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The Fun Adds Up! 

2012's Record Tournament


This summer's City Tennis Tournament posted record numbers, but who's counting?   

We are!   


524 Adults in 26 events 

   - 182 Singles  

   - 118 Mixed Doubles  

   - 224 Doubles   


146 Juniors in singles and doubles (13 events)


The tournament was profitable once again despite increased costs and will provide funding to carry out AAACTA's other programs, including the seven-week Middle School Program.  


Thank you, sponsors, volunteers, players, and good sports!


Mueller Awards 

Congratulations to the 2012 Mueller Sportsmanship Award winners: Kamie Mueller, Eddie Wang, Cameron Beck, and Julius Paulo Hernandez, seen at left. Taimor Williams, not pictured, also won an award.  


Participants in the Juniors Tournament, they were chosen for their fair play and courtesy on the court, striving spirit and graciousness in winning ... or losing.  


AAACTA's New Communications Director
Welcome, Betsy Capelli

We are delighted to announce that Betsy Capelli is our new "e-communicator." She's responsible for keeping all 1,300+ of us informed with AAACTA emails, and updating the website. Betsy is a familiar face -- you can invariably find her in the finals of the City Tournament (often playing with her husband, tennis pro, Craig Capelli).

When Betsy was 8, her grandmother bought her a dress, not knowing it was a TENNIS dress. Her mother then signed her up for lessons. From that serendipitous beginning, Betsy became an ardent tennis player/teacher/lover. She first played in the City Tournament in 1986, losing in the first round. She has since gone on to win the singles, doubles, and mixed doubles, including winning the Open Mixed Doubles this year with Sven Holcombe. 

AAACTA is pleased to have Betsy on board, sharing her tennis smarts and sentiments with all of us.
Welcome, Betsy! 

Honoring a Remarkable Coach
Pioneer High School Courts named for Tom Pullen

The Ann Arbor School District has made official what many of us know: Tennis Coach, Tom "Brick" Pullen is a fixture at PiHi. He's coached the Boys Team for 23 years (and the Girls for 22), and has a long list of State Championships, Coaching Awards, and devoted players and families. The Pioneer courts now carry his name.

Congratulations, Tom, for a job long and well done!
Read the story.

Photo: Ann Arbor News file    

Our Indispensable 2012 Tournament Sponsors
Their support ensured our success. Thank them with your patronage! 

Grand Slam Sponsor:

Champion Sponsors:

Tournament Sponsors:
A&H Builders  *  Altarum Institute  *  Ann Munro  *  Carol Luckenbach  *  genui forma design | Anne-Marie Kim  *  George Smillie, DDS  *  Huron Valley Tennis Club  *  In Touch Therapeutic Massage  *  Liberty Athletic Club  *  Panther Athletic  *  Racquet Club of Ann Arbor  *  USTA Southeast Michigan

Match Sponsors:
Dominika Wozniak Tennis & Fitness  *  Giordani Family  *  Janet Remen  *  Kuma  *  Jen Geer Photography  *  Miles of Golf  *  Orlando  *  Power Cycling, LLC  

The Can't-Do-It-Without-You Helping Hands
They did Tournament jobs large, small, hot, wet ... The Volunteers  


Aki Ota and Catherine Chou hard at work

Kylan Bennett, Sandell Bennett, Irfan Bhabhrawala, Sally Bowers, Elena Camara, Fred Chapman, Mike Chen, Cam Chicoine, KC Choi, Catherine Chou, Thomas Cocco, Heather Conway-Visser, Deb Crosby, Susan Cross, Sally DeLange, Christie Dickinson, Jim Douglass, Cynthia Ellis, Leigh Formicola, Gary DeGuzman, Vivien Gierach, Anne Giordani, Paul Gromer, Janette Haak, Kathleen Hadley, Julius Paulo Hernandez, Loida Jen Hernandez, Ann Hubbard, Steve Jensen, Michael Kappler, Nancy Kelley, Heidi Kerst, Anne-Marie Kim, Kevin Ko, Kathy Legatski, Jody Linn, George Lowe, Carol Luckenbach, Kavita Luthra, Middy Matthews, Leslie McGowan, Ralph McKee, Michael Merriweather, Karen Miller, Barbara Mueller, Christina Nedeltchev, James Nedeltchev, Monica Nedeltchev, Aki Ota, Helen Peters, Janet Popper, Tejas Rao, Janet Remen, Linda Reynolds, Jeff Rhodes, Scott Riedel, Susan Schultz, Lauren Segall, Vanda Shadigian, Barry St. Pierre, Lichee St. Pierre, Janya Somers, George Tam, Jeanne Tennis, Ruedee Vance, Kris Vilas, Arun Virender, Elizabeth Vlachak, Barbara Wasneski, Nancy White, Sue Wielenga, Tom Wielenga, Linda Woodland, Rosa Wu, Suzanne Yu, and the staff at Varsity Tennis Center. Thank you!



Sandell Bennett, Irfan Bhabhrawala, Heather Conway-Visser, Susan Cross, Christie Dickinson, Jim Douglass, Leigh Formicola, Anne Giordani, Heidi Kerst, Anne-Marie Kim, Kathy Legatski, Jody Linn, George Lowe, Carol Luckenbach, Middy Matthews, Ralph McKee, Michael Merriweather (co-chair), Barbara Mueller, Helen Peters, Janet Remen, Jeff Rhodes, Susan Schultz (co-chair), Lauren Segall, Vanda Shadigian, Barry St. Pierre, Lichee St. Pierre, Barbara Wasneski (co-chair), and Linda Woodland. Thank you for all your hard work planning the Tournament!



Helen Giordani (Adults), Gary Deguzman (Site Director for Adult Singles), and Gordon Boettcher (Juniors)!



2012 Ann Arbor City Tournament
From AAACTA President, Barbara Wasneski



Congratulations to all of this year's winners, and thank you to everyone who played for supporting the tournament. Your names are forever in the archives of this great event. I'd also like to thank all of our wonderful sponsors, volunteers, and Ann Arbor Rec & Ed. Your continued support of the tournament makes it possible for AAACTA to carry out its mission of serving the tennis community throughout the year.


It takes the energy of many people to organize this event. We were fortunate to have Helen Giordani act as our Tournament Director again this year. I'd like to thank her for the tremendous job she did. The Tournament Committee that she oversaw was made up of a hard-working crew who met starting in February and continued through our wrap-up meeting in October. A complete list of this incredible group of people can be found in this newsletter. When you see any of them, I urge you to thank them for their hard work.


I hope you keep in touch through the winter with AAACTA activities by visiting our website and reading our e-newsletters, brought to you by our new Communications Director, Betsy Capelli. Betsy is replacing  Sandell Bennett, who has graciously been our communicator for many years, taking AAACTA's newsletter from mimeographed pages to 21st century technology. Thank you, Sandell, for all of your work, and welcome, Betsy!


We will start planning for the 2013 tournament in another month or so. Do you want to be a part of it? Stay tuned!


Barbara Wasneski

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