How can businesses help Canadians become informed, inspired and engaged in a national dialogue about sustainability? Preview the upcoming research on how civic dialogues can help businesses understand customers, build brand and market and change the rules of the game.




New research reveals the important role HR professionals have in improving a firm's social performance. Discover the benefits of implementing sustainable HR practices and policies into your organization


Companies working in the extractive industry are under continual pressure to perform in a more socially responsible manner. Community engagement is essential for gaining a social license to operate and maximizing mutual benefits for companies and communities.  

NBS is about to release a toolkit, authored by Stephanie Bertels, Ahmed Amlani and Jessica Li, to help Canadian exploration, development and small producing (EDSP) companies understand and address sustainability performance in the mining sector. Sign up to receive the report.  



UK managers named Dr. Richard Adams' research on Innovating for Sustainability as one of the influential articles of 2013. We'd love to hear about your practices. Help Richard and NBS take this research to the next stage.    

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