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Teachers and students can now share articles from the Science Buddies news feed directly to the Google Classroom! With this enhanced feature, teachers can assign science reading and have students complete the assignment using articles from the Science Buddies news feed. Using the Science Buddies website, students can locate relevant science news articles, share what they read with their teacher, and complete the assignment with a few button clicks.
Encouraging students to read science news or to do science reading related to their science projects is easy to manage with Science Buddies and Google Classroom. Our news feed contains articles from Science NewsScience News for StudentsScientific American, EurekAlert!, and NASA. All articles are labeled with a reading difficulty level. For more information and a walk-through of this new feature, see Make Science Reading Assignments with Science Buddies.
We encourage teachers to explore the news feed and experiment with assigning science reading to their students. Be sure and bookmark the Google Classroom Science Project Assignments page, too. This master page groups all steps of science and engineering projects in one place to make it easier for teachers to plan science project assignments and timelines. For additional information about using Science Buddies with Google Classroom, see Science Buddies Offers Google Classroom Integration.
Use the feedback link on any "share to Google Classroom" page to let us know what you think of this new Science Buddies feature!

Understanding the Project Display Board
Mastering the Project Display Board
Creating a stunning and effective project display board doesn't have to be a mystery! We have tips, tricks, and resources to help students understand what belongs on a science project display board, how to approach filling the space of a tri-fold display board, and how to stay on track so that the board isn't a last-minute effort!

The science project display board is an opportunity to showcase a science project. Make the most of it!

Elmer's Products, Inc. is a proud sponsor of Science Buddies. View science fair display boards on the Elmer's website.

Classroom Science Success
Students with ArtBot Science Project Poster
Kudos to this sixth grade science teacher who followed up a unit on circuits with a classroom robotics project for eighty students. 

Students built and tested ArtBots and experimented to see how changes in the engineering design of the ArtBot change the art the robot makes. 

Student Engineering Project Ideas
Engineering Week Projects for K-12 Students      Girl Day Projects and Activities, Part of Engineers Week

Engineers Week is over, but you can introduce students to engineering, talk about science and engineering career paths, and do hands-on STEM activities all year long. We have compiled lists of great projects and activities to help you get started:
For additional engineering projects that tie in with local and global problem solving, see Welcome Global Day of the Engineer to Engineers Week.

Free Scientific Method Poster
Classroom _ Scientific Method Poster
Classroom scientific method posters are still available for teachers. If you have not already requested your poster, do so before they run out! 

To request yours: Log in at Science Buddies and go to your Account Profile. Review your account information and make any necessary updates. At the bottom of the Account Profile screen, check the box to indicate you would like to receive a free poster. 

*Free classroom posters are available thanks to support from Elmer's. This offer is limited to teachers in the US. Posters are available, one per educator, while supplies last only. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Science Kits in the Science Buddies Store
Exciting STEM Projects and Activities
Does Weight Affect a Drone_s Battery Life_ STEM Project
Boost Password Savvy with a Classroom STEM Game
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