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It's All In Your Head! 





"It's all in your head" is one of those buzz lines that is often used to dismiss what is happening as unreal.  In point of fact, what happens in your head is very real. From your thoughts, which create physical reality, to your mouth, which conditions your physical reality.  


In this issue, Dr. Connie writes on the connection of mouth health to overall health. Dr. Marcel writes of strengthening your memory, and entertains us with tongue trivia. Dr. Corrine weighs in on stress and craniosacral specials. Our Ayurvedic practitioners offer a detox program.  


Scroll down through the newsletter for much more...our recipe of the month;  information on B12 shots, our newest service; guest reviews of Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center. Enjoy, and be sure to let us know if there's a topic you would like to address.


Be Well!  


--Dr. Connie and Dr. Marcel


Dr. Connie Muses On the Systemic Effects of Gum Disease
Dr Connie: Preparing for Medical Procedures
Dr. Marcel: Improving Your Memory
Dr. Corrine: The Path to Healing and Stress Management
You May Not Know All We Provide at Pacific Naturopathic
Vitamin B12 Deficiency Survey
Rapid Pain Relief With Elijah Free
Dr. Vivek: Spring Cleanse and Rejuvenation Through Pancha Karma
Meet Gayathri Shanbhag M.S
Tongue Trivia: Fun Facts About a Strange Organ
Turmeric Brussel Sprouts: Yum!
Breast Thermography: No Radiation Here!
Relieve Stress Big Time!
Give the Gift of Health to a Loved One
Two Types of Thermograpy Offered at Pacific Naturopathic
Transformational Stress Reduction Services Offered at Pacific Naturopathic
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Dr. Connie's Musings...
Connie Hammock
One of Dr. Connie's Favorite Places to Muse is at the
Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center in Hawaii


Your Mouth Health -- More Systemic Than You Know


"Dem bones dem bones dem dry bones.... Toe bone connected to the foot bone. Foot bone connected to the leg bone. Leg bone connected to the knee bone ..... Now hear the word of the Lord."


We can extrapolate truths of physical and spiritual significance from the lyrics of James Weldon Johnson's well known spiritual tune, quoted above.  We live in a hologrammatic universe, in which the whole can be found in the most infinitesimal part, and every part is connected to every other part.


Our focus in this month's newsletter is on anything above the shoulders. My particular focus this month is on the mouth. Your mouth is a microcosm, populated by organisms upon organisms, some helpful, some harmful. (The mouth is said to be the "dirtiest" place in the human body). The health of your mouth is reflective of health elsewhere in your body and is predictive of future ills.


As many of you are aware, Dr. Marcel's tooth and nail diagnostics point to multiple correlations with overall body health.... from estrogen dominance to digestive ills. On a larger stage, there is the work of the Weston Price Foundation. For years the Weston Price Foundation has published and elaborated on Dr. Price's work implicating dental amalgams and root canals in the etiology, among other things, of auto immune, neurologic and heart conditions.  Click here for more on Weston Price Research on dentistry dangers.


Most famously, Dr. Price insisted that bacteria found in root canals could produce many disease conditions. Dr. Price extracted root canal teeth from humans with heart disease, inserted the root canal root fragments under the skin of test animals, and found that the heart disease transferred to the animal 100% of the time.  And heart disease is only one of many diseases transferrable in this way. Nerves, kidneys, brain, sinus cavities and joints are all affected by residual bacteria and bacterial fragments.


gum dz
Gum disease has systemic effects

It is also now known that people with periodontal disease are almost twice as likely as others to have heart disease. At least one study has found that the presence of tooth and gum disease predicts heart disease as effectively as does cholesterol. Whether oral disease is an early predictor, causative, or simply correlated is under further study.


What is clear is that sore and bleeding gums, gum recession, tooth decay and oral health in general are not unrelated to health throughout your body. Your oral cavity (mouth!) is readily visible, accessible, and responsive to self treatment protocols. Benefits are far greater than simply keeping your teeth as you age. And that, in itself, is an undeniable benefit.


(See Dr. Connie's article below on dental assessment, and Dr. Marcel's regular feature on tongue diagnostics.)




