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Making Connections: Aerodynamics and Zoology

Zoology Science Project


Improving Flight by Studying Butterflies

What can engineers learn from studying both flying and crawling insects? A great deal! Top research labs, like Harvard's Microrobotics Lab, are actively working on projects informed by the biological designs of insects. With the new "Butterfly Wings: Using Nature to Learn About Flight" Project Idea, students can conduct their own bio-inspired aerodynamics study. The project combines zoological observation with aerodynamics and physics as students put butterfly wing models to the test in a home-made wind tunnel.

Science Buddies Project Ideas in Aerodynamics & Hydrodynamics are supported by
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Visual Illusion

With Halloween-inspired phantoms, goblins, and ghouls popping up this month, October is a great time to have fun with visual illusions and the science of visual perception with your students. What happens when you stare at a ghost too long? 



Project Idea Blood, Gore, and Coagulation

When it works the way it should, blood coagulation helps put the plug in an unexpected flow of blood. Couple student interest in Halloween gore with discussion of a sticky topic--coagulation. We've got a hands-on science experiment perfect for those wanting to simulate the process!



Science Project

An Apple a Day

From chemistry to food science and beyond, we have suggestions for hands-on science projects that use apples.


New Project Ideas and Resources


Science Project Ideas The following Project Ideas were recently added at Science Buddies:

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Teachers Grade Science Buddies  


We asked teachers in the Science Buddies community to let us know about science events and curriculum in their schools and how Science Buddies is doing. The results are in! Find out what we learned from you and other educators about our role in supporting you and your students--and about your view of the importance of hands-on science. 


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Spotlighted Teacher Resource  


Whether you are a seasoned science fair coordinator or are preparing to run your very first fair, this free guide is full of helpful information to get you started and help keep you on track, from start to science fair night.

What do you need to do two months before the fair? One month before? The day of? After the fair? We have answers!



Don't Miss These Hot "Standards" Topics and Resources


Scientific and Engineering Design Methods



Share with Parents  


As students begin bringing home science fair and classroom science project assignments, you may find yourself wondering "how much is too much" when it comes to parent involvement in the process. It is a good question! We have a handy chart that helps outline appropriate levels of parent involvement.  

For more information about how to engage with your student's science learning process, see "Parent Perspective: Understanding Your Role in Your Student's Science Project" on the Science Buddies Blog.



Congratulations to These Lucky Teachers! 


The following teachers were recently selected as random winners of our quarterly drawings and received free project display boards for their classes, thanks to Elmer's: Kimberly Larkins (Orlando, FL), Pam Rolfe (Kaysville, UT), and Telisha Gilbert (Birmingham, AL).


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Encourage Your Students to Share Their Science Project Stories!  


We write stories about student and teacher science project and science fair successes -- just like yours! Have your students submit photos of their projects to Science Buddies. They might end up featured in a success story on the Science Buddies Blog or in the spotlight at FacebookTwitter, Google+, or in the newsletter. Let us know, in photos, how the project went!




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