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Sale in the Science Buddies Store!
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Science kits make it easy to enable science exploration all summer long. Whether your students investigate physics with a catapult or bottle rockets, build robots, or explore chemistry or computer coding, each kit contains all the specialty items you need for a great science project. 

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Need suggestions? Here are some of our picks for summer science exploration:

1Squishy Circuits Kit
1Bristlebot Kit
1Spherification Kit
1Magic Bullet Train Kit
1Ping Pong Catapult Kit
1Advanced Bristlebot Kit

Science Buddies Store

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Playing with Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi Book Review
The Raspberry Pi Projects Kit from the Science Buddies Store is a great way for kids to explore computer coding and electronics while working on a series of creative projects

Adventures in Raspberry Pi by Carrie Anne Philbin is a good resource for supplemental information while using the kit and for additional projects that can be tackled after students complete the Science Buddies kit activities. 

The Raspberry Pi Projects Kit was developed with support from Symantec,
Best Buy Foundation, Raspberry Pi Foundation, Oracle Foundation, and Google RISE.


Science Activities for the Whole Family


Splitting Ink: Family Science
What colors make up a certain color ink in a favorite color of marker? Find out with a family chromatography science activity. You can use the same process to investigate the dye colors that make up candy coatings, too!  

Photography Family Science
What makes a great photo great? Do the photos you like most use a certain strategy for positioning the subject? Explore "golden" rules of composition in this family science activity and improve your photography skills.

Family Science Physics

Look through water drops to learn more about the physics of magnification.


Use water drops on a penny to investigate the physics of surface tension.


Family science activities are supported by Motorola Solutions Foundation. 


Science-themed Summer Reading


In book four of the Nick and Tesla series, the twins are stuck in a museum mystery filled with malfunctioning animatronic scientists and a giant dancing owl. The kids engineer a gadget glove that introduces readers to a set of fun DIY wearable electronics projects! Read along and build your own gadget glove with directions in the book or a related Science Buddies project!

Book Review
This story puts the engineering design process in action and in the hands of a charming young girl who has an idea for something she wants to build--something magnificent--and sets out to bring her idea to life. Follow along as she works on her idea, prototype by prototype, until she finally makes exactly what she had in mind.



Biochemistry You Can See


Biochemistry Science
A test tube of phytoplankton offers a no-mess way to let kids observe biochemical processes, circadian rhythms, and bioluminescence. Phytoplankton live longer than popular fireflies, which makes them a great option for home science.

Light up summer science with an unusual biochemistry investigation with your kids!
Science Buddies' Project Ideas in Biotechnology are sponsored by the Amgen Foundation.


Tell Us About Your Summer Science! 


Send us photos of your summer science projects. Your students might end up featured in a success story on the Science Buddies Blog, in the spotlight at FacebookTwitter, Google+, or in the newsletter. Let us know, in photos, how the science project went!




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