Mental Preparation for 

Medical Procedures

* * *

To Lift or Not To Lift -- That is the Question 

* * * 
I am not a person who has anxiety about medical procedures.  I watched my own C-section on a large ceiling mirror, and did not quake at laser eye surgery. 


Connie Hernandez, N.D.

Shanti Rubenstone, MD


Two months ago, I visited with a dentist who spent more time with me in the first visit than I had spent with my previous dentist in over ten years. He evaluated my teeth, my gums, my bite, instructed me on proper dental hygiene, prioritized a treatment plan for me, and motivated me to bring optimal health to my mouth.


I had slipped by with my previous dentist with a tooth which has been virtually rootless for years, but was now wiggling in uncomfortable ways. Other than that, I was surprised to hear that my gums were not glowingly healthy and that there was anything at all in my mouth that needed to be treated. My new dentist discussed alternative dental treatment plans and explained what to consider when deciding on a plan or procedure. We discussed the best course to follow, given my particular gums, bone structure and goals


sinus lift This dentist's opinion was that I should have a sinus lift and a dental implant to replace the wiggling tooth (which we pulled). I consulted with my doctor friend who, like me, had only been hearing about the necessity of sinus lifts in the last 6 months or so. I made an appointment with the periodontal surgeon I was referred to, consulted with him, and scheduled the surgery.


I am not a person who has anxiety about medical procedures (I watched my own C-section on a large ceiling mirror, and did not quake at lazer eye surgery). Yet, I did not feel good about this procedure at this time. I wondered about the necessity, the risks, the need for powerful antibiotics.


It is never good to go into surgery, or any course of action, with a feeling of impending doom, Medical and surgical outcomes are always better when you empower yourself by learning enough to either come into alignment with a suggested course of action, or to decide to follow an alternative course of action.  I rescheduled the surgery six weeks out, and started on a course of study on gum health and dental care and procedures.  I asked the following questions about the sinus lift, but you could modify them for any procedure you might be asked to undergo.


* What does the procedure entail? 

* Why is it necessary?

* What happens if I don't do the procedure?

* What was the cause of my condition?

* What is the risk of infection?

* What are possible complications of the treatment?

* Are there alternatives?

* What is the cost?

* Are antibiotics or other drugs imperative?

* What can I do to go into this procedure in the best possible shape?

That last question was a question I asked myself. I determined to do an intensive six  week protocol to optimize the condition of my gums, teeth and immune system prior to any surgery. And, in the meantime, to gather more data about the suggested surgery.


Read next month's newsletter for the mouth and gum treatment protocols I followed and for helpful ayurvedic techniques for optimizing oral health. 


Find out more about Dr. Connie's consulting services at:  


Do You Remember?


 * * *


OK.  I came into the kitchen for a reason, I just can't remember what it was.  Let me look in the fridge.  Hmm. Nothing there rings a bell.  I wonder if I wanted something out of the cupboard?  No... but what about the sink rings a bell?  Ah yes,  now I remember... it is time to take out the garbage.



                   Marcel Hernandez, N.D.



Does the paragraph above describe early onset Alzheimer's or an episode of senile dementia?  The answer is, probably neither.  Episodes like this are common at any age, but more so in an unnaturally aging brain.  That's right, I said that memory loss is NOT an inevitable part of the aging process.


The brain is capable of producing new brain cells at any age, so significant memory loss is not an inevitable result of aging. But just as it is with muscle strength, you have to use it or lose it. Your lifestyle, health habits, and daily activities have a huge impact on the health of your brain. Whatever your age, there are many ways you can improve your cognitive skills, prevent memory loss, and protect your grey matter.


The feeling of stress

I had a patient the other day, a young man in his mid 30's, whose story was way too familiar.  He felt his memory was not what it used to be.  When I asked him how his sleep was, he replied that his job made inhuman demands on his energy and joie de vivre.  Working in the great pressure cooker that is Silicon Valley levels even the strongest constitutions, no matter what the age.  In addition to job stress, relationship stress, loss of a loved one, change of residence - any stressful situation may impact memory function.  High stress and memory dysfunction are immortal partners. 


Other elements that impact memory function are anxiety and depression and the prescription pharmaceuticals prescribed to manage these conditions.  Alcohol abuse, recreational drugs, chronic infections, lack of exercise and sleep problems also decrease memory ability.


