Want to reduce the social risk of your operations? Build relationships not transactions. This new toolkit supports Canadian exploration, development and small producing companies with community engagement and sustainability.

The toolkit includes:

  • Questionnaires to evaluate local context,
  • Sample maps to help assess area of influence (AOI),
  • A risk assessment tool, and
  • A checklist to supplement stakeholder analysis.


Confirming what many managers know intuitively, David Cantor and colleagues find employees try harder to solve the company's environmental problems if the issues matter to their supervisors ---- not just the CEO.    



Can we draw encouragement from the questions business leaders ask themselves about sustainability? Each year NBS's Leadership Council convenes to collectively identify the leading sustainability challenges facing business. Are they asking the right questions? Let us know



How can businesses help Canadians become informed, inspired and engaged in a national dialogue about sustainability?


NBS's new reports describe civic dialogue, a tool to build consensus and commitment around complex and controversial issues, and incorporate insights from the NBS Leadership Council and numerous other thought leaders from across sectors. Materials describe:
  • The business value
  • Different models of dialogue and levels of involvement
  • Key steps for effective engagement

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NBS and council members are thrilled to welcome Michael Gullo, Director, Policy Development and Environmental Affairs, to our council of Industry Association representatives. 

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