms that, by default, use water much more efficiently because of crop choices, soil integrity, and irrigation methods. If we choose to grow our own food, we can make our own landscapes more productive by replacing wasteful lawns with something as simple as drought-tolerant herbs, or drip-lined veggie beds. At the very least, we must think twice about who and what we support to truly understand the greater impact of our choices. 


Nicole Noceto offers Nutrition Education for people 

meeting the challenges of diabetes and cancer.  In October, 

she will begin offering yoga therapy programs.

Please phone 650-917-1121 to schedule.

A Mini-Vacation By the Water
Carlene offers various approaches to energy healing at the Hernandez Center.


During last evening's walk along a trail in Pacifica, California, I was inspired to write about the healing power of water. This ocean side trail where I have walked hundreds of times in the past 13 years, is now known to me as "the healing trail." It was on this path where I healed from broken relationships, stressful work situations, and the loss of loved ones. The magic formula included giving myself time to relax, walking in nature, and taking in the mood-boosting negative ions of the ocean air.



This particular trail leads to Mori Point, a special

Mori Point

place that offers sweeping views of the Pacific, and blooming wild flowers in the springtime. For me, this is a place to get quiet, listen to the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks, to smell the clean ocean air, and give thanks for all that is. There is something about being near the water that is inspiring. Right there on the edge of Mori Point overlooking the ocean, I have had moments of enlightenment, I have been sparked with creativity, and I have been nudged to release that which no longer serves me.


During hypnotherapy sessions, I often suggest to my clients that they imagine themselves on a pathway going to a safe, healing and beautiful place. Much of the time they choose a path that leads to water. Perhaps they choose a beach, a stream, a lake or a waterfall. This doesn't surprise me, since we often think of water as cleansing, calming, soothing, replenishing, invigorating and healing.


If you don't live close to one of Mother Nature's water sources, or you simply don't have time for a nature walk, I suggest you take a few minutes for a mini vacation in your mind. Just close your eyes and transport yourself to a place in your memory or in your imagination. You may envision yourself on a powdery beach in Hawaii, sitting alongside a trickling creek, or floating in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. You decide.


Take yourself on vacation. Use all of your senses to experience this place you've chosen. Observe the vibrant colors, smell the scents in the air, listen for the sounds around you, and feel the temperature on your skin. Notice how you feel as you relax in this beautiful natural place. Be aware of how it feels to be near, or in the water. Fully immerse yourself in this experience. Breathe, and accept the gifts of Mother Nature, receive the gifts of water. 



Read more about Carlene's transformative work here.


Rapid Pain Relief
With Elijah Fee

Elijah Free, MH, CMI, CMT



Elijah Free's approach to helping his patients deal with physical pain has been described as bordering on miraculous.  Elijah is also a Master Herbalist who designs and produces all of his own herbal products for his healing practice. He is an herbal product designer for Ridgecrest Herb Company. 

* * *


Elijah Free is a healer, specializing in pain elimination of all types, both mechanical and metabolic. He is a master medical herbalist with numerous specialties, a researcher and product designer for his own label; Earth Friend Herb Co. 


Elijah is the author of "Apprentice to Angels," and a U.S. patent holder for a formula to eradicate fibromyaligia. He was recently granted a 501-C3 from the IRS as a medical study, something almost exclusively for institutions such as Stanford, hospitals or pharmaceutical companies. is all about Elijah's work with an herbal formula for PTSD that restores the lives to veterans and anyone else with this condition. A documentary video will be available later this fall about this project. A video on fibromyaligia can be seen at


To schedule an 
appointment with Elijah, 
please phone 650-917-1121.
Breast Thermography at
Pacific Naturopathic
- dealing with breast inflammation -



Temperature differences between the breasts are often an indication of inflammation in the warmer breast. The inflammation can be addressed in any of a number of ways.