Notice that most of the things that affect memory result as a consequence of questionable life choices?  Here are seven strategies you can use to keep your memory quick and vibrant:


1)   Examine your decision making process, especially the ways in which you manage stress.  It may be helpful to seek a counselor who assists you in examining why and how you make life choices.


2)   Exercise every day.  Studies have shown that older people who do even mild exercise, like brisk walking, had far superior memory function than sedentary people. The reason is that exercise is the number one stress busting tactic of all as it releases a plethora of happy molecules (endorphins) and also aids with restful sleep.  "In general, what's good for the heart is good for the brain," says Gary Small, MD, director of the UCLA Center for Aging.  A walking strategy that appears to work well is 5 minutes of warmup walking, 20  minutes of brisk walking and 5 minutes of cool down walking.


3)   Eat a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables -- leafy greens blueberries, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots -- you get the idea.  These colorful foods are rich in antioxidants that protect our cells from free radical damage.

spinach memory  

4)   Use supplements wisely.  Health providers in the alternative and

Turmeric Powder
complementary medical field often give their patients shopping bags full of pills, thinking that health springs from a gelcap from a bottle.  Studies do show that a daily Vitamin B complex-rich multiple helps maintain memory function.  Turmeric has also been shown to be excellent as it has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. Omega-s fatty acids, like those found in salmon, may enhance memory function. There are other nutrients that may also be of merit that are being studied as you read this.  




According to a new study, eating oily fish such as salmon can significantly improve your memory and help prevent the onset of dementia.



5)   Do mental calisthenics. To keep your brain sharp, many experts say, you need to exercise it regularly. Play scrabble.  Do crossword puzzles.  Challenge yourself to learn new things.  There are a few web sites that offer memory improvement games. is one of them.

6)  Sleep well. Healthy sleep patterns are crucial for cognitive performance,
Sleep like this
especially memory.  Seven hours of sleep each night is what experts agree upon works best.  Sleep is essential to lower levels of stress hormones, to relax and refresh your entire body, and to literally turn off your brain. Easier said then done?  Make an appointment with us to discuss strategies for healthier sleep.


red wine 



7)  Drink a little red wine.  Some studies indicate that red wine is good for the heart and whatever is good for the heart is good for the brain. Not all the reasons are understood, but many researchers believe red wine may be good for you because it contains the antioxidant resveratrol.  It is important to note that excessive alcohol intake can disrupt sleeping patterns.


Unless you have organic or functional brain damage, there is no reason you cannot improve your memory function.  But it does take focus, and focus is yet one more memory-nourishing technique.


* * *


Find out more about Dr. Marcel's work with men at:

  Cultivating Positive Change 
* * *
The Path to Healing and Stress Management


With physical ailments, it can become easy to get caught up in the symptoms and the process of mitigating them. What can often be forgotten is that
so much of our health and physical ailments can also be attributed to our mental-emotional health.
Conditions such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), psoriasis, and MS (multiple sclerosis) can all be significantly worse with anxiety and unmanaged stress. 
Unmanaged stress leads to an increase in the stress hormone, cortisol, which over time causes a breakdown in our body systems.  Cortisol can increase blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure, as well as inhibit our metabolism, immune system, reproductive system, and even memory.  Cortisol affects almost all systems of our body and decreases our body's capacity to heal, which leads to illness.  Thus, managing our stress and taking care of ourselves mentally and emotionally is just as important as feeding our bodies healthy nutrition.  
Feeding ourselves healthy, positive information 
is a great way of learning how 
to deal with our stressors.  
By cultivating gratitude, compassion, and love towards ourselves, we can move our lives and health in a more positive direction.  Positivity fosters resilience as well as allowing for the healing state of the body.  People with a better outlook on life also tend to treat themselves better mentally and physically.  Therefore, positivity and gratitude can allow us to change our reaction to our stressors, heal more easily, and become less likely to get sick.  
One website that I love is by The Greater Good Science CenterThis center in Berkeley studies the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of well-being, and teaches skills that foster a thriving, resilient, and compassionate society.  It teaches people the positive attitudes we can cultivate in ourselves that will lead to positive change in the world around us.  As we grow this love towards ourselves and fill our hearts, we are more able to take care of and heal ourselves, as well as turn this love outwards towards our society.  We can then shine our light on those around us and help to contribute to a more peaceful and healthy society.
* * *

For information on your own stress levels, make an appointment for an adrenal stress index test.  This easy to perform saliva test will allow us to understand how your cortisol levels are changing throughout the day and how your body is reacting to stress.  


