Businesses have to live with the outcomes of new regulations. But what are their roles in shaping new policy? Policy experts Graeme Auld, Alexandra Mallett and Robert Slater from Carleton University share practical advice on how business can influence environmental policy.   

Case Study

When Tim Hortons customers expressed concern for the economic plight of coffee farmers, the company listened. Tim Faveri explains how the Canadian restaurant chain built a custom program to train and support coffee growers in Central and South America. 

NBS News 

Tima Bansal, Executive Director of NBS, has been awarded a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Business Sustainability. Paired with $1.4 million in research funding, the Chair is the highest honour a Canadian academic can receive. Bansal is one of only a dozen business professors in Canada to hold the honour. 

NBS News 

In an annual meeting with NBS, small business leaders discusses their struggle to balance environmental and social ambitions with profitability.

Get an early look at some of the sustainability issues facing SMEs in 2013

NBS is proud to be a presenter at the Accelerate: Collaborating for Sustainability Conference June 10 & 11 in Guelph, Ontario. Learn how multi-stakeholder groups can effectively collaborate to create a sustainable future. NBS subscribers will receive a 10% discount on registration. For more information.

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