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interlinked nodes, amongst whom a part of elements is differentiated with another color, representing a pathway, referring to concepts such as traceability, management, internet and other networks

Skyway: Connected

The discovery of a skyway walk system in Minneapolis leads to a reflection on the benefits of sharing access.

Blog post by:
David Christie,
Advanced Energy Industries Inc.

Evolution or Revolution

Innovation in Today's Vacuum World...
We hear a lot about innovation and advancements in technology fields but how does it manifest itself in vacuum equipment technology?
Blog post by:
Gerry Bergeron,
Edwards Vacuum, Inc.

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Corporate Sponsor News
Inaugural BOBST & Partners Roadshow in Vietnam a
Great Success
Over 130 participants and prospective customers attended the BOBST and Partners Roadshow held in HCMC, Vietnam on 23rd June to hear about the latest innovations and trends in flexible packaging. ...more

New Gas Analysis Catalogue from Hiden
With over 30 years' experience in the field, Hiden Analytical remains dedicated to producing mass spectrometer-based gas analysis systems. 

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum's New Online Shop Improves on Speed and Services - in the Web and on the Road 
Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum is pleased to announce the launch of the Vacuum Online Shop, the all-new online store for our vacuum technological products and accessories. ...more

Toray Plastics (America) Awarded "Real Jobs Rhode Island" Planning Grant
The Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training has awarded Toray Plastics (America), Inc., a "Real Jobs Rhode Island" grant to develop a leadership training program. ...more

Fil-Tech, Inc. New Website

Fil-Tech has a New Website!  Introducing the SGS101, our new magnetron power supply switch and our 3" magnetron sputter source. ...more

Sputtering Components, Inc. Expands its 2-year Service Guarantee to Include the SM-Series External End Block and the SC-Series Internal End Block
The service guarantee, first introduced in May 2014, was offered on SCI's popular MC-Series internal end block. The MM-Series end block was added to the list November of 2014. ...more

Corporate Sponsor Product Spotlight
Telemark Announces the Model 861 Deposition Controller
A direct replacement for existing Maxtek 360 and Telemark 860 deposition controllers. ...more

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Delivers Vacuum Technology for High-speed Ground Transportation System

Imparting extensive expertise in vacuum technology to one of the most challenging transportation projects of the future. Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, has set the goal of making the seemingly utopian idea of Tesla founder Elon Musk become reality. ...more

Vergason Technology, Inc. SuperChrome™ PVD Coating Surpasses 330 Hours of Russian Mud!

Recently tested SuperChrome™ PVD coating, against one of the toughest resistance tests today, the Chloride Resistance Test known as the Russian Mud Test. ...more

Toray Plastics, (America) Introduces New Treatear Opp Films for Non-Retort Pouches 

Toray Plastics (America), Inc., introduces to CPG's and converters new TreaTear LT Series of linear-tear, polyproypylene sealant films for any type of non-retort pouch lamination, including stand-up pouches, requiring a low SIT (seal initiation temperature) and high heat-seal strength. ...more

Goodfellow's Functionalized Graphene Ink Opens Door to Innovative Screen-printing Applications 

A screen-printable functionalized graphene ink supplied by Goodfellow performs better than normal carbon-based ink, opening the door to innovative applications that require exceptional electrical conductivity, excellent ink coverage, and high print resolution. ...more

BOBST Uses State of the Art Engineering and Manufacturing Techniques to Produce the World's Largest Vacuum Metallizer 
BOBST's engineering capabilities have been put to the test due to a requirement from a customer to design and manufacture the world's largest and widest roll-to-roll metallizer. ...more

Introducing the Hiden AutoSIMS - Automatic Surface Analysis System
The Hiden AutoSIMS is a self-contained, automated, SIMS tool for routine and repetitive surface analysis, ideal for the measurement of thin films, contamination and doping from the top monolayer to many microns in both conductive and insulating material.  ...more

New Kurt J. Lesker Company Rotary Vane Pump
The Kurt J. Lesker Company is pleased to introduce our very own line of vacuum pumps. KJLC-RV series are two-stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps offering: exceptional ultimate pressure, high pumping speed, low noise/ vibration levels, and excellent vapor handling capabilities. ...more

SOLAYER is Participating as the Lead Equipment for Plasma Enhanced Coating Technology in the Project TCO4CIGS.
In this project, Solayer's next generation vacuum components will be employed to increase coating system productivity and enhance the layer properties of next generation TCIs....more

Pfeiffer's Compact and Powerful Roots Vacuum Pumps
The new Okta 300, 600 and 800 Roots vacuum pumps complement the existing Pfeiffer Vacuum OktaLine series. By using frequency converters, the pumping speed is increased while maintaining an identical footprint. Typical applications are load-lock applications, PVD coating, vacuum metal processing, and pumping stations....more

Ulvac's Quiet, Leak-free Rotary Vane Pumps

ULVAC GHD 100 magnetically coupled, rotary vane pumps have no shaft seals to wear out, eliminating oil leaks. GHD pumps, from 30 to 120 l/m pumping speed, offer quieter operation, reduced power consumption and "helium leak tightness." ...more

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After serving in the USAF as a meteorologist, Don received his MS degree in solid state physics from the University of Kentucky. In 1961 he went to work for Sandia (later Sandia National Laboratories) in the Material Science/Engineering Directorate where he developed his interest in troubleshooting production processes, technology transfer, and PVD processing. At Sandia he became supervisor of the Surface and Interface Technology Division and retired in 1989 to become a consultant to the PVD industry. He was President of the AVS in 1985 and became Technical Director of SVC in 1991. Don has written and taught extensively on PVD processing and the history of PVD.

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