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Spotlighted Project Idea: Toothbrush Robotics

Family Robotics Science Project


Breadboards, Bristlebots, and Family Robotics

Robots that scoot around on toothbrush heads are a great way to get your kids started exploring robotics. We have project ideas that take students from a basic Bristlebot to a more whiz-bang light-following bot that shuttles about on two brush heads and sports a practical on/off switch. 

Our blogger put both projects to the test with a small group of kids at home. They succeeded in creating multiple working bots, learned about circuits and breadboards, and had a great time getting hands-on with electronics and robotics as a family. We highly recommend these projects as ones to keep the kids occupied and entertained over the winter break, during snow days, or just for weekend fun!

Food Science on the Science Buddies Blog



Science Project

Is a cranberry dish part of your holiday menu? Does your family like a wiggly, jellied cranberry roll, or do you make a looser cranberry sauce? Experiment to see how cooking time changes the consistency of cranberry sauce. 



To help prevent iodine deficiency, many salts have added iodine (in the form of iodide). In this experiment students test various salts and look for visual evidence that iodide is present. 



Science Project

Do you love pumpkin pie? Or apple? Or pecan? Do you love pie crust? The kind of fat you use can make a difference in how a pie crust turns out. Experiment to become the pie-baking champion in your family!



Science Project

Hands-on Potato Science

Pick up a few extra potatoes, and you can experiment with food chemistry, plant biology, or even basic electronics.  


Science Project with Fun Train Kit!


Magic Bullet Train


With magnetic levitation, train travel gets a cool boost--right off the ground! Passengers in countries around the world ride trains that float rather than roll over the tracks.

In the "The Amazing Floating Train: How Much Weight Can A Maglev Train Hold?" science project, students use a kit from the Science Buddies Store to build a levitating train model and explore the science of magnetic levitation.  


   Science Project Science Project Kit



Spotlighted Science Project Resource 


A student's project display board may be one of the final steps in the science project process for a school assignment or the science fair, but it is an important one. A compelling project display board makes people (and science fair judges) more likely to stop to find out more about the student's project. Encourage your students to use their boards to really showcase the hard work they put into their science projects! 

Science Buddies has guidelines and examples to help students as they create their boards. What size font should you use? How big should the board be? What goes on the board? We have answers!
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Featured Family Science Activity


Do you like things that are salty? Or do you prefer things that are sweet? How sour is too sour? Do you and your friends agree on how things taste? Follow the directions either for a science project or a family science activity to learn more about your taste threshold for things that are salty, sweet, or sour. 



Encourage Your Students to Share Their Science Project Stories!  


We love to highlight stories about student and teacher science project and science fair successes -- just like yours! Have your students submit photos of their projects to Science Buddies. They might end up featured in a success story on the Science Buddies Blog, in the spotlight at FacebookTwitter, Google+, or in the newsletter. Let us know, in photos, how the project went!




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