For relaxation and stress management, craniosacral therapy is always a great way to treat stress and unwind.  To try out this therapy, we have a special going on for a 30 minute session at $30!


Find out more about Dr. Corrine's 

detox and craniosacral packages 


for 30 minutes
($55 for 60 minutes)

Release tensions deep in your body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance.  
Offer Expires: March 31, 2013
purple logo
Services Provided at 
Pacific Naturopathic

It has occurred to us that we offer so many therapies and approaches to health that it would be good to list them in concise form.  

For information, please contact us at 650-917-1121.


* Naturopathic Consultations For All Health Conditions

* Breast Thermography

* Rapid Pain Relief

* Tongue and Fingernail Analysis

* Craniosacral Therapy

* Adjunctive Cancer Therapy

* Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

* Men's Health

* Women's Health

* Vitamin B12 Shots

* Flower Essence Therapy

* LaStone Massage

* Earth Friend Herb Company Products


**COMING IN MAY: Intravenous Nutrition Therapy


For the following services, please contact each individual provider:


* Transformational Medicine (Shanti Rubenstone, MD, 650-209-5813)

* Ayurvedic Medicine (Vivek Shanbhag, ND, MD (Ayu), 408-876-0636)

* Ayurvedic Nutrition & Diet Therapy (Gayathri Shanbhag, MS, 408-876-0636)

* Foot Reflexology (Nancy Schuet, CNRT, 408-891-4759)



  Are You Vitamin B12 Deficient?   
Take a Self-Awareness Survey  

* * *


On a scale of 0 to 4, with zero being "experience not at all" and four being "experience greatly," rate yourself on these symptoms and keep a running point total:


Depression (double your score)

Fatigue  (double your score)

Brain fog  (double your score)

Numbness or tingling in hands and feet  (double your score)


Bleed or bruise easily

Slow reflexes

Difficulty swallowing

Memory problems

Menstrual problems


Pale, chalky skin

Pale nail beds

Pale tongue

Sore tongue

Feeling of weakness


Difficulties with balance

Bleeding gums
Weight loss
Shortness of breath
Frequent colds and flus
Tender calves


Scoring:  When adding up your total score, double the values for the first four symptoms (Depression, Fatigue, Brain fog and Numbness or tingling in hands and feet).  All other symptoms are 0 to 4.


Under 10 points -- most likely not Vitamin B12 deficient

10 to 15 points -- probable B12 deficiency

15+ ponts -- likely B12 deficiency

 * * *

Note:  Vitamin B12/folic acid injections are available in our office between 1:00 and 1:30 PM Tuesdays and Thursdays.  No appointment necessary, but you must phone in advance (650-917-1121) to let us know you are coming.  Available to established patients only.  Please see ad in this newsletter. 



Pacific Naturopathic now offers Vitamin B12/folic acid injections at our clinic twice a week: 
* Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 to 1:30 PM on a drop-in basis.  
* No appointment necessary.  Please phone to let us know you are coming.  
* Available to established patients only.
* Only natural methylcobalamin used.

Rapid Pain Relief 

With Elijah Free


Elijah Free, MH, CMI, CMT  

Elijah Free

Elijah Free's approach to helping his patients deal with physical pain has been described as bordering on miraculous.  Elijah is also a Master Herbalist who designs and produces all of his own herbal products for his healing practice. He is an herbal product designer for Ridgecrest Herb Co. Elijah also holds a patent for his herbal fibromyalgia formula.  

To contact Elijah, please either call the clinic at 650-917-1121 or e-mail at [email protected].


To learn more about the healing work of Elijah Free, please go to his web sites:

Spring Cleanse & Rejuvenation with Ayurvedic Pancha Karma  

                                                                 Vivek Shanbhag, Nd, Md (Ayu)

Dr. Vivek Shanbhag, ND, MD(Ayu), BAMS, CYEd.  
Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Ayurvedic Practitioner & Professor



Spring is around the corner. When a season changes, our metabolism also changes. We need to balance this by adjusting our diet and lifestyle. If we do not adjust our diet and lifestyle, we may develop symptoms and seasonal diseases.  Ayurveda recommends natural cleansing called Pancha Karma to prevent such seasonal diseases.         


