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The Buzz          

    Week 1- 2013

News from Camp

A Tots


This week the A Tots tried many new activities for the first time! Addison D. amazed us with her yoga abilities and desire to keep our group in great shape! Mya M. made us all so proud when she put her head under the water in the froggy pool for the first time! What an accomplishment! At softball this week, Tyler P. hit the ball so hard we think he is headed to the big leagues!! We cannot wait to see all of the great accomplishments the A Tots achieve next week!!



Rosa, Nikki, Alana, and Alyx


B Tots


The B Tots had such a great first week even through the rain! They made new friends and participated in new activities they have never done before. At fishing and boating this week we caught some fish. John R. and Shane L. each caught one fish and Jayden J caught 2 fish! The boys also love the pool. Aiden B. and Jack E. dunked for the first time at camp and went on Big Blue for the first time on Tuesday. We look forward to next week! 


Stacy, Ellie, Rachel and Amanda  


C Tots     


The C Tots are having such a wonderful time at West Hills.  Even though there was some rain we still had fun and made lots of new friends! Olivia P. and Tyler A. went in the pool for the first time at West Hills and swam like little fish! We had so much fun during the dance party. Sofia G. sang and danced her heart out the whole time! The girls were having such a good time learning how to play softball. Alexis P. hit the ball every time and got a home run! The C Tots are already having so much fun, we're so excited for the rest of the summer!!


Jamie, Nicole, Sarah, and Sam  


F Tots


The F Tots had a wonderful start to the summer.  Josh B. went on Jr. Zipline all by himself and had so much fun.  Giovanni G. was the first in the group to catch a fish at our fishing and boating activity. In the pool, Aidan R. loved going down the Froggy Slide. Grace C. made a beautiful lantern for the 4th of July at Arts and Crafts.  We look forward to a great, fun-filled summer. 

Devon, Mallory, Kayla, and Eve 


H Tots  


The H Tots are having so much fun in camp...We have been calling ourselves the HAPPY TOTS.  We have seen so many wonderful smiling faces and have tried so many new activities. 


Sarah M. put her little nose in the water.  It was great seeing her do this as she resisted at first.  Later that same day during free swim she looked at me, smiled and said "This is a fun day."  Ivy M. went down the frog slide at the pool on her 2nd day in camp.  I overheard her tell one of our counselors,"I love the pool!"  Prithvi S. is a little fish in the water.  After we went to yoga, Prithvi told us how much he loved yoga class.  Madison S. started out a little fearful of the water, but by her 2nd day became little miss independent.  Vince R. hit the ball into the net on his first try at jr. hockey.  Later in the day, when we had free swim, he went down the frog slide right behind his older brother.


We love seeing how happy our little H Tots are and how they are feeling so comfortable at camp in such a short period of time.



Felicia, Becca, Samantha, and Amanda


A Scouts 

The A Scouts had a fantastic 1st week! Alyssa G. had a great time dancing at zumba. Mina S. had fun learning tennis skills at jr. tennis. Paige C. showed off some poses at yoga. Jolie F. loved getting wet at slip and slide. We cant wait to see how much fun week 2 will bring! 


Casey, Erica, Nicole and Jessica


B Scouts

What a great first week the B Scouts had!  Elyssa A. caught her first fish at fishing and boating. She was so excited. Eva V. and Esha N. looked like real adventurers on the ropes course at action challenge. Lila S. bravely zipped across camp on the jr. zipline. The B scouts are trying so many new activities. We are looking forward to an amazing summer and sharing lots of new experiences! 

Stephanie, Amanda, Sarah and Shira


A Mohawks

The A Mohawks had a great first week! These boys are extra sweet and full of energy. Jeremy S. and Andrew M. showed off their fishing skills when they both caught a fish at fishing and boating. Brandon S. swam like a fish in the pool while Dylan R. showed off how fast he could slip down the slip and slide. We are very excited for week two!  


