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MKS TechTalk Jan 2015
SVC Blog

Big Box: Why Big?

Two companies explore the big box grocery store concept. One comes out on top, but why? Success comes from understanding what customers prefer and providing it for them.

Blog post by:
David Christie,
Advanced Energy Industries Inc.

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Corporate Sponsor News

Optical Coatings from Design through Manufacture from Thin Film Center Inc.

There are all kinds of new and improved tools in the just released Version 10.0 of the Essential Macleod software ...more

The New 'Hauzer for You' Has Been Published by
IHI Hauzer Techno Coating B.V.

Our magizine is available for download. ...more

ULVAC, Inc. and Robert Bosch GmbH Sign Joint Development Agreement

A basic agreement was signed to jointly develop a sputtering solution piezoelectric device (PZT) for MEMS. ...more

Pfeiffer Vacuum Launches New Website 

The redesigned Pfeiffer Vacuum website has all the information related to products in one area that makes for a faster and more focused user experience. ...more

Indium Corporation's Samiappan Named Regional Manager for Northern California
Sehar Samiappan has been appointed Regional Manager for Northern California. ...more

Bobst Group Reinforces its Position in the Converting Industry by Taking a Majority Stake in Nuova Gidue Srl
Bobst Group and the owner of Nuova Gidue Srl, an Italian manufacturer of narrow and mid-web printing presses, signed an agreement ...more

Telemark Application Note: Electron Beam Secondary Electron Management 

Unfortunately there is no guarantee for eliminated "secondary electron" penetration of substrate. This is caused by simple physics. ...more

Corporate Sponsor Product Spotlight

Midwest Tungsten Service Inc. Announces Expansion
of its Diffusion Pump Oil Inventory

We stock MT- 702, MT- 704, and MT- 705, Dow Corning equivalent oils. ...more

Hiden Analytical Introduces the HPR-60 Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometer for Measurement of Plasma and Flame Chemistry
The mass spectrometric analysis of the ionized and chemically unstable reactive species generated in flame and high-pressure plasma environments ...more

Fil-Tech Product Spotlight

Fil-Tech supplies 6MHz and 5MHz Quality Crystals®, sensor heads and feedthroughs ...more

ULVAC HELIOT 900 Helium Leak Detector Finds Smaller Leaks, Faster 

Introducing the HELIOT 900 helium leak detector that features a fast pumping speed to detect small leaks quickly ...more

Pfeiffer Vacuum Introduces New Longer Life Cold Cathode and Pirani Vacuum Gauges
Pfeiffer Vacuum has introduced new IKR and PKR vacuum gauges to its family of ActiveLine total pressure measurement devices. ...more

MKS Instruments Introduces Cirrus™3-XD Compact Benchtop and Rack-mounted Atmospheric Systems with V-lens™ Technology
MKS Instruments, Inc., a global provider of technologies that enable advanced processes and improve productivity, has introduced the Cirrus™ 3-XD Atmospheric gas analysis system. ...more

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum GmbH Intelligent Monitoring Minimizes System Downtime and Saves Costs 

Planning, predictability and process safety are concepts that are integral parts of an effective production environment. ...more

Advanced Energy Thyristor Power Controllers (SCRS) 

Advanced Energy offers standard and customized SCR power control modules for industrial heat applications requiring precise thermal control. ...more

Dynavac Spectrum-Pro Broadband Optical Monitoring Platform Measures Coating Data Across the Entire Spectrum of Light 

Dynavac is pleased to announce the full release of its Spectrum Pro Broadband Optical Monitoring platform. ...more

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SVC Spotlight

Meet Dr. Mariadriana Creatore, Associate Professor and Sustainable Energy Technology Fellow in Solar Energy at the Applied Physics Department, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands.


SVC Board Member

SVC Mentor Award Recipient (2014)

Young Members Group Committee Chair 


Mariadriana received her M.Sc. in Chemistry and PhD degree in Chemical Sciences from the University of Bari (Italy) in 1997 and 2001, respectively. Her research, initially focused on plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, now includes other thin film deposition techniques, such as initiated-CVD and (plasma-assisted) atomic layer deposition. Lately, her research addresses the control/tuning of porosity (from sub-nm to nm size) in membranes and moisture permeation barriers, through the development of surface-sensitive opto-electrical diagnostics for porosity detection. Furthermore, she explores the theme of interface engineering for the control on charge carrier processes in dye-sensitized, perovskite and CIGS solar cells.


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