Innovating for Sustainability: A Guide for Executives


Which innovation activities help companies become sustainable? This report is a critical read for any company that relies on innovation to: (1) drive profit or (2) achieve sustainability goals.

Designed for business leaders, the executive guide provides:  

  • A 3-stage framework to assess your company's progression towards sustainability. 
  • 39 practices for fostering innovation at each stage.
  • Case studies from leading organizations, large and small, that are actively finding innovative ways to serve people, profits and planet.
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About the Research 

This research was driven by NBS's Leadership Council. The council of 16 Canadian business leaders identified "innovating for sustainability" as a business priority and asked NBS for the world's best academic evidence on the topic. Richard Adams and colleagues at the University of Exeter reviewed 127 leading academic and industry sources from 1992 to 2012 to produce an authoritative systematic review. NBS and the research team developed the executive guide based on the content of the systematic review. 


"The combination of innovation, sustainability and profitability is powerful."
Grete Bridgewater
Director, Environmental Services, Canadian Pacific
NBS Leadership Council member

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