Amanda, Megan, Michelle and Nicole 


B Mohawks


We had a fantastic first week at West Hills Day
Camp! We made new friends and tried new
things. Spencer K. and Matthew X. went down
Big Blue for the first time. Jake K. enjoyed his
time at arts and crafts. John M. and William I.
liked playing steal the bacon at wrestling. Daniel
I. liked trying out the different playgrounds.
Dezi C. cooled off on slip and slide.
We all had a blast at the dance party. We can't
wait to see what fun things will happen in week
two. Stay tuned....
Lisa, Heather, Michelle and Georgie 

C Mohawks


The C Mohawks had a blast during the first week at West Hills. Its been great meeting new friends and getting reacquainted with old ones. Alex L. had so much fun on big blue. Lennon H. loved to dance especially to Gangnam Style at the dance party. Brendan S. overcame his fear and had so much fun with his friends playing Shark in the Pool. Ryan S. was great at soccer.  We look forward to another great week!


Courtney, Maci, Ilana, Casey


A Eagles


The A Eagles had an awesome week! It's so much fun having new and old friends back together again. The new tree house playground is a group favorite. The boys love swinging from the monkey bars and peeking through the windows at the top of the tree house. The A Eagles caught a huge amount of fish at fishing and boating. Aidan and Max were able to bring their goldfish home. Andy M. made a splash going down Big Blue. The A Eagles had a blast dancing and hula hooping during the dance party. Liam celebrated his birthday and he demonstrated fancy footwork at soccer. The A Eagles had all of West Hills laughing when we shared our jokes over the radio. We are off to a great start and we look forward to many more fun events and activities together! 


Caryn, Brandon, Jonathan and Jake 


B Eagles

The B Eagles kicked off the summer of 2013 with some really fun ice breakers. The boys were able to learn about their new friends and get reacquainted with their old ones. We had a blast at the dance party last Friday. Brett S. boogied down to the Harlem Shake!! Nice Dance moves Brett! Josh L. was our all-star hockey player this week scoring 2 beautiful goals. Way to go! You are our own Wayne Gretzky. Jacob D. has shown his creative side, excelling at all of our art projects. He is a real Picasso! Hats off to Cole N. as he was our very own basketball pro. All of the boys participated in the Facts of the 50's search and Joke Day. It seems like we do have many comedians in this group! More to come next week.


Kerri, Matt, Zach and Brandon  

C Eagles


The C Eagles had a great first week as we got to know each other and play together. All the boys loved cooling off in the West Hills pools and practicing their swimming. We did fishing and boating where Cody caught not one, but two fish! We played gaga and had three repeating winners/finalists: Ryan, Ethan N. and John. During our nature session, Jake shared his knowledge of animals by answering the big trivia question correctly! We all had a great time during dodgeball and Martial Arts! The C Eagles are looking forward to the fun-filled weeks ahead!   


Renee, Matthew, Greg and Evan 


A Hunters


We've had an exciting first week here at West Hills Day Camp. Despite the rain, we had an

amazing time playing dodgeball and racing the B Hunters on the slip and slide! A little thunder didn't stop us from having fun in hockey, where Levi D. did a great job teaching the A Hunters how to play like a true Islander! Dylan S. and Jacob S. showed off their amazing swimming skills in the pool, while Gianluca R. scored four goals in soccer! Of course, all the A Hunters shined when it came to euro-bungee, doing incredible back flips in the air. We look forward to an even better second week. Rain or shine A Hunters will have a great time!


Nicholas, Brian, Jeremy and Geoffrey 


B Hunters


This first week with the B Hunters was fantastic. The first day at gaga, Reese S. was the two-game reigning champion! At the end of the day, Austin S. and Shawn K. were soccer all-stars dominating the field in passing, shooting, and scoring.  We are looking forward to another amazing 7 weeks!


Dan, John, Adam and Scott 


C Hunters 


A little bit of rain can't stop the high flying C Hunters! Whether it's Adriano catching fish like a pro, Ben S. the gaga champ, Zachary dominating in soccer, Sawyer kicking home runs in kickball, or Joseph flying fast down the zip line, the C Hunters are the superstars of West Hills. The fun has just started, and many more memories are about to be made.