When we are born, our main cleansing organs-lungs, kidneys, bowel, skin and liver-are all clear and fully functional. As we grow, accumulation of toxins in the body can result from polluted air, impure liquids and food, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise, stressful life and demanding profession.  We get exposed to un-natural and chemical products like food preservatives, food colors, insecticides, pesticides, detergents, deodorants, hair color, cosmetics, alcohol, tobacco, etc.  


Many of us are over-worked and often eat junk food, which may be stale, overcooked or fried. We don't have time to exercise and at the same time have sedentary jobs sitting for hours under artificial light. We literally live and work in concrete jungles, breathe polluted air and then watch television for hours, taking in chemical and synthetic medicines and living in an atmosphere of noise pollution, electromagnetic fields and harmful radiation. Obviously, the body is not able to get rid of various toxins entering the system.  


The accumulation of toxins creates various acute and chronic health problems as well as tissue degeneration.  The weakened body cannot eliminate the toxins on its own. Ayurveda recommends Pancha Karma for natural cleansing as it eliminates toxins and reverses the degenerative process.


What is Pancha Karma?


Pancha Karmas are natural cleansing procedures for effectively removing accumulated toxins from the body. These treatments first loosen the toxins. Next they liquefy the loosened toxins and remove them from the body. Pancha Karma includes use of individualized diets, nutritional supplements, mild fasting, customized herbal oil massage(Snehan), stream of warm herbal oil on forehead (Shirodhara), herbal sauna(Swedan), herbal purgatives(Virechan), nasal drops(Nasya) and enema therapy(Basti) to rid the body of accumulated toxins.  During massage, certain points where energy blockages tend to occur in the body, known as marma points, will be cleared.  Massage may be followed by an herbal steam bath, to help increase elimination of toxins through perspiration. 


A word of caution must be given.  Unlike many other health-promoting recommendations of Ayurveda, Pancha Karma should not be self-administered. Like all medical procedures, Pancha karma starts with an initial consultation by experienced Ayurvedic doctor who determine your Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type (Prakruti), the nature of the health problem (Vikriti), the type of cleansing to be carried out and its appropriate dosage. Specially trained therapists do these procedures in a particular sequence for a specific period of time. The process is supervised by experienced Ayurvedic doctors who can recognize signs of correct and incorrect cleansing. If required, they take care of any disturbing symptoms and treat them appropriately.


Pancha Karma sessions are wonderfully relaxing. Their healing effects can be both subtle and profound. For instance, you may begin to notice your skin and eyes glowing. You may feel renewed health and vitality. Many people also experience weight change, according to their needs.

 * * *

Spring Cleanse with Yoga + Ayurvedic Herbs, Foods & Routines  
*Increase your energy &
feel fresh    

* Boost your creativity & clear your mind           

*Learn simple steps & easy health recipes

* Do a natural cleanse with guidance of experts & support of peers              

*Repeat this Cleanse seasonally as recommended by Yoga & Ayurveda.
*Take advantage of supportive group environment to overcome challenges with creative solutions.

When: 4 sessions - all 4 Thursdays in March, 7-9 pm Where: Pacific Naturopathic, 2570 W El Camino Real, Suite 111, Mountain View   

* To register: Call 408.876.0636 or  Email: [email protected]

* $50 OFF Discount Cost for 4 session series ending 3/1/13: $250              

* Regular Cost after 3/1/13: $300  * Cost includes:  All 4 Sessions, Wellness Workbook with detailed Do's & Don'ts, Cleansing Herbs like Triphala, Spice Mix & Detox Tea


About Dr. Shanbhag:


Dr. Vivek Shanbhag, ND, MD(Ayurveda), BAMS, CYEd.  is a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor and an  Ayurvedic Practitioner. His 16 years of education in Ayurveda, Naturopathic Medicine & Yoga includes a 4 years ND at Bastyr University, 4 � years MD (Ayurved) at Poona University, 5 � years BAMS at Karnataka University and 2 years Yoga Educator Training at Karnataka University. He integrates Ayurvedic and Naturopathic medicine in his clinical practice. For individuals and families, he plays the role of a wellness coach. He guides them in the process of healing themselves to achieve optimal body-mind-wellness through individualized nutrition, healing herbs and vitamins, gentle detoxification, appropriate exercise, yoga, pranayama, meditation, stress management, special daily routines & seasonal routines. Dr. Shanbhag specializes in treatment of Chronic Diseases & Metabolic Disorders like:
Acne                            Anxiety                                   Arthritis                       Asthma
Diabetes                       Digestive Disorders      

Eczema                       Fatigue
Hair Loss                     Headaches                    

High Blood Pressure     High Cholesterol
Hyper Acidity              Joint Pains                   

Low Back Pain             Low Immunity
Memory Problems       Menstrual Problems     

Migraines                     Obesity                                   
Prostate Disorders        Sexual dysfunction       

Sinusitis                        Sleeplessness        


To contact Dr. Shanbhag for more information 

or to make and appointment:

[email protected]   



50% off on Pulse Diagnosis 

Discover your Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type(Prakruti) 
with 15 min Pulse Diagnosis
with Dr. Shanbhag 
Yoga and Ayurveda consider each of us as a unique individual with a unique mind-body type or Prakruti. Prakruti is your individual combination of the three governing factors- Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Understanding your unique combination of Vata, Pitta, Kapha is the first step needed to create your customized Natural Health Program. Health Program customized for your mind-body type helps you to achieve optimal body-mind-wellness through individualized nutrition, healing herbs and vitamins, gentle detoxification, appropriate exercise, yoga, pranayama, meditation, stress management, special daily routines & seasonal routines. Ayurveda uses Pulse Diagnosis as the most reliable method of evaluating a person's mind-body type(Prakruti). 
Cost until March 15, 2013: $25.  After March 15 cost is $50.

Meet Gayathri Shanbhag, M.S. 


Gayathri is a consultant in Nutrition & Diet Therapy with a Masters Degree in Nutrition from the Bastyr University in 1993, where she was also a Professor.


Gayathri has designed a unique Ayurvedic Natural Weight Management Program which she is offering as part of her service at Pacific Naturopathic. 


She offers Nutrition and Diet Therapy consultations to those suffering from:

Arthritis                             Asthma                                    


Digestive Disorders     


High Blood Pressure     

High Cholesterol
Hyper Acidity                    

Menstrual Problems     


Prostate Disorders              



& other conditions


Gayathri is available to teach Ayurvedic Nutrition & Cooking Classes.  Please speak with her if you have an interest in setting up a class for yourself and your friends.   


Since 1990, for over 22 years, she has taught Nutrition and Cooking courses at Bastyr University, AYU Ayurvedic Academy, Whole Foods and Goa Ayurveda & Yoga Academy.

Currently, Gayathri is working on her "Ayurvedic Wellness Cookbook".


For more information,
Gayathri can be contacted at 



Tongue Trivia
* * *
Fun facts about a strange organ   


In the course of my research on tongue analysis as a guide to identifying the functional status of body systems, I came upon a bit of fun trivia about this strange and remarkable organ:


* Taste buds can grow. When taste buds grow too big, they make your tongue appear hairy.

 *Although 90% of your taste buds are located on your tongue, the other 10% are found on the insides of your cheeks and your palette.

 * Temperatures of foods and beverages alter taste. Your tongue's taste buds are sensitive to temperatures.

 *Taste buds and the nose work together to provide sensations of flavor.

 * Your tongue is made up of mostly skeletal (connected to bone) muscle tissue. The tongue is also the only muscle in your body that is connected at only one end.

 * When damaged or injured, your tongue heals faster than any other part of your body.

 Your tongue moves saliva to the back of your throat, even when you're sleeping.

 * Bad breath commonly comes from bacteria and debris on the tongue.

 * Your tongue is the strongest muscle in your body.

 * With roots in ancient civilizations, tongue piercing has been around for thousands of years.

 * Nearly half of the bacteria in your mouth live on your tongue. Human mouths have more bacteria than a dog's mouth.

