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The Next Frontier? Space and Big Data

Asteroid Mining Science Project


Analyze NASA Data to Strike It Rich

Could asteroid mining be the space equivalent of gold mining? Possibly! But how will scientists and entrepreneurs decide which asteroids to target? The new "Asteroid Mining: Gold Rush in Space?" astronomy project guides students in using NASA data to help them make decisions as they create a business plan for a hypothetical asteroid mining company. 

Comet ISON is scheduled to swing close to the Sun next week, and astronomers are eagerly tracking its approach. Learn more about comets in the Dirty Snowballs: How a Comet's Size Affects How Fast It Melts student astronomy project. What variables contribute to the rate of melting?

Science Buddies Project Ideas in Astronomy are supported by
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Spotlighted Classroom Activity


This new classroom activity guides classes in a fun, hands-on exploration of how genetics influence a person's chances of getting an autoimmune disease. Using dice and candies, students experiment to see how the odds of getting an autoimmune disease play out. Both educator and student guides are available for this activity! 

A full version of this Project Idea is also available for an independent student science project.

Science Buddies Project Ideas in Medical Biotechnology are supported by
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On the Science Buddies Blog



Girls in STEM

Encourage and excite girls about science and engineering with great Science Buddies Project Ideas and the Topic Selection Wizard!



Diabetes Science Projects

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. Read our review of a sports and diabetes autobiography from the founder of pro cycling Team Novo Nordisk and learn more about student science projects related to diabetes.



Tasty Kitchen Science

Cheesecake Science

Turn Thanksgiving dessert-making into an opportunity for fun and tasty kitchen science. Which cheesecake baking method yields the best cheesecake? 


Popular Kits in the Science Buddies Store 


Buying supplies for a science project is easy and convenient with science kits designed to work specifically with Science Buddies Project Ideas! Here are a few popular choices:

   Weekly Spotlight Science Kit



Featured Family Science Activity


Does camouflage really make a difference when it comes to the relationship between predators and their prey? You and your family can put the question to the test with a playful hands-on science activity that lets your students pretend to be hungry birds of prey. (This is a great activity for the classroom, too!)



Encourage Your Students to Share Their Science Project Stories!  


We love to highlight stories about student and teacher science project and science fair successes -- just like yours! Have your students submit photos of their projects to Science Buddies. They might end up featured in a success story on the Science Buddies Blog, in the spotlight at FacebookTwitter, Google+, or in the newsletter. Let us know, in photos, how the project went!




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Science Buddies is a 501(c)(3) charity that offers science resources to students and teachers

free of charge thanks to support from sponsors and donors like: 
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