Andrew, Michael, Zachary and Andrew 


A Braves


Through the first week of camp, the A Braves had a great time. With an exciting schedule, the group quickly became acclimated with each other. Whether it was playing soccer in the rain, laying on the bean bag chairs in the game room, or during the games of jackpot the group plays as soon as they arrive to camp, the first week of camp was incredibly exciting. On the second day of camp, Sean helped the counselors clean up after snack, Hudson shared his sunblock with another group member, and Ben high-5'd all team members during volleyball. Those were just a few of the A Brave highlights. The summer has just begun and the energy is at an all time high! The group is very excited for every day of camp.  


Eddy, Jake, Jake and Jake


B Braves


Wow! What a great week we've been having! There has been lots of rain but the B Braves still managed to have fun during this past week. Down at fishing, Joshua K. caught the first fish of the season in the group. On Monday, Matthew H. managed to score an impressive, quick, and well placed goal at senior hockey. Last week Gavin W. took down four opponents while playing sumo wrestling and Jacob S. managed to take down nearly all the boys that very day! The dance competition was fantastic on Friday as the boys took the floor to hits such as, "Gangam Style" and 'Moves like Jagger." The counselors also showed off some awesome moves! We're having so much fun and it's only the first week!


James, Greg, Antoine, Max and Austin 


C Braves


The first 5 days of camp are coming to a close and I have to say that I am already very impressed with the behavior of the C Braves.  At all activities the C Braves show that they are a great group, and we have been complimented by several other staff about how we act.  I have to point out here that two C Braves also have shown tremendous team spirit.  Eric F. and Jake L. are the first to compliment other boys on their sports abilities, and are always impressing the  staff with their display of teamwork. 


Another shout out must be made to Matthew G.  Matthew has one of the best arms in the C Braves, and his ability on both the dodgeball field, and in mum-ball were truly impressive.


Justin K must be commended on his camp spirit.  Justin has brought a smile and willingness to participate in every single activity the C Braves have attended. 


Last, but not least, the C Braves would like to welcome John C. to his first day at West Hills this summer.  John had a great first day playing volleyball and mum-ball, and was eager to resume playing outside after the downpour Tuesday afternoon.  We are all looking forward to more great days like Tuesday with John. 



Ryan, Scott, Dustin and Zach


A Warriors 


Week one is over and we were able to overcome the rain and have a great week. Drew K. started off the week with brilliant goalie skills in soccer. Zach W. and Jake L. displayed awesome hockey skills. At the dance party, Ryan G. and Jack S. showed their excellent dance moves. 


Peter, Jimmy, Jack, Vincent, Scott, Joseph and Cameron


B Warriors 


It was a great week for the B Warriors.  The rain didn't stop us from enjoying an amazing first week.  Dylan F. showed off his skills becoming the two time gaga champ.  Shaun P. displayed his dancing ability at the dance party.  Roman and Robert were the H.O.R.S.E. champions of the week.    


Pierce, Mike and Mike 


A Iroquois:

The A Iroquois had a fantastic first week at camp with a lot of children showing off their skills at various different activities.  Michael M. did a flip for the first time on euro-bounce.  Sam R. showed off his cannon of an arm in dodgeball getting multiple campers and staff out.  Noah S. also showed his skills in dodgeball, dodging at a frenzied pace and being the lone man to survive on his team.  Jacob S. was dominant in knockout during basketball, showing off his sweet shot.  The A Iroquois are looking forward to Week 2's action packed week, highlighted by our first trip to Fire Island.  We hope everyone has a great Fourth of July weekend.


Pete, David, Joseph and Max


B Iroquois:


The first days of camp have been amazing for the B Iroquois, full of sports, sun and of course tons of fun! At the dance party on Friday Joel L. was busting out some of the craziest dance moves around. We were lucky to have zip line the first day and Joshua F. had a great time on it. Ben G.'s tennis skills were clearly showing when he lead his team to victory on the courts. The group also really enjoyed dodgeball and Wayde O. was knocking out all of the counselors with his cannon arm.

