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Finding the Perfect Science Project is Now Even Easier!


Science Buddies recently introduced filters that let students more easily find Project Ideas that match their interests, experience, and needs. Using the new filters, students can specify the level of difficulty of Project Ideas they wish to view, as well as other criteria, like the area of science, the length of time required, or the estimated cost of the materials for the project. 
Looking for an upper-level beginner or lower-level intermediate project in either Electricity & Electronics or Robotics that can be completed in two to five days? No problem! Check the appropriate boxes to customize your view, and you can quickly see Project Ideas that meet your criteria. If you decide you want to also see Project Ideas in Genetics & GenomicsBiotechnology, or any of the areas of science at Science Buddies, just add them to your custom view!
The next time you browse the Science Buddies library of more than 1,200 Project Ideas, give the filters a try!

To learn more about the new filters, see our walkthrough.

Support for the development of the new filters at Science Buddies was provided by
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Making Student Science Connections


Team Novo Nordisk
Team Novo Nordisk is a professional cycling team with a mission of "Changing Diabetes." Learn more about the team, diabetes, and science investigations students can do to better understand how the body processes and uses glucose.
Science Buddies Project Ideas that support student exploration of diabetes and other global health issues like hemophilia and nutrition are sponsored by Novo Nordisk.
Scratch Programming
Tools like Scratch encourage and support students in moving from technology user to technology creator. Find out more about the current push to engage students in computer science -- and Science Buddies resources that can help.
Science Buddies Project Ideas in computer science are sponsored by Symantec Corporation.
Biomedical Technology
Recent successes with the bioengineering of kidneys signal new hope for patients with kidney disease. Students can explore this cutting-edge area of research with their own medical biotechnology and bioinformatics projects.

Science Buddies Project Ideas in human biology and health are sponsored by the Medtronic Foundation.

New Project Ideas and


Science Project Ideas The following Project Ideas were recently added at Science Buddies:

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Science Buddies is a 501(c)(3) charity that offers science resources to students and teachers

free of charge thanks to support from sponsors and donors like:
Medtronic FoundationCisco Foundation Novo Nordisk Symantec

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