Research shows family-owned firms perform better socially than their publicly-traded peers. From profit-sharing to thinking long-term, family firms offer seven secrets to sustainable business.  


Case Study

Using innovative technology, Ontario's justice system improved safety, processed more prisoners and took thousands of vehicles off the road.



How do companies attract ---- and retain ---- the best employees? Researchers David Jones and Chelsea Willness identify three ways corporate sustainability entices job seekers.

NBS is pleased to share its activity report highlighting our growth and achievements in 2012. With the addition of two new business councils, the Sustainability Centres Community and reaching a milestone of 3,000 subscribers, 2012 was truly a year of growth within our communities. 

NBS is searching for a qualified candidate to join the NBS team as the new Knowledge Manager. This individual will be responsible for overseeing the planning and development of NBS's knowledge portfolio. Core activities include managing annual research projects and other knowledge products, and managing research stakeholders. For more information and to apply.  

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