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...the fundamental theory of vacuum and the physics surrounding it, vacuum pump types, ranges and design considerations, how to measure vacuum and the devices used, and vessel construction and materials... Are these offered in a comprehensive education program and have they been updated to explore new applications, techniques and technologies?

Blog post by:
Gerry Bergeron
Edwards Vacuum, Inc.

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Reconnecting with a colleague conjures memories of the expression, "No hoopla before hardware."


Blog post by:
David Christie,
Advanced Energy Industries Inc.

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Pfeiffer TechTalk Jan 16

Corporate Sponsor News

Hauzer Acquires Cromatipic®, Ecological Chroming System for Automotive Market

IHI Hauzer Techno Coating has acquired the intellectual property rights and trade marks for Cromatipic®, formerly owned by Sidasa Engineering in Spain. ...more

Oerlikon Continues to Streamline its Portfolio and Signed an Agreement to Sell its Vacuum Segment to Atlas Copco

Oerlikon announced that it has signed an agreement to sell its Leybold Vacuum business to Atlas Copco. ...more

Toray Industries, Inc., has been Named a Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovator for 2015

Thomson Reuters' patent-related metrics analyze what it means to be a truly innovative company. ...more

3M and Lotus Applied Technology Complete ALD Barrier Technology License Agreement
3M has entered into a licensing agreement with Lotus Applied Technology to access Lotus's TransFlexALDTM spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and barrier materials patent portfolio...more

Denton Vacuum, LLC Announced Frank Cumbo as its new President and CEO Effective October 05, 2015.

Frank Cumbo brings to Denton over 25 years' global executive experience in defining business strategies and selling innovative new products in the capital equipment, scientific instrumentation and aerospace markets. ...more

Trillium US Inc., Announced the Acquisition of the Oxford Instruments-Austin Division

Trillium US Inc., announced the acquisition of the Oxford Instruments-Austin Division, formerly known as Austin Scientific. ...more

Sputtering Components, Inc. Welcomes Robert Meck as Director of Engineering

Sputtering Components, Inc. is pleased to welcome Robert Meck to Sputtering Components, Inc. as Director of Engineering. ...more

Corporate Sponsor Product Spotlight

Indium Corporation's Revolutionary EZ-Pour® Gallium Trichloride (GaCl3) is More Efficient and Less Cumbersome to Work with than Traditional GaCl3.

Traditional GaCl3 is solid at room temperature and often sticks together - but EZ-Pour® Gallium Trichloride's unique free form eliminates clumping for fast, efficient, safe, and accurate transfer. ...more

Engineering Ceramics Ideal for High-Temperature,
High-Wear Applications from Goodfellow Ceramics.

Goodfellow Ceramic and Glass Division offers a range of engineering ceramics that are ideal for the high-temperature, high-wear conditions typically found in aerospace, automotive, military, electronic and industrial fields. ...more

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Supplies Vacuum Systems for the COPT.Zentrum of the University of Cologne 

For the University of Cologne, the COPT.ZENTRUM is a central element of their technology transfer strategy from science to practice. ...more

Pfeiffer Vacuum Introduces CenterLine Series of Vacuum Gauges 

Pfeiffer Vacuum's CenterLine gauges are equipped with either an 8-pin FCC connector or a 15-pin D-sub connector. ...more

Trumpf Hüttinger Launches New MF Generators TruPlasma MF Series 7000 (G2) 
With their superior arc management, ignition behavior and their high current reserve, the new MF generators TruPlasma MF Series 7000 (G2) are the number one choice for large area deposition processes using double magnetron sputtering. ...more

ULVAC VD Series Dual Stage Rotary Vane Pumps 
The ULVAC VD series dual-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps offer exceptional performance, reliability, and ease-of-use at a very affordable price. Six models from 10 to 64 CFM are available. ...more

Telemark Announces the Model 861 Deposition Controller 
Telemark is announcing a new deposition controller that is a direct replacement for existing Maxtek 360 and Telemark 860 deposition controllers. ...more

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Prof. Klemberg-Sapieha obtained her Master's and PhD degrees in Faculty of Chemistry and Materials Science from Lodz University of Technology, Poland. She is Associate Director of the
Functional Coating and Surface Engineering Laboratory, and Director of the Laboratory for Optical and Tribomechanical Metrology of the Thin Film Research Center. Her main research interest is the science and technology of thin films, surfaces and interfaces, in particular new fabrication processes, nanostructured materials and tribomechanical characterization
techniques for thin film devices and functional and protective coatings aimed at aerospace, bio-medical, optical, automotive and other applications. Her research resulted in more than 300 publications and in 6 patents. 

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