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Satsang Summer 2014

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Happy summer yogis and yoginis,    

It is so great to see the green grass, the trees and flowers blooming, to feel the sun's warmth and to hear the beautiful sounds of nature, so much life, love and gratitude fills my heart. Thank you for being part of this unique yoga association  as we continue to celebrate unity on Long Island.


We are working on a new face for LIYA, a new and improved website. We are hopeful to complete this huge task by the fall.  We welcome your suggestions, ideas and/or helpful hints that may assist us in a more efficient website.


We have a list of very inspirational, exciting and gifted presenters that will be coming up the second half of the year. We are mailing the fall flyers soon, if your address has changed please notify us so that we may update your information. Please come and join us.  

Our fall schedule workshops are as follows:


September 13 -  Dr. Jeffrey Migdow

October 10 to 12  - Retreat with Beryl Bender Birch

November 8 - Jeff Logan

December 6 - Ma Mokshapriya Shakti and holiday luncheon


I am currently working on 2015 workshops, if you have a suggestion for a future presenter, please email us at longislandyogaassociation@yahoo.com.  

Below you will find great articles with so much information and written specially for our members. Enjoy!



With much love and light,
Roxana C. Lucero
Long Island Yoga Association

Knee - Deep
Janine Ambroze E-RYT 500

The knees are the place in the body where we bend to connect to the earth, to tend to our gardens, to wipe a tear from a little one, to pose a very important question, to kneel in prayer, and to start a practice in cat-cow. When we bend, we humble ourselves and see out into our world from a different perspective. However, getting weak in the knees other than for love is not so good.

The knee is the meeting place of three bones: the tibia (the shinbone), femur (the thighbone), and patella (the kneecap). Two crescent-shaped pads of cartilage called meniscus act as a cushion between the bones and works as a shock absorber during movement. Two sets of ligaments-the curciates and the collaterals- act like straps and hold the bones in place. The leg muscles help to maintain the integrity of these ligaments and keep the bones aligned.


The meniscus is a common site of injury, especially in sports. The meniscus is often damaged due to muscle imbalances in the hip and leg. The tight muscles are either too long or too short, or are pulling or compressing the meniscus and other structures in this area. This can lead to improper wear and pain, (the exception of any underlying pathologies such as rheumatoid arthritis is if present can contribute to improper wear). Applying proper biomechanics and alignment are your first tools to implement in prevention.


Awareness and identification of your postural and habitual holding is the first line of defense in correcting any potential problems. Slumping at your desk or in the car pushes your head forward relative to your body and rounds out the lower back. This posture will throw the pelvis out of alignment, which will affect the knees. One example occurs when you are just walking with your feet turned out -this is especially detrimental to the medial meniscus. Knee pain is also associated with short quadriceps (external rotators of the leg are too short). Lack of water can be a contributing factor in joint health. Water is necessary to keep joints well-lubricated. Drinking caffeine and alcohol, which are diuretics, takes water out of the body, depleting resources for the body to use. Adopting strategies to correct alignment in everyday life will significantly reduce any pain or eliminate it altogether.


How yoga applies:

1-Avoid hyperextension- in such poses as Trikonasana and Paschimottanasana

2-Check your feet-proper alignment is key to building strength in the body- Tadasana

3-Alignment- in deep knee bends such as Virabhadrasana II and Parvakonasana- keep bent knee over ankle and kneecap in align with second toe.

4- Balancing builds strength Garudasana

5-Make sure hips are warmed and open: Baddha Konasana, Dandasana


Most important to listen to the subtle signals of the body's wisdom!!! If it doesn't feel right -do not do it! Reassess, Revise, and Re-evaluate -Following the three R rule will help to keep you safe and your body happy.

It is recommended to consult with a registered yoga teacher. If any pain persists, further medical evaluation is indicated.

Susie Q Corner by Susan Percoco
City of Light Sanctuary

Nestled away on 33 "heavenly" acres is a yoga and meditation retreat house, inspired by Archangel Michael. His hand guided Mokshapriya on this journey. With His guidance and her dedication, City of Light Sanctuary was created. 

It certainly was not an easy task for Mokshapriya, but when the angels are pulling for you, the vision becomes apparent. 

Located in the town of Ellenville, N.Y. just 125 miles from Long Island and a two and a half hour car ride (if the angels help you with traffic) awaits a spiritual and mystical place. As you take in the natural beauty of the landscape, you will stop along the many trails to admire the streams and ponds. Wild life is abound, so keep your eyes and ears open and maybe if you're lucky, you will catch a glimpse of them.

