For CSR Buy-In, Supervisors Trump the CEO

Confirming what many managers know intuitively, David Cantor and colleagues find employees try harder to solve the company's environmental problems if the issues matter to their supervisors ---- not just the CEO.

5 Rules for Becoming a Sustainability Leader

Research shows the best-performing companies create personalized environmental goals for employees. Learn more about this and the four other rules for becoming a sustainability leader.

Powering a Paper Mill with Garbage
Case Study 

When natural gas prices started rising, Quebec paper manufacturer Cascades found a cheaper energy source in a local landfill. Read the case study about the 13-kilometre pipeline Cascades built to power its paper mill with biogas. 

Energy and Food Associations Join NBS
NBS News 

We're pleased to announce three new additions to NBS's Industry Association Council: the Canadian Electricity Association, Canadian Energy Pipeline Association and Ontario Food Industry Environmental Coalition. 


Whether your interest is cause marketing, product labeling, community relations or economic development, this webinar explains how companies can help people make behaviour changes that benefit society ----  and the bottom line.

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