How Investors Changed Microsoft's Reporting and Why All Companies Should Care


A growing number of investors are demanding higher standards of environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance from companies. Michael Jantzi, CEO of Sustainalytics, describes how investors' expectations for sustainability are affecting firms and the actions managers need to take.    

Getting Neighbour Buy-In at the 50-Yard Line

Canadian Football team the Montreal Alouettes explain how they worked with neighbours and an NGO to turn off the lights, turn down the volume and get more fans to the game.
This case study appears in a how-to guide for managers called Working with Community Groups: A Guide for Small Business.
5 Steps for Building Sustainability into Corporate Budgeting and Planning


The first step to building sustainability into corporate budgeting and planning is: have a deep understanding of what sustainability means for your organization.

Discover all five steps according to management researchers Nola Buhr and Rob Gray.   
Buying Furniture on iTunes: Why Business Should Be Concerned*


The "buying local" movement will soon no longer be limited to food. Jerry Davis, Professor at the University of Michigan, discusses the rapid emergence of local production capabilities and what this means for business: "Imagine iTunes for furniture, shoes, cellphones and vacuum cleaners."


Discover the threats and opportunities of "locavore" production.   


*This article originally appeared in NBS's November 13 newsletter.

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