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3D Design Gives Hands-on Robotics Projects a Creative Spin 


At a recent robotics workshop in New Jersey, students used Autodesk® Tinkercad® to design custom robot bodies. Once the parts were 3D printed, they built their own Artbot-style robots for a fun, creative hands-on engineering and 3D design experience.

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Kitchen Chemistry Activity Bottle Rocket Kit


Engineering Challenge Highlights Student Innovation


Fluor Challenge
The 2015 Fluor Engineering Challenge invited K-12 students to create a balloon-powered vehicle, using a limited number of materials from an approved list, and test to see how much weight the vehicle could transport a set distance and across a finish line. 

Hundreds of students around the world took the challenge, and their submissions showcase the creative spirit behind the engineering design process. How would you approach this challenge? What would your balloon-powered vehicle look like? Does this sound like fun? The official challenge is over, but you can still use the challenge directions and make your own at home for fun!


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Science Connections



Rock Science Geode Project

Cracking open a geode can be a lot of fun for kids who are interested in geology, rocks, or crystals. Learn more about how to predict what's inside a geode with a hands-on, family-friendly rock science project. 


Science Buddies Project Ideas in Geology are supported by Chevron.



Egg Science Mold Project

If you think a hard boiled egg has to be ovoid in shape, think again! With a bit of kitchen chemistry, you can turn ordinary hard-boiled eggs into fun shapes! The trick to the transformation is understanding the science behind the process of hard-boiling. 




Are Your Students Doing Awesome Science Projects? 


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