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Exciting New Kit Blends Computer Science, Electronics, and Creativity 


With the new Raspberry Pi Projects Kit from the Science Buddies Store, students can set up their own Raspberry Pi and then create interactive projects using Scratch, circuitry, and a variety of sensors. With a series of 8 creative projects, students can have fun experimenting with their Raspberry Pi as they build and program a carnival game, a set of drums, a musical keyboard, a light-up piece of art, an interactive toy puppet, and more!

Check the Creative Raspberry Pi Projects for Beginners page to learn more about the kit, the activities, and to watch a video that showcases the series of activities.



The Raspberry Pi Projects Kit was developed with support from Symantec,

Best Buy Foundation, Raspberry Pi Foundation, Oracle Foundation, and Google RISE. 


Hydroponics Kit Grasping with Straws


Science and Engineering Highlights


Paper Programming
Explore computer code logic by guiding someone through a simple maze. No computer is needed for this fun, introductory programming-themed activity!

Astronomy Science Success Story
This sixth grade student is blazing a path in astroscience. Find out about her most recent project on starlight.

Science Buddies Project Ideas and resources in Astronomy are supported by Northrop Grumman.
Family Robotics
Robotics projects can be great fun for kids at home, with parents or on their own. We have 20 tips to help you and your kids have a great experience with a family robotics activity. 

Candy Snap Family Science Activity
Why does some candy break when you bend it? Put favorite candies to a bend-it test in this family-friendly materials science experiment.

Science Buddies Project Ideas in Materials Science are supported by the Donaldson Foundation.
Make a Paper Circuit
With copper tape, some LEDs, and a coin cell battery, students can explore introductory electronics in a fun and creative new paper circuits activity.


Get Ready for Summer



Summer Science

Adding science to your list of summer activities is easy with great family science explorations and fun kits from the Science Buddies Store!


As you gear up for the coming break, check these "break"-oriented collections for fun science ideas:



Are Your Students Doing Awesome Science Projects? 


Send us photos of your students' projects. Your students might end up featured in a success story on the Science Buddies Blog, in the spotlight at FacebookTwitter, Google+, or in the newsletter. Let us know, in photos, how the science project went!




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