Adam, Zach, Matthew and Reid



The Thunder Chiefs are off to an awesome start to our summer! On Thursday, we started off with some ice breakers and got to know each other a bit.  Our group is a great mix of 6th and 7th graders, new to the camp and old. We then headed to swim for our first time, where Dom and Robby showed off their skills.  After this we played dodgeball where Josh had some great plays.  Later we had team building where Guri stepped up to try to lead the group to solve a problem.  We ended the day with our swim.  


Friday was another great day including the dance party.  Derek and Patrick certainly showed they have some skills.  Monday the rain could not stop our fun! We enjoyed zip line and swim followed by wrestling and got psyched for our trip to Splish Splash.  Splish Splash was an amazing first trip for our group and both Jeremy and Jared celebrated their birthdays! We ended the week with everybody's favorite, ATV's.  We are looking forward to an amazing summer! 


Jr. Travel is off and running for the summer! The JT Girls and JT Boys have met and gotten reacquainted so now the fun can begin. On Monday, due to an impromptu rain storm, we showed our skills at the bowling alley. On Tuesday, we all enjoyed Splish Splash, having the entire water park almost all to ourselves. There were hardly any lines, so it felt like we rented the place out. We are quite excited to go to Boston next week! Fenway Park is going to know that the JT Yankees and Mets fans are on their way!

Lou and the JT Staff


Dashing through raindrops, hurling around maelstroms of airborne rides, and gouging on fried Oreos, zeppolis and ice cream, the teen travel division took a walk on the boardwalk in sinfully soaked Wildwood. Old arcades provided refuge from mother nature's wrath, as a wet afternoon segued into a comfortable neon soaked palette of pirate ships, haunted houses and picturesque moments.

From an era of clackers, pop rocks, and fresh taffy the teens escaped more bouts with rain by continuing their descent through history, journeying back to the days of yore, where chainmail, jousting, and chivalry reigned supreme at Medieval Times. With a scrumptious bill of fare, the teens took a pass on dining etiquette, eating with their hands and slurping down soda from their flagons. Two days felt like four, as the Travel Division now takes a holiday break before a week of late night madness.


Josh and the TT Staff 


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 PictureWeekPictures of the Week

KGA Message from Kevin & Heath:
Looking Ahead to Week #2!
Looking Ahead to Week #2!


Monday, July 8

Sports Illustrated Photo Shoot


Tuesday, July 9
 Yogi Berra Home Run Derby
Wednesday, July 10
 Sports Jersey Day

Thursday, July 11
Picture Day #1
 Family Big Blue Night- 4:30pm to 6pm

Friday, July 12

Picture Day #2 
Saturday, July 13
Family Fun Day
11am to 3pm 


4th Grade (Kiowas & Warriors)

Wednesday, July 10- Canoeing

5th Grade (Iroquois & Senecas)
Wednesday, July 10- Fire Island 

Pre-teens & CITs 
Tuesday, July 9- Fire Island

Junior Travel

Tuesday, July 9 thru Thursday, July 11- Boston 

Teen Travel
Monday, July 8- Great Adventure

Tuesday, July 9- Harbor Links Miniature Golf

Wednesday, July 10- A Day in NYC

Thursday, July 11-
NY Yankees vs. Kansas City Royals

Friday, July 12- Ultimate Gaga
LUNCHLunch Specials:


Monday, July 8- BBQ- Hot Dogs and Burgers


Tuesday, July 9- Popcorn Chicken 

Wednesday, July 10- Macaroni and Cheese

Thursday, July 11- Tacos

Friday, July 12- Pizza

A Beavers


The A Beavers have had a blast at camp! We had a busy week that included the euro-bungee, the slip and slide and Big Blue. Emily H. showed us her dance moves during Zumba and during our dance party! We all had a chance to complete the Fitness Course Challenge involving a tire run, flipping and rolling a tire, and a potato sack hop. Who knew exercising could be so much fun! Taylor S. hit a home run during softball where everyone got to practice their batting skills. The girls had a blast playing "Eggs in the Basket" during soccer with Hannah S. and Abby A. showing off their all-star dribbling skills. Mia C. showed us her strength kicking down the training bag during martial arts. We had a blast this week and can't wait for the fun to continue! 

