When Shareholders Are Scarier than GreenPeace


One unhappy shareholder can hurt your company's stock price far more than third party protests or petitions. Researchers Ion Bogdan Vasi and Brayden King examine the different forms of environmental activism and how they affect financial performance

Top 8 Research Findings on Whether CSR Pays

Do investments in corporate social responsibility (CSR) pay off? Some studies say they do. Others say they don't. Yet other studies say it depends.
We've compiled eight important research findings from 2012 on the relationship between corporate social performance and corporate financial performance.   

The 5 Practices of Visionary Companies


A tire company, a yogurt company and a producer of luxury perfumes and purses. What unites them? A visionary approach to sustainability. 


Christine Angelini and colleagues report the five practices of visionary companies that reduce waste, improve reputation and increase revenues. 

Making Perfume from Garbage: New Member Spotlight

NBS welcomes two new companies to its membership this month. Enerkem and GEOS Spa Sacacomie are both pleased to join NBS's Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Council.

Learn more about these small but innovative companies

Getting Neighbour Buy-In at the 50-Yard Line*

Canadian Football team the Montreal Alouettes explain how they worked with neighbours and an NGO to turn off the lights, turn down the volume and get more fans to the game.
This case study appears in a how-to guide for managers called Working with Community Groups: A Guide for Small Business.

*This article originally appeared in NBS's November 27 newsletter with an incorrect link.  

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