Homeopathically, one could use the homeopathic/spagyric drainage remedy Inflamyar in cream or liquid form. Botanically, curcumin is one of the best choices. Proteolytic enzymes, taken away from meals, are also anti inflammatory. Double helix water (mentioned in Dr. Connie's article above) or Kaqun water may be other choices.


Breast thermography can help in the evaluation of the efficacy of any of these treatment choices. Typically, we use a remedy for about 3 months, then recheck to see if the temperature differences have diminished or resolved, indicating  a decrease in inflammation. If temperature differences have not resolved, it's time to modify the treatment protocol. 



Read more about breast thermography at 
Pacific Naturopathic here.
Water Therapy
Pacific Naturopathic Hawaii

Check Future Openings 
(then click on "Calendar")
Imagine yourself sitting here, far from Silicon Valley, yet just half a day away.
* * *

As Dr. Connie mentioned in her article in this issue of the Newsletter, water has played a signifiant part in our naturopathic therapeutic approach and development of our Hawaii vacation rental.

For our guests, we provide an infrared sauna, a hot tub, a cold plunge and a deep soaking tub.  If we happen to be on the property while you are there, you may elect to take advantage of constitutional hydrotherapy or a wet sheet herbal wrap.

The water at our Hawaii retreat comes from deep Island aquifers and is double-filtered for internal and external use.  

Many of our California patients have enjoyed their stays with us.  Beging your healing, de-stressing journey by checking our calendar (click on the link above the photo above).

For more information, please visit our dedicated web site.


The Hernandez Center for Adjunctive Cancer Care

News and Commentary on Cancer Topics

* * * * *

Excellent Documented Results
in Destroying Cancer Cells 
and Enhancing Cognitive Function

Marcel Hernandez, N.D.


What is Kaqun Water? 

Please Read Dr. Marcel's Water Article in This Issue


At Pacific Naturopathic we will put together a group order if we have enough interested purchasers.  


Each bottle of Kaqun water costs $15 and the minimum order is a palate of 504 bottles.  To participate, you need to make a three-month commitment and purchase in advance 90 bottles. One bottle a day, $450 a month, $1350 for three months.  If you or a loved one has a chronic illness like cancer, MS or other condition, or if you would like to enhance your mental function and physical stamina, please contact the office immediately if you are interested in participating.  It is really not an excessive amount of money to invest, considering the potential outcome.  Dr. Connie and Dr. Marcel are going to try it, so that leaves only 324 bottles, room for only 3+ people at the minimum commitment.


Visit the manufacturer's web site here.


Please phone the office: 650-917-1121 to reserve your supply.

Other I.V. Therapies Offered at Pacific Naturopathic and the Hernandez Center

Corrine Wang, N.D.


Many people have already heard about intravenous vitamin C as a complementary cancer therapy to help stimulate the immune system as well as being directly cytotoxic to cancer cells. We are often using this therapy at the Hernandez Center for our cancer patients. What people may not know is that we also have many other IV therapies that are also very helpful in supporting our cancer patients depending on their symptoms and what they need. 


We often give a nutrient IV in between IV vitamin C sessions, which helps to provide more energy and rebuild our patients that may be feeling fatigued or have low blood counts. 


We also have other anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer therapies like IV curcumin (turmeric) or IV silibinin (from milk thistle). 


Another IV treatment that can help cancer patients from losing more weight or to help them gain weight is an infusion that includes a variety of amino acids. 


These are just a few of the protocols we have for our cancer patients. For more information or to set up an appointment, please contact us at the Hernandez Center at (650) 917-1121.


* * *



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* Dr. Connie muses on the history of water therapy.

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* Dr. Connie: Is all water just H2O?


* Dr. Marcel: Miracle water.


 * Nicole: Water conservation and health preservation

* Carlene: How to take a water vacation


* Breast thermography at  Pacific Naturopathic

* Hawaii retreat: water therapy in Hawaii

Hernandez Center: News and Commentary on Cancer Topics

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 * Dr. Marcel: group purchase of Kaqun water


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