Fair Products Drive Profits for TeamBank

Researcher Christoph Loch of the University of Cambridge reveals customers reward a company that offers "fair" products. Learn what TeamBank did to differentiate itself in a low-price market and read the Q&A with Canadian Tire's Diane Kilcoyne. Kilcoyne reacts to the research findings and discusses their relevance to her organization.
David, Goliath and the Future of Energy Systems


Few countries have increased their use of renewable energy as much as Germany. But despite the country's 20-year history of renewable energy growth, though, their energy policy is controversial.  


Rolf Wüstenhagen, Chair for Management of Renewable Energies at the University of St. Gallen, describes the key decisions and high stakes involved in planning energy futures.   


What's on the Minds of CSR Leaders?


In September, NBS's Leadership Council ---- 14 representatives from leading organizations ---- gathered to discuss the sustainability challenges facing Canadian business. 


The business leaders produced a list of the Top 10 sustainability challenges of Canadian businesses. NBS will reveal these challenges in a report released this winter. Sign up to be the first to receive the report.  

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