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Context shapes our decisions, explains Dr. Timothy Devinney of Leeds University Business School. He argues context  --- our environment --- plays a key role in driving immoral decisions and after-the-fact rationales. Discover how you can support ethical behaviour in your organization  

The formation of a collaborative industry working group to develop strategies for reducing food waste would help to bring down the $27 billion in food wasted annually in Canada, reveals a new study. The research revealed there are significant opportunities for businesses along food value chains to streamline their operations, reduce food waste and increase profit, while making better use of scarce resources and reducing their environmental footprint.


Driving sustainability messages home to firms can be challenging. With various platforms at one's disposal and competing messages hitting target audiences, getting one's message across can be a thorny task. Discover practical learnings for effective communication activities on sustainability from NBS's recent Industry Association Council meeting. 

When in doubt, throw it out. For years, this slogan belonged to food safety efforts. But could recycling's new mantra be a case of oversimplification instead of education? New research reveals that when products are distored in size and form, they are perceived to be more like garbage and are less likely to be recycled.  

Erika Herz from Darden's Institute for Business in Society shares her experience from the 2014 Centres Workshop held at Harvard. The event brought together 60 sustainability centre staff and faculty who discussed how they can work together, and with students and industry to solve sustainability challenges

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