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New Special Collection: Diabetes Science Projects
Diabetes Science Projects

November is National Diabetes Month in the U.S., and November 14 is World Diabetes Day. Students who have diabetes or have a family member or friend with diabetes are often especially interested in doing related science projects. Our new diabetes special collection helps all K-12 students explore science related to diabetes in areas of health and human biology, genetics, medicine, engineering, and computer science. 

Science Buddies Project Ideas related to diabetes are sponsored by Novo Nordisk.

Space Science
Water on Mars_From Sci-Fi to Space Science
In the popular sci-fi movie, The Martian, things explode when astronaut Mark Watney attempts to create water for his plants. Pair movie science and recent space science news confirming water on Mars.
Chemistry of Ice Cream Science Kit and Project
Use the Chemistry of Ice Cream science kit to explore salty science related to water on Mars.
Dancing Water Droplets Family Science Activity Ferrofluid Nanotechnology Science Kit

Student Success with Creative Scratch and Raspberry Pi Project

 Wire Some Trick-or-Treat or Light-up Fun with Scratch and Raspberry Pi
With the new Raspberry Pi Projects Kit from Science Buddies, students combine creativity, electronics, and computer programming using Scratch. This middle school student made a great light-up pumpkin as part of her experimentation with circuits and sensors.

Flu and Cold Season Science
This flu and cold season, explore science related to the flu vaccine, the spread of germs, superbugs, and more with student science projects and classroom activities like these:
A Closer Look at the Obstacle-Avoiding BlueBot

The Obstacle-Avoiding BlueBot is one of four robots students can build using the BlueBot 4-in-1 Robotics Kit from the Science Buddies Store.


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