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Science Buddies can help you get back to school and ready for a great new year of hands-on science exploration with resources that help you and your students:

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Crime Scene Chemistry
With the Crime Scene Chemistry project and science kit, students think like detectives and use chemistry to solve a mystery. Use the story provided, or write a new one for an exciting classroom or home activity.

Big Blue Live Science
Watch PBS/BBC Big Blue Live episodes with your students and talk about related science projects and STEM career paths.

Seed Activity
Use this classroom- or family-friendly science activity to explore the ways in which the shape and size of a seed influences how far it may travel when carried or blown by wind.

Dull to Dazzling Science Kit Raspberry Pi Projects Kit

Creative Electronics Projects
Explore e-textiles and wearable electronics with our 2-part blog series. With a needle, some conductive thread, a coin cell battery, and LEDs, you can light up your own accessories!
Making Wearable Electronics
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Send us photos of your classroom or student science projects and activities. Your students may end up featured in a success story on the Science Buddies Blog, in the spotlight at FacebookTwitter, Google+, or in the Science Buddies newsletter. Let us know, in photos, how the science project went!




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