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Looking Back at 2012


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Last Year on the Science Buddies Blog 
Are you ready for the 2013 science fair season? Get inspired by what's possible for student science--and science at home--with a recap of some of our favorite posts about science projects, science news, and family science. Whether you are helping students find science fair projects or have resolved to make science a bigger focus for your family, we have ideas, suggestions, and strategies to help.  
Science Success


Success Story Science at a Sleepover?
A kitchen chemistry project that explores the process of turning milk into plastic was a hit at a recent slumber party! See how one science mom turned a Science Buddies Classroom Activity into a hands-on home science exploration.
Soil, Plants, and Energy

Project Idea The pH of a Green Thumb
Most plants prefer pH-neutral soil, but not all plants! If you have tried to grow strawberries and had no luck, while a friend grows them successfully, pH may be the cause. In the "How Does Soil Affect the pH of Water?" Project Idea, students test the pH levels of soils from different locations and also investigate what the pH level of the soil does to the water used to tend the plants. (A convenient science kit is available!)

Science Buddies Project Ideas in Geology are sponsored by Chevron.


The Power of Mud

Is learning more about alternative energy on your list of resolutions for 2013? In the "Turn Mud into Energy with a Microbial Fuel Cell--and a Dash of Salt" Project Idea, students build a microbial fuel cell using topsoil and investigate whether or not salt affects the energy output. This advanced science project uses a special kit from the Science Buddies Store.

Science Buddies Project Ideas in Electricity & Electronics are sponsored by the Broadcom Foundation.

New in the Science Buddies Store


Project Kit Our new Chromatography Kit can be used with either of these Science Buddies Project Ideas: 
Popular Science Buddies Project Ideas in 2012


Science Buddies offers more than 1,000 Project Ideas in more than 30 areas of science! The following Project Ideas were especially popular among students last year:


New Project Ideas in 2012


Our team of scientists is continually working hard to create and test new Project Ideas that enable students to explore science questions in areas of personal interest as well as new Project Ideas in areas of cutting-edge science. Science Buddies introduced many new Project Ideas last year, including: 
Keys to a Successful Science Fair Project Display Board
A well-planned project display board can really make a science fair project shine at the school fair. Not sure what font size is appropriate for headlines? Need help deciding what belongs on the board? Unsure how to lay out your materials? Our Science Fair Project Display Boards resource has answers--and a handy checklist!
For an added dose of Project Display Board inspiration, browse our Project Display Board gallery!

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New Project Ideas


The following Project Ideas were recently added to the Science Buddies library:
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Lab Notebooks 


Laboratory notebooks
If your students are just beginning their science projects, get them started on the right foot by encouraging the keeping of a laboratory notebook. We've got plenty of tips and strategies to help your students develop good science project recordkeeping skills.




Science Buddies is a 501(c)(3) charity that offers science resources to students and teachers

free of charge thanks to support from sponsors and donors, including:
Chevron, the Broadcom Foundation, and Elmer's® Products, Inc.



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