Master the Scientific Method
Identify your Science Project Variables

Identifying the variables in a science project is an important step in the Scientific Method. As students work on designing their science project and writing a hypothesis, it is important that they be able to single out the different types of variables in the project and understand how the variables are related to the testing, data gathering, and analysis. What will be changed during each trial? What will be watched to see if a change occurs? What will remain the same and unchanged in all trials? How do these variable types relate to the hypothesis statement? How are the variables related to how data can be charted on a simple graph?

Students can learn more, review examples, and evaluate their own variables using a handy checklist in the variables section of the Science Buddies Project Guide.

Student Science Project Ideas
Colorful Sharpie Tie-Dye Science
Using Sharpie® markers and rubbing alcohol, kids can turn scraps of fabric into works of art. Behind the creative fun of Sharpie Tie-Dye is science!  

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Super Bowl Science
Using a Ping Pong Catapult to explore the physics and math behind field goal kicking is just one way to tie Super Bowl Sunday to hands-on science. Score big with student sports fans with football-focused science projects

Whipped Cream Science
Turning whipping cream into whipped cream makes for great kitchen science for students of all ages. What's the secret to the perfect whipped cream?

Science Kits in the Science Buddies Store
Calorimeter Kit Project
The Calorimeter Kit contains supplies students need to do the Burning Calories food science project. In this project, students burn food items and use a homemade calorimeter to see which food items store more chemical energy. (See also:  Burning Calories: Putting Nutritional Value to the Test.)

Interested in food science? You might also enjoy projects using the Spherification Kit or investigate the iron in breakfast cereal using the Copper & Iron Test Kit.
Family and Classroom Science
Science Activity - Carbon Filtering and Sports Drinks Science Activity - Musical Glasses
Creative STEM
Book Review - Make_ Paper Inventions
Book Review: Paper Inventions
Paper Inventions by Kathy Ceceri is a wide-ranging collection of paper-based "to do" projects for student makers. From paper circuits and paper generators to low-tech creations like folded hexaflexagons, Paper Inventions has plenty of creative paper science to explore.


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