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The 2013 City Tournament


Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2013 City Tournament. This year, the 94th year of this great tennis tradition, was hosted once again by the Ann Arbor Area Community Tennis Association in conjunction with the Ann Arbor Recreation and Education Department. There were 517 Adults in 26 events and 89 Juniors in 11 events participating. The support of the players, sponsors, and volunteers makes it possible for AAACTA to carry out its mission of serving the tennis community throughout the year.


Thank you, sponsors, volunteers, players, and good sports! 

Congratulations to Our Champions & Finalists!


See our Adult Slideshow, featuring action shots from the Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles tournaments, and our Junior Slideshow, featuring moments from the Junior tournament and the Town Tennis Kids Clinic. Thank you to our photographers Joe Franzen, Jaye Kain, Linda Woodland, Barbara Wasneski, and Helen Giordani.


2013 Mueller Sportsmanship Award Winners


Congratulations to the 2013 Mueller Sportsmanship Award winners: Christina Panagoulia Triantafillopoulos, Anna Vogel, Neil Bazaj, Aiden Storey, Joshua Lee, and Matthew Rose. These participants in the Junior tournament were chosen for their fair play and courtesy on the court.


Our Indispensable 2013 Tournament Sponsors
Their support ensured our success. Thank them with your patronage! 


Grand Slam Sponsor:

Champion Sponsors:

Tournament Sponsors:

                  Carol Luckenbach

Match Sponsors:
Ann Arbor Cooks!  *  The Black Pearl  *  Miles of Golf   *  Spirit Assist Healing Arts  *  Giordani Family 
Genui Forma Design | Anne-Marie Kim  *  Arbor Financial  *  Skins  *  *  Goldfish Swim School
Ann Munro  *  Panera Bread  *  Irfan Bhabhrawala & Stacey Pomransky  *  Rishi & Allison Narayan
Dominika Wozniak Tennis and Fitness
Advantage Sponsors:
Satchel's BBQ  *  Peter Pusztai  *  Cost Plus World Market 

Thank You to Our Wonderful Volunteers!
Jeff Alson, Moraa Andima, Kylan Bennett, Sandell Bennett, Bonnie Brickett, Gordon Boettcher, Craig Capelli, Kam Chicoine, Thomas Cocco, Debbie Crosby, Gary Deguzman, Huda Fadel, Patty Ferguson, Joe Franzen, Vivien Gierach, Anne Giordani, Janette Haak, Jane Heibel, Julius Hernandez, Loida Jen Hernandez, Carol Hoffer, Chris Hoffman, Frank Iaquinta, Lucy Jiang, Jaye Kain, Vishnu Kannan, Heidi Kerst, Kristi King, Sue Kiss, Christina Lazarova, Yunju Lee, George Lowe, Carol Luckenbach, Marty Maehr, Ralph McKee, John McReynolds, Karen Miller, Mac Moore, Barbara Mueller, Ryan Murphy, James Nedeltchev, Monica Nedeltchev, Rossen Nedeltchev, Helen Peters, Eileen Pollack, Janet Popper, Mary Beth Putnam, Janet Remen, Linda Reynolds, Jeff Rhodes, Susan Schultz, Lauren Segall, Vanda Shadigian, Janya Somers, Barry St. Pierre, Lichee St. Pierre, Debbie Swartz, Nathalie Vandecan, Kris Vilas, Elizabeth Vlachak, Barbara Wasneski, Tom Wielenga, Linda Woodland, Frances Wylie, Joanne Yastik, Suzanne Yu, and the staff at Varsity Tennis Center. Thank you!


Special thanks to our TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR Helen Giordani!


  Director Helen Giordani 2013




Tournament Chairs: Michael Merriweather, Rossen Nedeltchev, and Susan Schultz
Committee Members: Sandell Bennett, Irfan Bhabhrawala, Craig Capelli, Gary Deguzman, Patty Ferguson, Anne Giordani, Jaye Kain, Heidi Kerst, Anne-Marie Kim, George Lowe, Carol Luckenbach, Ralph McKee, Barbara Mueller, Helen Peters, Barry St. Pierre, Janet Remen, Jeff Rhodes, Lauren Segall, Vanda Shadigian, Nathalie Vandecan, and Linda Woodland. Thank you for all your hard work planning the Tournament!


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