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News Feed Feature
Whether they are at Science Buddies searching for a project idea or working on a science project, students visiting the Science Buddies website now see recent news stories from science sources including Science News, Science News for Students, Scientific American, EurekAlert!, and NASA.

Related news stories appear in search results and can also be found on the "Background" and "Learn More" tabs of individual Science Buddies Project Ideas. If you require related reading for a project or encourage students to do additional reading in an area of interest, give the news feed a try. This new feature makes it easy for students to locate relevant news articles from trusted science sources. Try a fun "science news" assignment or in-class exercise and see what your students discover!

For a closer look at this new feature (and helpful screenshots), see Kids Read Science News.

We look forward to hearing how you and your students are using the news feed! 

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Movies Bring Engineering Design Process to Life


Dolphin Tale Movie and Engineering Design Process


When science and engineering are woven into a heartwarming story like Dolphin Tale, viewers see the engineering process unfold as a series of trials on a path to a specific goal--a replacement tail for Winter. Each new prosthetic tail (each iteration) is, hopefully, an improvement for the dolphin in terms of health and, in the sequel, acceptance by a younger dolphin. Talking with kids about the science and engineering in a movie like Dolphin Tale helps them better understand the engineering design process and its cycle of brainstorming, prototyping, and testing.

Build a Helping Hand Science Kit

Students interested in the challenge of prosthetics engineering can give their own design ideas a try by making and testing real-world models or using 3D design modeling software. The Grasping with Straws: Make a Robot Hand Using Drinking Straws and Build a Helping Hand * projects both lay a foundation for a creative engineering project. (A kit of starter materials is available in the Science Buddies Store.)

Visit the Science Buddies Store to view more convenient science kits.

Play Dough Math Activity  Ferrofluid Kit in the Science Buddies Store


Teachers Get Hands On with Aerodynamics 


Teachers Do Airplane Activity
Thanks to Aerojet Rocketdyne and INFINITY Science Center, a group of elementary school teachers in Mississippi spent a day at the INFINITY Science Center for the first Hancock County Science Teacher Development Conference. As part of the event designed to give teachers concrete support for STEM education, teachers got an introduction to the Science Buddies website and did a paper airplane folding activity to reinforce the importance of hands-on science learning.  

The GenCorp Foundation/Aerojet Rocketdyne is a proud sponsor of Science Buddies.



Science Series: Nick and Tesla



Nick and Tesla Book Review

Nick and Tesla Secret Agent Gadgets

Catch up with Nick and Tesla, innovative science-minded twins, in book three of this engaging series from Quirk Books. 

In Nick and Tesla's Secret Agent Gadget Battle, the twins set out to catch a spy using science and engineering-based inventions, including a Fingerprint-finder Powder and Evildoer Identification System, a Ring-a-ding-ding Spy Exposure System, a Booby-Trap Balloon Drop, and more!






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