Heidi, Melissa, Crystal and Emily


B Beavers  


This first week at West Hills was one to remember! We had such an exciting week filled with so many fun activities. Alexa showed us how brave she was by going down the ducky slide for the first time - Go Alexa!! Ava aced baseball skills with 5 hits out of 10 pitches - way to go Ava!! And finally Brynn P. put her face under water for a great improvement in swimming skills - congratulations Brynn! We can't wait to see everyone for week 2!


Taylor, Carly, Olivia and Lauren


C Beavers

The C Beavers have had a great start to the summer!! It is a great group of girls, and they have really enjoyed seeing each other again and making some new friends. They were very enthusiastic about finding out the answers in the "Facts of the 50's Search," and seeing their dance moves at the dance party was definitely a highlight! They got to practice their jabs at martial arts, shake some tambourines in music, and shoot baskets at basketball.  Brooke S. and Amanda impressed us all with their gaga skills, and Lily was really great with the animals at nature! We are all very excited for another fun-filled week!  


Samantha, Carly, Brittany and Brittany 


A Cherokees


The A Cherokees have started off summer 2013 with a bang! Even with the rain, we are having a great time at camp. We played so many fun games and visited so many new activities that we can't believe it has only been 5 days!  We started our week getting to know each other and we are already the best of friends! Ava C. had a lot of fun bouncing at euro-bounce. She is an expert! Skylar S. really impressed us with a perfect bulls-eye at archery! Ally P. was the fastest runner at baseball skills this week, and Nikki F. was an absolute ace at tennis. Carly B. showed us "peace over power" at Martial Arts, and Olivia S. had us laughing our heads off on joke day! A special thanks to everybody for dressing up in red, white, and blue this week; we looked awesome! Overall, it was a spectacular week of camp - we can't wait to see everyone after the Fourth of July weekend!!! 


Hayley, Amanda, Lauren and Caroline


B Cherokees


What a great start to the summer!  The B Cherokees are all having a fabulous time.  This week in fishing and boating we had Samantha S. and Madeline both catch a fish!  They were so excited!  Swimming is a group favorite for these girls and we were so proud of Anika this week with the improvement of her swimming skills.  We also had a dance party on Friday and Melanie danced with so much spirit and energy she made dancing look like so much fun!  We are all creating a lot of great memories and we look forward to making more in week 2!

Erin, Lauren, Randi and Haley 


C Cherokees


The C Cherokees started the camp season with smiles and great anticipation of the fun to come! The first day we swam our way through the pools and Katie showed us how awesome slip and slide can really be! We continued the fun through the rest of the week and Chloe lead the way in our first game of gaga for the camp season - we can't wait to play again! At archery, Daryn impressed us all by getting the 3 ring bulls-eye, way to go! We laughed our way through Lucille Ball Joke Day and danced the day away at Zumba with Cassie's amazing dance moves. Red, white and blue day was colorful and amazing - the C Cherokees have the spirit and are ready for more weeks of West Hills fun!   


Samantha, Stephanie, Carly and Hope 

A Chippewas

A Chip


What an amazing first week of camp for the A Chippewas.  We enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and making new friends as well.  Swimming, sliding down big blue and slip and slide kept us cool when it got hot. We had fun riding the ATV's and showing off our moves at the dance party. Wow...the A Chippewas can dance!! At archery, Emma B. and Hailey C. each hit a bulls-eye. Reya W. wowed the group as she climbed all the way to the top of the rock wall in the pool. Izzie H. and Jennifer K. impressed us with their fabulous skills at soccer. We are looking forward to a wonderful summer filled with many fun filled activities and events! 



