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Dr. Nigel Roome (Vlerick Business School) identifies the forgotten lessons of the pivotal Brundtland report ---- and what they mean for business.



Researchers estimate that 40 percent of food goes to waste in the US and also Canada. Discover five industry tips to reduce the food waste in your business. 

Why Hire a Sustainability Graduate?


Discover the value of hiring a sustainability graduate and learn about the innovative work business schools from all around the world are doing in the area of sustainability education. 
Looking Back: The Top Sustainability Challenges for Business Leaders in 2013



In 2013, Canadian business leaders recognized it's time for a major systems change. Companies have made impressive progress in reducing emissions, going paperless, reduced packaging, etc. To continue their sustainability journey, though, leaders recognized the need to tackle system-wide challenges beyond the boundaries of their organizations. Read the 2013 Report.

What are the top challenges facing business leaders in 2014? Look for our 2014 Sustainability Challenges Report released in the coming weeks.

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