 * The front part of the tongue is very flexible and works with the teeth to create different types of sounds that make up words. This flexibility also helps you eat by helping to move food around your mouth while you chew. Your tongue pushes the food to your back teeth so the teeth can grind it up.

 * The muscles in the back of your tongue help you make certain sounds, like the letters "k" and hard "g" (like in the word "go"). Try saying these letters slowly, and you'll feel how the back of your tongue moves against the top of your mouth to create the sounds.

 * The back of your tongue is important for eating as well. Once the food is all ground up and mixed with saliva, the back muscles push a small bit of food into your esophagus.

dog tongue2
Tongue length and flexibility are genetically determined

The Guinness Book of World Records claims the longest tongue on record is 3.86 inches, measuring from the tip to the back of the tongue.

 * 85% of the population can curl their tongue into a tube.

 * If you touch your tongue while yawning, it can stop the yawn.


 Tongue analysis at Pacific Naturopathic provides an amazing amount of information on the functional status of body systems for a surprisingly low price.


To make an appointment for tongue and fingernail analysis, please phone Pacific Naturopathic at 650-917-1121.  The appointment is only 20 minutes long.


Initial  Visit: 
follow-up visits $25


Receive a written analysis, photos and recommendations


Establish a baseline for future evaluation

Turmeric Brussel Sprouts
* * * 
Healthy Eats and Treats 
from the Pacific Naturopathic Team 
brussel sprouts fry
Mixing golden turmeric with tomato red gives birth to a sensuous, yummy color
* * *  

 * 30 medium-sized brussel sprouts.  Wash well.  Cut end off each sprout, peel off and discard outer leaves.  Cut each sprout into quarters, lengthwise.

large onion, diced

* 6 cloves garlic, minced

* 2 tablespoons tomato paste, dissolved in

         � cup red wine

         � cup water

         juice of one lime

* 1 rounded teaspoon turmeric

* � teaspoon salt

* 2 tablespoons coconut oil


1. Steam the Brussel sprouts and set aside.  They should be soft, but not mushy.

2. Saut� the onion in coconut oil until soft and semi-transparent. 

3. Add garlic and saut� for another two minutes, stirring every 15 seconds or so.

4. Add the tomato paste mixture, turmeric and salt, stirring vigorously to mix all ingredients together.

5. Add the steamed brussel sprouts, stir until all ingredients are mixed well and sprouts are warm.  

6. Serve immediately.




Breast Thermography 
at Pacific Naturopathic 
Non-Invasive,Radiation Free, Informative


Normal thermog photo
Thermography is noninvasive and offers therapeutically useful information


How is breast health connected with health throughout your body, and what can thermography tell us about that connection? One of the numbers found on a thermography report is the "Hormonal Grade" number, a number which ranges from 0 to 4. This number reflects estrogen influence on the breast, one of the body's many estrogen sensitive tissues.


While a menopausal woman may have a score of zero or one, it is more usual to see scores of two or three in most age groups. A score of zero would indicate very low estrogen stimulation, and one would wonder about osteoporosis and other estrogen deficiency conditions. It would be surprising to see a score of four in menopause, and concerning to see that score in anyone with an estrogen sensitive condition (uterine fibroids, endometriosis, estrogen receptor positive breast cancer).  If estrogen is affecting one part of the body, one can be sure it is also affecting other parts of the body.


Tracking the hormonal grade also allows those treating estrogen sensitive conditions to evaluate efficacy of their treatment protocols, whether the protocol is intended to increase or decrease estrogen influence. Changes in the body's level of estrogen  or mode of estrogen metabolism affects virtually all body systems, from blood lipid balance to neurotransmitter function to inflammation. 






The cost to you of breast thermography is $225.


Find out more about thermography at Pacific Naturopathic at:

Thermography at Pacific Naturopathic 



A Totally Stress-Free Vacation at Peace Garden Vacation Houses


Openings Beginning in March
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For the past 10 years, we have been operating our vacation rental on the Big Island of Hawaii.  In all that time, every single bit of feedback and response we've had has been overwhelmingly positive.  Guests just love being there.  


sunset clouds
Sunset view from lanai





The most common feedback we get is that the experience is better than the photos. 







