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Supporting Student Robotics


Science Project

Students of all ages can explore robotics at school or at home with hands-on robotics engineering projects like the new "Racing BristleBots: On Your Mark. Get Set. Go!" Project Idea. 



Looking for Ways to Get Started?

We have suggestions, inspiration, and guidance for parents and builders who see the junk drawer as a treasure trove of possibility! Scrounge up a few spare toothbrushes and create your own friendly bots for an afternoon of family fun!

Iron Man Science--Power Up with a Special Movie Preview!


Marvel's Iron Man 3 hits theaters on May 3. Get in the spirit of the sci-fi series by exploring and talking about the science behind the movie. Metallurgy, physics, radioactivity, robotics, weaponry, computer science, encryption technologies, energy sources, radioisotopes... it's all there--and Science Buddies can hook you and your students up with great angles for hands-on investigation.

Special Iron Man 3 Video Footage on April 22!
Stay tuned next week for exclusive video footage from the upcoming Iron Man 3. For every view of the trailer, Verizon FiOS will make a donation to Science Buddies. Join our Facebook page so you don't miss out! 
Marvel Iron Man 3


Hands-on Science Connections


Science Project

Boost your green thumb and plant biology know-how with a dose of sci-fi-inspired plant science. You can clone new cabbage plants from another cabbage. When cloning cabbages, which part of the heart do you use? 



Webb Telescope

The full-scale model of the James Webb Space Telescope, designed by Northrop Grumman, was on display in Texas last month. The telescope posed extreme design challenges that students can explore.



Science Project

Kitchen scientists can investigate the best way to soft boil an egg. What technique offers great results time after time? While boiling eggs, you can also examine the pores in an egg's shell, like this family did.



An egg breaks when you sit on it, but eggs can also be quite strong. Explore egg strength, the use of arches in structural engineering, and other hands-on explorations for student builders and engineers.



Science of Big Waves

For daredevil surfers and fans of extreme surfing, Mavericks in Northern California is in a class of its own. What is the story on the ocean floor that creates the notorious big waves? 

Colorful Hands-on Science!


Hands-on Science

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Science Buddies is a 501(c)(3) charity that offers science resources to students and teachers

free of charge thanks to support from sponsors and donors.

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