Buying Furniture on iTunes: Why Business Should Be Concerned


The "buying local" movement will soon no longer be limited to food. Jerry Davis, Professor at the University of Michigan, discusses the rapid emergence of local production capabilities and what this means for business: "Imagine iTunes for furniture, shoes, cellphones and vacuum cleaners."


Discover the threats and opportunities of "locavore" production.  

9 Signs Employees Are Engaged in CSR


So, you have a sustainability plan and annual report. But how do you know your employees truly understand and embrace your CSR goals? Based on research by NBS Topic Editor Stephanie Bertels, this list provides nine ways to assess whether your employees are committed to helping people and the planet.
To increase employee engagement in your organization's green goals, read the related resource: Engaging Employees in Going Green: A Guide for Small Business

3 Ways to Turn Sustainable Talk into Action

From open house environmental audits to public displays of employee performance, Angèle Renaud of the University of Burgundy reviews how 10 French companies have engaged employees, customers and residents in their sustainable development.  
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