Science Kits Make It Easy to Plan Summer Science!


Science kits bring fun right to your door! Check out some of our favorite picks for summer science exploration.

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Science and Engineering Highlights


Hit Boxes and Video Game Science
The classic game of Galaga provided inspiration for this sixth grade video game player. He designed his own video game to learn more about the role of hit boxes in creating a successful game. 

Infographics Science and Big Data
A new human behavior science project guides students in an exploration of the process of creating data visualizations from big data sets. 

Science Buddies' big data science project ideas are sponsored by EMC.


Learn to Code


Summer is a great time for kids to explore computer programming! The Raspberry Pi Projects Kit contains all the parts needed for kids to set up their own Raspberry Pi and use Scratch in a series of innovative projects that blend art, electronics, and programming.

Watch the overview video for a look at the series of eight creative projects kids can do with the kit. 
The Raspberry Pi Projects Kit was developed with support from Symantec,
Best Buy Foundation, Raspberry Pi Foundation, Oracle Foundation, and Google RISE.


Science Activities for the Whole Family


Sweetness Science Activity
How do real sugar and various sugar substitutes compare in terms of sweetness? Mix up a few batches of lemonade and put different sweeteners to a taste test to find out. 

Paper Bridges Science Activity
What does the shape of the materials in a bridge have to do with the bridge's strength? Find out by building and testing paper bridges at home.

More Science Activities for All Ages!

Parents Page
Be sure and stop by the parents page at Science Buddies! We've updated the page to make it even easier for parents to find fun ideas for family science, inspiring success stories, and information parents need to help support science education at home and at school.


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Science-themed Summer Reading


Book Reviews
This pair of rhyming picture books takes a fun look at the engineering spirit and reminds readers that kids can be engineers, too! These are great choices for summer reading and will give young readers and listeners much to talk about!

Honeybee Hive
This nonfiction book traces the path scientists took in investigating a puzzling global bee population crisis first identified in 2006. There is a lot more to bees than just honey!



Tell Us About Your Summer Science! 


Send us photos of your summer science projects. Your students might end up featured in a success story on the Science Buddies Blog, in the spotlight at FacebookTwitter, Google+, or in the newsletter. Let us know, in photos, how the science project went!




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