Stefanie, Joanna, Jessica and Nicole



B Chippewas


Week one has been jam packed with fun and exciting activities!! The B Chippewas have enjoyed playing soccer, especially Carly who wowed the group with her skills.  The girls learned how to bump, set, and serve the volleyball.  We also had a blast dancing to "Gangnam Style" at the dance party. We made beautiful keychains at trading post, and started a craft at arts and crafts!!  We also were able to play on numerous playgrounds around camp, and climbed through the action challenge course where Sophia was so talented in getting through the course with no problem!!  We played an exciting game of gaga where Carissa really enjoyed running around the court to get the ball!!  Samantha really enjoyed taking pictures and making silly faces for the camera at digital photography.  All of the girls have so much energy, we are constantly laughing and having fun!!! We are super excited for what the next week of camp will bring us!!!


Laura, Gabby, Jenna and Jessica 


C Chippewas


The C Chippewas had a fabulous first week at West Hills Day Camp! We enjoyed the zipline, ATVs & archery as well as zumba, and soccer! Jaclyn and Sofia went down Big Blue for the first time and Avery hit all the pitches thrown to her at batting skills. Hailey W. hit the yellow on the target at archery and Hailey S. had two goals during street hockey! Also, as a group we found  all the "Facts of the 50's." Overall, the C Chippewas had so much fun and can't wait for more camp! 



Brittany, Julia, Carly & Danielle


A Kiowas


The A Kiowas had an absolutely amazing first week at West Hills Day Camp!  The combination of both new and returning campers made for great "getting-to-know-you" games and budding new friendships.  We are so excited to have such a sweet group of girls.

The A Kiowas participated in a variety of great activities.  Abby showed us how to putt the golf ball into the hole with such ease.  Hailey was a rock star on the volleyball court; diving to catch the ball.  Rae demonstrated how to hit the target at archery and Jessica tried Zip Line for the first time and loved it!  Even the rain couldn't stop the A Kiowas from having a great time.  We are so excited for the next seven weeks!

Gaby, Leigh, and Brittany  


B Kiowas


The B Kiowas had an outstanding first week at West Hills! From fishing and boating to zumba to the fitness course challenge, we have excelled at everything we've done. Isabella M. was a superstar on the soccer field. Jenny A. got the highest on the rock wall at the pool during swim. Madison S. showed her amazing pull-up skills. We can't wait for our first field trip next week to go canoeing on the Nissequogue River!


Emily, Jamie and Mara 



A Senecas 


The A Senecas had an adventurous first week of camp! Although there was some rain at West Hills we did not let that stop our games and activities. Our girls participated in numerous bonding and team building activities to better get to know the new and old campers. The girls were all outgoing and cheered each other on during sporting events. Our group dynamic creates a very positive and supportive atmosphere.  


Some of our campers have had an exceptional week at camp. Alexa D. scored numerous goals during our soccer game. Molly used her strong arm and knocked almost every person out in dodgeball. Jaden dominated in volleyball and all the campers challenged the counselors in a competitive game of gaga. We look forward to another week full of fun and excitement!


Samantha, Nicole and Mara


B Senecas


The B Senecas had an amazing week 1 together!  We bonded over friendship bracelet day and during our dance party!  We had a blast going on a hunt around camp for the answers to the "Facts of the 50's" search, telling our jokes, and dressing up for Red, White and Blue Day! 

Getting back into the camp groove this week meant playing all of our favorite sports at West Hills Day Camp for the first time this summer!  Rebecca really showed us her gaga skills by winning the first game of the summer season!  Greta showed us that she is a great hitter playing softball while her sister Audra has great skills at playing newcomb! Alexa has already begun putting together her act for the camp talent show with a few of her friends, showing us her amazing dance moves along the way!  We have so much more to look forward to this summer!  Next week brings us the Home Run Derby, Sports Jersey Day, and Picture Day!   


I hope you all had an amazing 4th of July weekend and we will see you tomorrow!



