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Together We Can Do It

An appreciation for communication and teamwork is developed while riding a bicycle built for two.

Blog post by:
David Christie,
Advanced Energy Industries Inc.

Social Media vs. Tradeshows

It is inevitable that the social network in our industry will have an effect on the traditional media and marketing vehicles such as trade publications and exhibitions."

Blog post by:
Gerry Bergeron,
Edwards Vacuum, Inc.

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Corporate Sponsor News
Dynavac Announces Exclusive Partnership with Winona PVD Coatings for Supply of Automotive Wheel Deposition Systems
Dynavac, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an exclusive supply agreement with Winona PVD Coatings, LLC of Warsaw, Indiana, to produce Inline Production Systems to support growing demand for its G-Chrome deposition process. ...more

Toray Plastics, Inc. Appoints Mark Turano, National Sales Manager, Lumirror Division

Toray Plastics (America), Inc., announces that Mark Turano has been appointed National Sales Manager of the Lumirror Polyester Film Division. ...more

Vergason Technology, Inc. Celebrates 30 Years

Founded in 1986 by Gary Vergason, Vergason Technology, Inc. (VTI) is excited to be celebrating their 30th anniversary. ...more

Fil-Tech has a NEW 2016 Catalog and New Website

Fil-Tech has a NEW 2016 Catalog and New Website at  ...more

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Technology and Measuring Equipment Enables the Proof of Gravitational Waves Predicted by Einstein

After about 100 years, it is a fact: Albert Einstein was right again. A century after the physicist predicted the existence of gravitational waves in the scope of his theory of general relativity, their existence has now been proved scientifically. ...more

Indium Corporation Names Hults as Global Accounts Manager

Indium Corporation announces the promotion of Tim Hults to Global Accounts Manager. ...more

Solayer GmbH Approaches New Access to Thin Film Technology

Solayer GmbH is happy to announce the successful access to Dresden Thin Film Technology GmbH's technology and know-how pool of vacuum coating systems and surface treatment technologies, as per March 2016. ...more

2016 Registration
Product Spotlight
Dynavac Launches New Website
Click "...more" to view the new site....more

INFICON HVPS/SC High Voltage Power Supply with Integrated Source Control Delivers Powerful Performance in a Compact Design
HVPS/SC is a solid state high voltage power supply with an integrated source controller used in electron beam (e-beam) vacuum deposition systems. ...more

Vergason Technology, Inc. (VTI) Sells First SC660 SuperChrome Sputtering Dystem to a Tier II European Automotive Component Supplier
The first SC660 SuperChrome™ sputtering system was recently sold to a Tier II European Automotive component supplier....more

Sputtering Components Announces an Informative Webinar on the "Basics of Rotary Cathode Sputtering" on June 8th, 2016 at 1:00 - 2:30 pm CST
This webinar is appropriate for those who know the basics of sputtering but want to learn more about rotary technology....more

VON ARDENNE Provides Flash Lamp Annealing for Cost-Sensitive Industries
For large-area substrates, VON ARDENNE has developed a cost-efficient flash lamp annealing solution, which has been successfully demonstrated in architectural glass coating at substrate widths of up to 3.8 meters....more

MDC Introduces SafeView™ Viewport Safety Covers
Introducing our new SafeView™ viewport safety covers which feature a protective polycarbonate shield (originally developed for fighter planes), and come with or without ultra-bright LED lighting for quick and easy illumination of your vacuum chamber....more

MKS, Granville-Phillips 835 Vacuum Quality Monitor (VQM)
The 835 Vacuum Quality Monitor is the world's fastest, lowest power, gas compositional analysis instrument with full data collection and logging at 85 msec capture rates over the full 1-145 amu measurement range. ...more

Indium Corporation's New Indium 10.2HF Solder Paste Delivers Superior ICT Performance
Indium Corporation announces the release of Indium 10.2HF, a halogen- and Pb-free, no-clean solder paste that is specifically formulated to address in-circuit testing challenges. ...more

Thin Film, Miniaturized Components for Next-Gen Smart Devices Introduced by Goodfellow
Goodfellow and the German technology company Acquandas GmbH have formed a new partnership to offer micro-patterned, 2D and 2.5D integrated multi-function miniaturized components and coatings with superior performance properties. ...more

Midwest Tungsten Service Inc. Announces an Expansion of its Inventory of Diffusion Pump Oil
We now stock MT- 702, MT- 704, and MT- 705, Dow Corning equivalent oils in convenient 500ml bottles, as well as our standard 1 gallon containers.  ...more

Pfeiffer Vacuum Introduces Modular Leak Detector for Industrial Leak Detection Systems
The Pfeiffer Vacuum ASI 35 modular leak detection solution is designed for use by leak detection machine builders, system integrators and end-users. ...more

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Pumps Dry Electrodes in
Li-Battery Manufacturing
A well-known Korean group producing lithium-ion batteries has awarded the contract for the supply of vacuum systems to Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum. ...more

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