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With just a few basic ingredients, you can make your own marshmallows at home. In this family science activity, experiment with the ratio of two main ingredients to see which results in the marshmallow with the best texture and taste. (Be sure and gather some taste testers!) 
Going camping? Think how much more fun campfire s'mores may be when you use marshmallows you made yourself! 


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  Marshmallow Family Science Activity Review


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Ideas to Spark Summer Science


Fireworks science project

What Makes Fireworks Colors?

Fireworks displays are fun to watch, but what causes the awesome colors you see bursting in the night sky? A backyard family science project lets you explore with skewers, a candle, and table salt! See Fun with Fireworks Science: When Chemicals Burn...



Video Game Science Project

Investigate Video Gaming Statistics

Do you love video games? Do your friends? Turn video game playing into a framework for an exciting summer science project that involves research, surveys, and math. Who plays video games--and what kinds of games do they play? See Girls, Boys, Video Games and Summer Survey Science...



Cycling sports science project

Cycling Science

The Tour de France is underway! Cycling fans can explore bicycle and riding science with great hands-on projects, from tire pressure to gear changes. Plus, investigate health and nutrition related to exercise and training. See Bike Science: The Physics Behind Cycling...



3D Printing

Make Your Own Layered Model to Explore 3D Printing

3D printers can be used to print all kinds of objects, from tiny replacement parts to furniture and cars. Learn more about 3D printing and try a cool and crafty activity using Autodesk's 123D Make to create a 3D model built from layers. See 3D Modeling Layer by Layer: A Glue It Together Introduction to 3D Printing...



Cybersecurity science project

Understanding different strategies for creating passwords may improve the security of your passwords. Investigate to see what patterns exist for how people set passwords and experiment with a password guessing program written in Python to dig deeper into issues related to password security. See Password Games: Understanding and Testing Online Passwords...

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A Science-themed Mystery for Kids


Nick and Tesla Book Review

Science Twins and a Tale of Robotics Intrigue

Book 2 in the Nick and Tesla series, Robot Army Rampage, moves the action to Main Street where robots have started appearing in local businesses, a rare comic has been stolen, and a swarm of robotic toothbrush head bugs are let loose. Robot Army Rampage continues the focus on innovation, science, and engineering found in the first book, and the twins design and make some cool robots and a hovercraft. Readers can find related projects and activities at Science Buddies to extend the fun and experimentation.  



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