Katherine, April and Nicole 




Rain or shine, the Nava Debs are doing just fine! We didn't let the rain get in our way!  We enjoyed a first week that was full of fun activities! There's never a dull moment, we're always laughing and enjoying each others' company! Rachel B. and Emily S. showed great enthusiasm and energy during dance this week! Emma L. and Ava K. showed everyone how to do a fantastic tree pose at yoga! Lisa M. and Michaela C. displayed excellent effort during martial arts! We also had a blast at Splish Splash on Tuesday! The girls split into groups and had the time of their lives! We can't get enough of those awesome water rides!! We ended the day with a delicious dinner at camp! Our first week was a success and we can't wait for the second week!! 


You go Glen Coco!  :)


Jen, Victoria and Gina




A Comanches:


Welcome to camp! We are very excited to have your children here.  It has been a fantastic start to Summer.  Tyler C. was the first in our group to catch a fish at fishing and boating.  Way to go Tyler!  We are also very proud of Adam L. for getting past his fear and rocking the zip line!  Our group has really enjoyed playing together at the game room and on the playground.  Friendships are already starting to grow.


Jessica, Ali, Ilona and Dana 


B Comanches:


We are very excited to welcome your children to camp!  Our group has had a lot of success at golf and they loved euro-bounce.   Willy F. did an amazing job at the batting cages!  Our campers are getting to know each other.  Great job to Cameron C. for being friendly and accepting of all the new friends in the group!


Amanda, Brad, Lauren and Ryan 



C Comanches:


Welcome to the start of a great summer everyone!  Our group is excited to be beginning our CIT program and heading out on field trips starting next week.  We have enjoyed the pool and computers.  Peter T. did especially well in computers and is starting to come out of his shell.  Good work Peter!  Drama class was interesting and gave Brett E. a chance to shine! We can not wait to see what the rest of the summer brings.


Jimmy, Elie, Derek and Rachel 


D Comanches:


Hello and welcome to camp!  It has been a whirlwind start with Arvindh S. and Jason A. catching goldfish in fishing and boating. Great job boys!  Our group enjoyed bonding and getting to know each other better this week, especially at wrestling.  We are having an amazing time and look forward to the rest of Summer.


Stephanie, Jackie and Chiyaka 



E Comanches:


Hello, hello!  Our own Matthew E. and Jacob G. are the proud new owners of the goldfish they caught here during fishing and boating.  Nice work!   Matthew has done a fantastic job in archery and following directions as well.  If we had a an award for most friendly Jacob would be the recipient. Between the dance party and yoga our group is getting a real workout while having fun!      


Joseph, Jenna, and Amy  




CITs Celebrating Success!


After one week of camp, our CITs did an amazing job adapting to the restructured West Hills CIT program. Every morning and afternoon at our daily CIT meetings, we recognize one or more CITs as role models. Whether it was a CIT who we observed holding hands with a Tots group or a CIT who offered to take on additional responsibility by their own choice, we celebrate success!


Our CIT program is evolving into one of the most structured and successful CIT programs on Long Island. Our CITs come together every morning to spend time together as well as receive meaningful information about a variety of camp developments. Everyday our CITs have the option to partake in CIT group sports or specialty activities, plus they have an extended swim period with use of Big Blue or the Aquaclimb Wall. Following swim, all CITs get to spend time with their friends as they gather for lunch. We conclude every day with a snack and even more CIT time together at the field house. By all indications, we have an amazing future staff at West Hills! We invite you to come to camp and see your children, our CITs, working with the younger campers. The smile on the young campers and CITs faces say it all.  


We welcome your input at all times and greatly appreciate all of the positive feedback we have been receiving since the start of camp. With our leadership, your input and your child's feedback, we will be celebrating success quite often this summer!


Dave, Carly and Matthew 



The Villages East Gifted program had a great first week.  We began with a trip around the world learning about famous places, foreign languages and valuable findings.

Some campers studied medicinal herbs and their healing properties while others began creating artifacts for the parent showcase.

The campers began preparing for their "end of the first session" show by discovering the art of conversational improv, set design and script writing.

A lot more to come!   


Tobi and the VEG Staff 

If you have any questions regarding the information in this newsletter, please call camp or reply to this email.


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