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"What will a new president bring for the US, though? A better economy? More manufacturing? Better foreign trade policy and relations? As we approach the polls this November, I suggest we take the time to learn the real story and try to learn the facts."

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Gary Vergason of Vergason Technology, Inc. Elected SVC President  
Gary Vergason, founder and CEO of Vergason Technology, Inc., took over the active position of president for the Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC) in May 2016. More

Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America, Inc. Announces Collaboration Agreement with Synergy Systems Corporation
"The collaboration will leverage SCAI's leadership position in cryopump design and manufacture and SynSysCo's leadership position in vacuum solutions and service," said Robert Deobil, President of SCAI. More

Indium Corporation's ITO and IGZO Reclaim and Recycle Program Helps Customers Increase ROI
ITO and IGZO targets are widely used for coating glass and display surfaces. More

Dynavac Announces Acquisition of XL Technology Systems
The move will allow Dynavac to broaden its market share and strengthen its leadership position in the aerospace industry. More 

Toray Plastics (America) Names Product Manager of the Lumirror® Polyester Film Division
Justin Larson joined the company in 2006 as a Sales Analyst and most recently served Toray as a Key Accounts Manager of the Division. More

Intlvac Thin Films Welcomes Kent Rennie as Global Manager for Process Systems Sales and Marketing
Kent brings a wealth of professional experience and industry respect with over 20 years in the vacuum process industry. More

ULVAC Technologies Nanomaterials Demo Lab
ULVAC Technologies offers paid sampling experiments for nanomaterials deposition using an Arc Plasma Deposition System. This new deposition technology uses pulsed vacuum arc plasma discharge, which is a unique form of physical vapor deposition that can deposit uniformly sized nanoparticles. More 

Pfeiffer Vacuum: 50 Years of Leak Detection 
With the widest range of leak detection equipment, Pfeiffer Vacuum offers solutions for leak testing miniature electronic units to large industrial tanks, from escaping fluids and gases to gas ingress in vacuum systems. More 

Denton Vacuum Welcomes its Newest Sales Team Members
Denton Vacuum is pleased to welcome Tom Archuleta, Western Regional Sales Manager, and Heidi Siwik, North American Sales Manager for the Research Productivity Products, to its sales team. More

Fil-Tech Inc. Launches New Website and Product Catalog
Fil-Tech Inc. announces the launch of its modern, user-friendly website, providing a convenient product catalog search for Quality Crystals® 6MHz, liquid plating crystals, sensor heads and feedthroughs, FT704 fluid, electron beam gun and ion source parts, and vacuum measurement gauges. More

Anderson Dahlen Recently Initiated an 80,000 ft2 Expansion to their Primary Facility in Ramsey
The primary factors in the decision to expand include larger scale projects and higher volume demands from its customer base, as well as new business from recently acquired businesses. More

MKS Instruments, Inc. Announces Closing of Acquisition of Newport Corporation
MKS Instruments, Inc. announced the completion of its previously-announced acquisition of all of the issued and outstanding common shares of Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in photonics solutions. More

Solayer GmbH - Improving ITO and ZnO Thin Films
With a strong technology focus, Solayer presented a low temperature processing method to deposit ITO at SVC TechCon and an optical model for sensing grain boundaries in ZnO thin films at ICCG11. More

Product Spotlight
ULVAC HELiOT 900 Helium Leak Detector Finds Smaller Leaks, Faster
ULVAC Technologies has introduced the HELiOT 900 helium leak detector that features a fast pumping speed to detect small leaks quickly, and a wireless tablet interface that improves productivity. More 

Pfeiffer Vacuum Introduces HiPace 2800 IT Turbopump for Ion Implantation Applications
The sophisticated rotor design of the turbopump results in an optimized pumping speed for light gases. More

Toray Plastics (America) Presents New Barrialox® SBR2 High-Barrier, Transparent Aluminum Oxide-Coated PET Film for Retort Applications
Barrialox SBR2 film offers CPGs and converters a new generation of ALOX-coated film. More 

Fil-Tech Supplies Liquid Plating Crystals and Vacuum Measurement Quartz Crystals
Fil-Tech has a new website and new 2016 Catalog where you can find savings on Quality Crystals® 6MHz, liquid plating crystals, sensor heads and feedthroughs, FT704 fluid, electron beam gun and ion source parts, and vacuum measurement gauges. More 

Denton Vacuum Introduces its Newest Thin Film Technology Offering - A System-Integrated Plasma Emission Monitor (PEM)
The Denton Vacuum PEM acquires real-time plasma emission spectra to help you control and monitor your reactive deposition processes, avoid target poisoning and maximize deposition rates. More 

Anderson Dahlen Assisted its UHV Product Division, Applied Vacuum, in the Manufacturing of a Custom Flange for University of Washington's Nuclear Fusion Research Program
The 36" diameter Stainless Steel flange included "cold sprayed" copper added to the base flangeMore 

Indium Corporation's EZ-Pour® Gallium Trichloride - No Clumping, Easy to Use
The revolutionary EZ-Pour® Gallium Trichloride (GaCl,3) is more efficient and less cumbersome to work with than traditional GaCl3More 

RVF VII Inc. Announces New RF-60-XIII 6000 Watt Air Cooled RF Generator 
The only high power air cooled SS RF Generator. More 

Vergason Technology, Inc. Introduces NexSteel™ Decorative Coating
Not only does NexSteel™ Decorative Coating look and feel like solid stainless, it is lighter in weight, has design flexibility, is easier to clean and is more economical. More 

MKS Demonstrates Controls Workbench Software at SEMICON West
Controls Workbench Software (CWB) provides a single interface for controlling, tuning, monitoring, and configuring, multiple MKS controllers, including the MKS Automation Platform and the MultiTherm product family. More 

Telemark Announces the Model 861 Deposition Controller
Telemark is announcing a new deposition controller that is a direct replacement for existing Maxtek 360 and Telemark 860 deposition controllers. More 

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SVCSpotlightSVC Spotlight
Manuela Junghaehnel  
Manuela Junghaehnel
Team Manager for Sheet-to-Sheet Technologies in the Flat and Flexible Proucts Division 
- and -
Coordinator of Thin Glass Activities
Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasm Technology FEP, 
Dresden, Germany
+  SVC Assistant Program ....Chair (2017 - 2019)

+ Emerging Technologies ...TAC Chair

With more than 15 years of experience, Manuela Junghaehnel is an expert in the development of sputtering processes, thin-film technology and new materials for large-area applications. She has a Doctor of Mechanical Engineering and is specialized in transparent conductive materials and processing on ultra-thin glass. In addition to being the Emerging Technologies TAC Chair for the Society of Vacuum Coaters, she is a Board Member of the International Conference on Coatings on Glass and Plastics ICCG.

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