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Tie LEGO Movie to Student ScienceeEverything is Awesome with Engineering

The LEGO® Movie puts engineering in the hands of plastic master builders and superheroes who work together to combat the threat of Kragle. Use the popular movie as a starting point for in-class engineering discussions!



Girls and EngineeringEngineering is (also) for Girls!

Girls loading up their pink toys and launching them out of the park in a rocket they built themselves? You bet! That was the storyline of the GoldieBlox commercial on Super Bowl Sunday. Get the full story and find out ways you can inspire and encourage girls to experiment with engineering.



Engineering Profile Insects and Robotics Engineering?

In some labs, engineers are designing and building very small robots that crawl or fly, just like insects. Meet Dani Ithier, a student working in Harvard's Microrobotics Lab. She is not fond of bees or roaches, but when it comes to coin-sized robots, she is excited by the challenge of taking what insects already do well and creating better, faster, and more efficient microrobots.



Making Science Fair a Positive Experience--for Everyone!


Blog Post

From Turmoil to Terrific: Families and the School Science Fair

Do your students' parents scowl over the science fair project assignment? Is there too much parent involvement in the projects that are submitted? Are there too many projects being done at the last minute? There are steps teachers can take in the classroom to make the process smoother for families, but helping parents better understand their role in their student's project may also help them better appreciate the value of science fair experiments and projects--and make the experience more positive all around! 


   Family Science Project Science Project Kit



Spotlighted Science Project Resource 


After a student completes an experiment, she needs to analyze all the data gathered, understand how it relates to the hypothesis, and then put it into a format that helps show what happened during the experiment. Bar chart? Line graph? Scatter plot? What is the best format to use, and how do you plug in data related to the independent and dependent variables from the experiment? The Data Analysis & Graphs resource has answers, handy checklists, and samples.

For a closer look at histograms, see The Results are In: Plotting Numerical Ranges

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Success Story

Can elementary school students experiment with 3D robotics design and engineering? Of course! This student put her own robots to the test using free computer software and walked away with a blue ribbon at a local fair.



Sinkhole and Corvettes

Sinkhole Claims Prized Corvettes

Sinkholes often happen unexpectedly, and when the floor of a car museum recently opened up, a number of expensive cars were swallowed whole. What may have been happening, underground, to create a sinkhole like this? Learn more about the role acidic waters play in destabilizing rock--and put it to the test with a hands-on student science project!


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Featured Family Science Activity


What causes the seasons we experience in different parts of the globe at different times of the year? You and your students may know that something about the way the Earth spins causes us to have different seasons, but with a simple hands-on family science activity, you and your family can experiment to better understand how the tilt of the Earth's axis is related to seasons.



Encourage Your Students to Share Their Science Project Experience!  


We love to highlight stories about student and teacher science project and science fair successes -- just like yours! Have your students submit photos of their projects to Science Buddies. They might end up featured in a success story on the Science Buddies Blog, in the spotlight at FacebookTwitter, Google+, or in the newsletter. Let us know, in photos, how the project went!




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