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Intuition: Understanding What Goes on Inside
How the Berg Model helps grow intutition about the reactive sputtering process. Blog post by David Christie, Advanced Engery Inc.
Corporate Sponsor News
Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Receives Double-Digit Million Euro Order for Uranium Enrichment
Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum received a double-digit million Euro order for vacuum technology from a global manufacturer of uranium centrifuges for nuclear power facilities. Link

Hauzer Wins China Business Award 2013

During a festive dinner in the Steigenberger Kurhaus Hotel in The Hague
(The Netherlands) IHI Hauzer Techno Coating B.V. received the Cathay Pacific China Business Award 2013.

Edwards' Vacuum Pumps, Corporate News 

Edwards' Vacuum Pumps bring long term benefits to UNI Plasma, Korean Coating OEM.  Link

Oxford Instruments News

Oxford Instruments is currently installing several PlasmaPro plasma etch and deposition tools at the Nanotechnology Center at the University of Science and Technology of China to facilitate their fundamental research in micro- and nano-scale technology. .  Link

Kurt J. Lesker Company Launches Vacuum Pump Selection Guide

The Selection Guide is a user friendly tool that selects the proper vacuum pump for meeting one's requirements from KJLC's extensive pump offering. Link

Indium Corporation News

Indium Corporation is a premier materials manufacturer and supplier to the global electronics, semiconductor, solar, thin-film, and thermal management markets.  Link

Watch the Video: Advanced Energy's Never-Ending Journey

At AE, we are on a never-ending journey to improve. Link

Toray Plastics (America), Inc., News

Chris Voght, Franco Chicarella, and Lauritz Goodrich are recognized for their accomplishments. Link

Pfieffer Vacuum, Inc. Corporate News

Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc. appoints new President Robert Campbell. Link

Vacuum Process Technology, LLC.

VPT 2013 Optics Technology Forum was again a huge success. Link
Latest Posts from SVC
Massive Solar Flare Linked to Growing Use of Magnetron Sputtering
Where are lawmakers receiving their scientific advice? Blog post by David Glocker, Isoflux Incorporated. Link


Corporate Sponsor Product Spotlight

Indium Corporation Product Spotlight

Indium Corporation is the world leader in indium and gallium compounds. Link

Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc. Helium Recovery Units

The Perfect Technology for Reducing Helium Costs. Link

YTI's Glow Discharge Power Supplies

Power supplies that result in improved affordability and performance. Link

Agilent Technologies - Product Spotlight

The Agilent IDP-15 Scroll Pump is a high performance dry primary vacuum pump, providing rapid pump-down at 15.4 m3/hour (60 Hz). Link

Kurt J. Lesker Company Product Spotlight

KJLC is proud to introduce our PRO Line series of PVD tools, which include our innovative eKLipse base control package. Link

Sputtering Components Product Spotlight

Sputtering Components proudly announces the release of the envis-ION™ Dual Magnetron Pretreatment Source (DMPTS.) Link

Ascent DMS Advanced Energy Dual-Magnetron Sputtering Accessories-30 to 180 kW

The Ascent DMS series offers unprecedented power-delivery ease and control for dual-magnetron sputtering, enabling precise tuning of film characteristics. Link

New Telemark Digital Sweep

XY beam sweep control with selectable triangular or sinusoidal waveforms, oscillating circle pattern or rotating line. Link

The Society of... Vacuum Coaters?

We've all been there. You're asked, "Where do you work?" or "What do you do for a living?" Nearly everyone gives me a blank stare when I mention the Society of Vacuum Coaters. Society of... What? 
How do you describe vacuum coating to the  
"Average Joe?"

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SVC Spotlight
Meet Wolfgang Diehl, Fraunhofer IST, Braunschweig, Germany 

Society of Vacuum Coaters Vice President and President Elect 

Wolfgang Diehl was born and educated in Frankfurt, Germany and is Extraordinary Professor for Surface Engineering and Thin Films at the TUT Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, South Africa and a visiting Professor at Sheffield Hallam University in UK. For more than 25 years he has been involved in industrial and contract research work in the field of laser physics, photovoltaics and Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition. 

Wolfgang begins his 2-year term as SVC President in May 2014 and has been actively involved with the SVC on the Board of Directors and as a member of various Technical Advisory Committees, including the Coatings for Energy Conversion and Related Processes TAC.

Meet all of SVC's Board Members and Committee Members on

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