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December 2012



For many, this Season of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah brings gatherings of family members and friends, gift giving, gift receiving. It can all feel a bit much. How do I pull this off? What do I buy her? He never likes what I get him. What do I do when I get another weird sweater from Aunt Rhoda?   


Holidays, whatever our culture, religion, or family tradition, are to mark Celebration. And what can we learn about Celebration? We know it means we are to be happy. We are to be grateful. We are to be joyous. But how?  It's all so busy, so many expectations.  How do I not just drop out? How do I allow myself to Celebrate, in the true sense of whatever this Holiday means to me?


What does this Holiday mean to me?   


Celebration is, quite simply, the way we express gratitude. It's gratitude in action.


The Art of Receiving 


I've been struck for some time by the experience of celebrating, and the receiving of gifts. This November birthday, I was showered by so many loving gifts and acts of friendship and celebration. And equally powerful to the generosity of love was my ability to receive those gifts with an open, joyous sense of gratitude; a generosity of reception. The two together created an amazing bond, a connection of spirit and love.


Birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza . . . we're all given many Holidays to celebrate. We give gifts - We receive gifts. We Celebrate. But did anyone ever really stress the Art of Receiving?  


There's something so important about our ability to receive.   Yes, the action of receiving, not to be confused with getting. Think of the gifts you've given and the joy you've felt. Notice how fun it is to give to certain people. They show their excitement. They express their gratitude in ways that really let you know and feel their appreciation.  The joy of your giving, your gift, has just multiplied. There's a bond between giver and receiver. You've been acknowledged for the gift of your thoughtfulness and the gift itself. The "thank you" of appreciation creates an exponential feeling of goodness.   And let's face it; this is just darn fun for everyone!  Even if it's another weird sweater from your dear Aunt, you love her and love the gift!  


Both genuine giving and genuine receiving are acts of recognition of the other, acknowledgments of our sameness, of our humanity. When we give or receive generosity, we vibrate to the same chord - we are a melody of One.   Together, giving and receiving form a connection. Energy moves out in giving and returns in receiving.                     ~ Amanda Owen, The Power of Receiving


As we remember Thanksgiving (yes, it's not just a day!) and how good it feels to express gratitude, please consider how you can become a full out receiver.  The JOY you both will receive is worth it! 


Wishing you wonderful giving and receiving this Holiday Season.  See you in the New Year! 

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"Holiday Overeating: How Can EFT Help?" 11:00 am PST / 12:00 pm MST Monday, 12-10-12


The Holidays will soon be upon us. A time to share, feel connected, and at peace.


However, for some, it's a time of vulnerability, isolation, high stress, and feeling misunderstood. Sometimes, the only place to turn is to the comfort of food. For some, it's a time to 'break out' and over indulge. Either way, the end result can be low self-esteem and high self-blame.  


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Group Forming for "Fearless Living"


The need for joy and success includes the need for clarity about your fear; the emotional fears that have been forming since the day you were born and that drive many of your everyday encounters . . . fear of being rejected, seen as stupid, labeled incompetent, or being unlovable. These fears are the reason you give up on yourself and tell yourself you should wait or shouldn't push too hard.


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Quote of the Month 


Ask for what you want. Believe that you deserve it, and then allow Life to give it to you. Be sure that you're willing to receive. Life can't give to you if your hands are closed. Open your mind, open your heart, and open your arms. Life loves you and only wants to give you the best.                           ~ Louise L. Hay


Many blessings,  



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 Bernadette Hunter


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