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Hands-on Science All Summer Long!


Summer Science

Spicing up your family's summer break with science and engineering activities can turn an ordinary summer into something extraordinaryWe have suggestions for independent projects to keep your students busy and challenged and hands-on science activities perfect for the whole family, including hula hoops, high-flying film canisters, soda making, tie dye, robots, and more. 


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Encourage and Challenge Your Student Engineers


Robot Critters

From plastic cups to upcycled vibrating motors from the junk drawer, inspire your kids with hands-on robotics engineering projects that scale from easy to more challenging. Whether your kids prefer robots skittering about with circuitry exposed or scampering in full costume, we have fun suggestions for robot building activities to get them started and to continue adding to their engineering skills. Check our projects for simple art bots, bristlebots, sophisticated bots you can lead with a flashlight, and more.



Summer Reading with a Science Twist


Summer Reading

As you make your summer reading lists, add in a mix of titles that introduce scientists, engineers, and science concepts to your young readers and listeners. An inspiring range of wonderful picture books make it easy to supplement your daily reading with great science tidbits and a look at the lives of important scientists.  



New Project Ideas


Science Project Ideas The following Project Ideas and resources were recently added to the Science Buddies library:

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Share Your Science Project!  


Student Accelerometer Project
Jumping for Science
For his 8th grade science project, Jonathan Stewart gave the "The Chills and Thrills of Roller Coaster Hills" project a new twist. The local amusement park was closed for the year, so after building his accelerometer (shown in the photo), Jonathan put it to the test on a trampoline for a great physics project exploration of g-force!


Share Your Science Project! 
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Prize Pack
Lucky Teacher Wins Elmer's Prize Pack

Congratulations to Kelly Risk, a teacher at Atlantic Shores Christian Elementary in Virginia Beach, VA. Kelly was randomly selected as the winner of a cool Elmer's Prize Pack, courtesy of Elmer's Products, Inc., for taking part in a recent Science Buddies Teacher Survey. 


Thank you to everyone who participated. Your feedback is appreciated!








Science Buddies is a 501(c)(3) charity that offers science resources to students and teachers

free of charge thanks to support from sponsors and donors like
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