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Explore Electronics: Get Creative with Soft Circuits!

Electronics Projects

Hands-on Fun with Circuits

What happens when you combine introductory electronics and play dough? Squishy circuits! In this new series of hands-on electronics science projects, students make conductive and insulating dough and then experiment with making circuits that light up. In three separate Project Ideas, students move from creating a single closed circuit that lights up an LED to exploring series and parallel circuits. In the final project, they take their squishy circuit knowledge and go 3D!

Making Science Connections



Science Project

Sometimes doctors need to help prevent a patient's blood from coagulating. Patients with hemophilia, however, have a genetic problem that can lead to excessive bleeding. In the "Blood Clotting to the Rescue: How to Stop Too Much Blood from Flowing" health and human biology science project, students simulate blood and create cool balls of calcium alginate to explore the clotting process and the role of anticoagulants.


Science Buddies Project Ideas that support student exploration of global health issues like hemophilia and diabetes are sponsored by Novo Nordisk.




Science Project

Can you separate the purple of grape soda into its separate dyes? In the "Column Chromatography: Can you Separate the Dyes in Grape Soda Using Space Sand?" biotechnology project, students make their own homemade chromatography column using magic sand and a syringe and then put chromatography to work! 


A hands-on classroom exploration of column chromatography can be done using the classroom chromatography columns kit from Bio-Rad Laboratories. 


Science Buddies Project Ideas in Biotechnology are sponsored by Bio-Rad Laboratories and its Biotechnology Explorer Program.



Science Buddies Brings Success



Success Story

Science teacher Angela McDaniel uses Science Buddies resources and Project Ideas with her students and for the annual Family Science Night. Read her story to find out why Science Buddies is an important part of her classroom and STEM planning! 



Success Story

Students conducting science projects at all levels find resources and support in the Science Buddies Project Guide and ISEF Project Guide


This top science student stopped by Science Buddies as he prepared his Intel International Science and Engineering Fair-winning project last year.



New Science Standards and the Engineering Design Process



Scientific and Engineering Design Methods

Making Room for Both Scientific and Engineering Methods

One aspect of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) is the importance of students learning to use both the scientific method and the engineering design process. Our two-part blog series helps clarify differences in the two methods and summarizes ways in which new attention to the engineering method in the NGSS may bring about exciting change in your
student's classroom and local science fair.


Science Buddies Community 


Science Buddies Community



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Science Project KitScience Project Kit
Science Project Kit Science Project Kit


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