How to Make Money by Going Green 
Guide for Small Businesses

In this economy, every business needs an edge. A new guide called How to Make Money by Going Green identifies actions small businesses can take that will help their bottom line ---- and society. Businesses can cut costs, motivate employees, enhance reputation and increase sales ---- while helping the environment, employees, the community and other key stakeholders.


The guide provides:

  • Payback of different sustainability actions
  • Guidance on how to start now 
  • Success stories from real businesses

This resource was developed by NBS and is funded by TD Bank Group. It draws on the strongest scientific evidence available.



A study from the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing says we are born with five evolutionary traits that explain our unsustainable actions. Learn how strategic marketing can outsmart our genetic code.  



NBS congratulates the inaugural winner and runners-up for the Research Impact on Practice Award, given for exceptional sustainability research with important business implications. This year's award goes to UCLA researcher Magali Delmas, for uncovering an important link between CSR and employee productivity. 

NBS is pleased to participate in this year's Sustainability Applied conference on October 1-2, 2013 in Mississauga, Ontario. NBS Director of Strategic Partnerships, Barb Steele, will moderate a panel on how Canada's Chemistry Industry is committing to sustainability. Register now.  

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