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Fun with Electronics (and Human Biology!)


Science Project

Seeing Is (Not Always) Believing! 

Visual illusions are fun and raise interesting questions about human biology and neurology. Students can explore visual illusions with eye-opening science projects, from studying afterimages to building a mesmerizing LED infinity mirror. 



Exploring 3D Design with Autodesk


Students Go 3D with Access to Professional Autodesk Design Tools

When it comes to 3D design, professionals around the world turn to Autodesk. From tools like industry-standard AutoCAD to Maya, Revit, and Sketchbook Express, Autodesk offers a full range of integrated software to bring 3D design to life. Together, Science Buddies and Autodesk are working to help students explore science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) through hands-on, real-world projects and experiments. 


In coming months, we will be highlighting Science Buddies Project Ideas in which students are encouraged to integrate 3D design using free Autodesk software and apps. In addition, projects on the Autodesk Digital STEAM Workshop site challenge students to innovate real-world solutions using 3D design. 


Science Projectr

From Parking Space to Parklet: Civil Engineering and City Planning

Transforming a few parking places into a social space provides interesting challenges and opportunities for engineers, designers, and city planners. With software from Autodesk and a fun Digital STEAM Workshop challenge, students can design their own parklets--with a small budget and tight space requirements!



Science Project

Making something better often means breaking it first--over and over again! Students can learn more about product engineering by trying to improve the durability of a simple handheld device. What does it take to break a calculator? What changes might make it harder to break? A related Autodesk Digital STEAM Workshop challenge has students design a cool, pocket-sized, plastic mobile phone accessory. 


3D Printing

Make Your Own Layered Model to Explore 3D Printing

3D printing is changing how we think about manufacturing and product design. Do you need a small, hard-to-find replacement part or have an idea for a cool new product? A 3D printer approaches printing an object as a series of layers. Learn more about 3D printing and try a cool hands-on activity using Autodesk's 123D Make to create a 3D model built from cardboard layers.



Share Your Autodesk Experience

With Autodesk's educational licensing program, students and teachers can explore 3D design using professional design software, apps, and tools. Do you and your students use Autodesk software? We would love to hear about Autodesk in your classroom, project, or afterschool program! Email us at



Video Game-inspired Science and Engineering


Video Game Science Project


Many popular video games incorporate elements of city planning and world building. A fun SimCity science project from Science Buddies helps turn in-game city planning into a science experiment, one students can also use to enter the annual Future City competition. Students can also explore park planning projects on the Autodesk Digital STEAM Workshop site.

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Make a solar oven from a pizza box!    Science Kit


Spotlight on a Science Career in Health Care


Science Career

As the number of medications, both over-the-counter and prescribed, continues to rise, pharmacists play an increasingly powerful role in health care. Is the medication you were prescribed safe for you? Beyond an apple a day, feeling better may require advice from a pharmacist!

Science Buddies Career Profiles in chemistry-related fields
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Making Student Science Connections



Science Project

Drinking Up Water Science During a Drought

Ever heard the "If it's yellow, let it mellow" rhyme? Students are talking about flushing strategies at school-in the name of water conservation. We have science projects suggestions for students and classes talking about and investigating drought.


Science Buddies projects and resources related to water science are supported by the Pentair Foundation. 



Rock Porosity Science Activity

Hands-on Porous Rock Science

What do sponges and rocks have in common? Some rocks float! By making models of rocks using plastic cups and beans, students can explore porosity and see how the size of the particles that make up a rock relates to how much water a rock can hold. The How Particles Affect Porosity activity can be used as a family science experiment or in the classroom. Student and educator guides are available to support teachers in doing hands-on geology with students using easy-to-gather materials.


Science Buddies resources in Geology are supported by Chevron.




Student Research Project


Eating Disorder Research

High school student Rachel Mashal is conducting an eating disorder research project at Mount Sinai Hospital. Rachel is looking for survey participants ages 11-22 in the New York City area. For additional information regarding participation contact



What Science Did You Do Over Summer Break? 


Submit photos of projects you and your students did over the summer to Science Buddies. You might end up featured in a success story on the Science Buddies Blog, in the spotlight at FacebookTwitter, Google+, or in the newsletter. Let us know, in photos, how the summer science went!




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