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Raspberry Pi Projects Kit Best Practices

The Raspberry Pi Projects Kit provides out-of-school and school programs with a plug-and-play set of materials and projects that can be used to lead students in engaging creative STEM projects. Working through the series of eight hands-on activities for the kit, students quickly gain computer programming and circuit building skills while making fun and creative interactive projects--no prior experience required

The new "Best Practices" resource provides guidance for out-of-school and school programs using the kit. Based on feedback and data gathered during year-long testing of the Raspberry Pi Projects Kit with partners Purdue University's Women in Engineering Program (WIEP) and girlSPARC, the Best Practices guide contains insightful tips and planning strategies to help educators plan and conduct successful group events with the kit.

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Chemistry and Food Science
Science of Fats in Foods
When it comes to fat, certain kinds of fats are better for you than others. A new food science project helps students see firsthand how the fats in foods compare. Using acetone to extract fat from food samples, students can compare the different kinds of fat in common foods. Which foods have the healthiest fats? 

Support for food science projects like How Much Fat is in Your Food? is provided by the Amgen Foundation.

Student Science and Engineering Project Ideas
Spring Break Science Collection
Check our updated collection of science activities and projects that make for excellent at-home exploration. Projects like these are great for students over Spring Break, during the summer, on weekends, or any time! 

Robotics Projects for K-12 Students
Hands-on robotics projects enable students to learn about electronics, engineering design, and circuit building, all while building and personalizing cool robots. From ArtBots to Solar-powered and Light-tracking robots, we have an inspiring collection of robotics project ideas and resources

Egg-based STEM Projects and Activities
From physics to chemistry to materials science and engineering, eggs are full of science potential. We have many exciting hands-on projects for student exploration using eggs.

Science Kits in the Science Buddies Store
Candy Chromatography Science Kit
With the Candy Chromatography Science Kit, students use paper chromatography to explore the colors of dye that make up favorite candy coatings or marker inks. 
For a hands-on look at the Candy Chromatography Science Kit in action, see Candy Color Chromatography and Green Candy Chemistry.

The Candy Chromatography Science Kit is sponsored by Waters Corporation.
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