Perhaps this universal experience is due to the intention with which we built

great room
The View House great room

and equipped the facility.  Perhaps it is because the entire property was dedicated to Paramhansa Yogananda and because the View House has doubled as a chanting and meditation center when guests are not in residence.  Or quite simply the hundred percent positive feedback is due to the beyond words beauty of the small estate on which the View House is located. Whatever the reason, people love being there.  


Isn't it time you treated yourself to an over-the-top stress reduction experience? 


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Pacific Naturopathic in Hawaii is also always available for meditation retreats, honeymoons, getaways or as a base for exploring the island.


Pacific Naturopathic's Hawaii Vacation Rental 




Searching for a Meaningful Gift For a Friend or Loved One?  
Give the Gift of Health! 

Gift Certificates For All Practitioners and Services Available at Pacific Naturopathic

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Looking for a conscious, meaningful, caring gift for a birthday or special occasion? 

A gift certificate to a Pacific Naturopathic practitioner lets a special person know you really care about their well-being. 



Gift certificates for all practitioners and modalities offered at Pacific Naturopathic are available by phoning our front desk at 650-917-1121, or just stopping by.


Two Types of Thermography Offered at Pacific Naturopathic 



At Pacific Naturopathic, we offer two types of thermography, both of which address physiologic change in the body. Readers may be more familiar with Breast Thermography (see below), which helps us determine differences in vasculature and temperature between the breasts.


The other type of thermography offered at Pacific Naturopathic is called Contact Regulation Thermography (CRT). 


CRT: Safe and highly informative

Contact Regulation Thermography screens the body from head to pelvic floor, measuring the temperature at 119 points. The first measurements are taken with the body at rest. After a 10 minute cold challenge, temperatures are taken again to assess the body's response to stress.


Evaluation of temperatures can help determine points of inflammation in the meridian and musculoskeletal system, can pinpoint areas of lymphatic congestion, can detect hidden imbalance, and can track referred pain.


Your temperature measurements are evaluated in the context of a data bank of thousands of scans. You are provided with a comprehensive written report of findings, and given the opportunity to discuss the implication of those findings with Ardell, who has extensive training in CRT. Should the scan indicate a need to address an underlying imbalance, Ardell will recommend that you see your health care practitioner, or make an appointment with one of the doctors at Pacific Naturopathic.




The cost of a CRT is $275.  To schedule an appointment, please phone 650-917-1121.


Transformational, Stress Reducing, Feel Good Services Offered at
Pacific Naturopathic   

Reduce Inflammation and Stress:

La Stone Body Therapy with Ardell Hill


      la stone 

Reducing inflammation is a key to treating almost every condition, from Alzheimers to arthritis to cancer to cardiovascular disease. LaStone Therapy reduces inflammation through therapeutic placement of cool stones over areas of the body that are inflamed. The entire body is supported as the temperature differential enhances the flow of blood and lymph.


A LaStone therapy session begins with warming the entire body to soften chronically tight muscles.  Warming the muscle relaxes both the muscle and adjoining tissues and calms the nervous system.  Using the cool stones, where needed, stops the pain-spasm-pain cycle and brings in fresh oxygenated blood.


The use of warm and cool stones together helps the body remember how to regulate itself and stop patterns of inflammation.


LaStone therapist Ardell Hill approaches  LaStone Therapy sessions with a wide range of experience which she tailors to meet your individual needs. She draws from modalities including Swedish massage, Cranio-Sacral, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki, all of which are enhanced with the use of warm and cool stones. 


To book a LaStone session with Ardell, please phone Pacific Naturopathic at 650-917-1121. 

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A Little About us...

 At Pacific Naturopathic, we offer evidence-based, integrated approaches to most acute and chronic health concerns. Bone health, breast health, men's health and prostate care, hormonal balance for both women and men, elimination of all types of bodily pain -- both mechanical and metabolic -- acute and chronic, autoimmunity, cancer, cardiovascular health, inflammation, digestion, pediatrics, and metabolic cleansing are particular areas of interest to our practitioners. To encourage patient participation, we offer both guided self-help protocols and comprehensive doctor assisted protocols.  Our patients tell us they particularly appreciate our doctors, practitioners, and staff for our caring attitudes and commitment to service. Please phone 650-917-1121 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Shanti Rubenstone, MD