Don't forget to visit the cavern with sacred crystals. It was told to Mokshapriya that the retreat sits on very sacred land. Archangel Michael chose this site for that reason.  

The retreat center works on donations and has a full kitchen available for your use. Please bring vegetarian fare only. 

There are three guest rooms each with bunk beds and a futon couch. 

If you would like to immerse your self in the beautiful outdoors, tents are allowed. 

Should you not be able not to make a visit, donations can be made on line. There is a webinar available for just $88.00. Please visit the website for more information on this learning experience that is being offered for a limited time and to see what workshops are available or perhaps, you would like to conduct a workshop of your own. 

For more information visit: cityoflightsanctuary.org or call Mokshapriya at: 718-738-8001.

Happy Trails!                                                                                                                          Susie Q






Once While I Was Alone
A Poem by Peter Arebalo



Once while I was alone

I heard the way the world was intended to sound

A riveting masterpiece

A cacophony of massive beauty

Woven through spacious silence

The ecstatic membrane of the natural world

It's overtly alive

It lives through me as an unconflicted landscape

Unencumbered and thoroughly massive

A visceral observation embraced through the senses

So much so that to close my eyes would negate the existence of shapes, sizes and discernible boundaries and all of the words my mind clings to

This location becoming the beacon for life the tuning fork that resonance of the collective song

The sound that innervates all things with its percussive hum


This is everything that faith promised yet fails to grasp

This was not the result of someone's bidding this is not my reward for good behavior this is my inherent destiny

There is only mastery no master

this is my home









Reducing the Heat of Summer Through Ayurveda

By Theresa Venezia


For most modern people, summer is just another season. We sit indoors in the air conditioning, going outside only to run from the house to the car and from the car to the next air-conditioned place. According to the ancient science of Ayurveda, summer is much more. Summer is a time to burn impurities of body, mind, and spirit. It is all about the fire element inside and outside of your body.  


Summer is pitta time, which is composed mainly of fire with a little water thrown in the mix. The qualities of pitta are oily, hot, sour, fluid, and pungent. These attributes can be noticed in your body, as well as in the world around us. Ayurveda stresses that the inner world is not separate from the outer world, but rather is a reflection. Like increases like, meaning in this case, that the heat outside the body increases heat inside of the body.


Because pitta and fire element are predominant, pitta can be aggravated within the body. This is why you naturally look to cooling foods and activities. You might swim, ease up on strenuous exercise, and lighten your diet. All this is in service to creating balance. If you are primarily pitta dosha, summer can very quickly throw you out of balance, which means you, will likely be dealing with inflammation-an excess of heat in the system. This can look like skin rashes, digestive issues (diarrhea), fever, odorous sweating, burning pain, excess acid and bile in the stomach. 


Being in the air conditioning all the time swings us out of balance just as quickly. While our bodies are naturally responding to the increased heat of summer, we are living in such a way that temperature might be that of fall. Instead of eating and doing the activities of the season, we are wearing sweaters and eating heavier foods to keep warm.


While Ayurveda never recommends ingesting cold foods or beverages, foods with cooling properties are recommended during this time. Eating heat-producing foods like spinach, garlic, black teas, alcohol, heavy spices, and peppers increases your internal heat. 


Some tips to help balance pitta in the summer:

-Eat foods with cooling properties, such as those with bitter (dandelion root, rhubarb), sweet (pomegranate, rice), and astringent (cucumber, lettuce) tastes.

-Use little spice, or use cooling spices like coriander and saffron.

-Increase raw, cold foods such as salad and raw vegetables (balanced with cooling, cooked foods).

-Reduce strenuous activity or exercise like cardio, hot yoga, and workouts that cause heavy sweating.

-Do more asana designed to balance pitta dosha, such as shoulder stand, fish, locust, cobra, half bow, ear pressure pose, and bridge. 

-Breathe deeply and quietly. 

-Practice sheetali.


The earth supports what the body needs. What grows naturally in our area in any given season is what we need to be eating at that time for optimal health. 


If you need great summer recipe, please stop by healthyvibrantyou.com. If you have one to share, please do the same!

ASANA COLUMN by Jeff Logan 



Bharadvajasana 1 is a seated twisting posture named after the mythological sage Bharadvaja. It is a basic pose and can be practiced by those with stiff or arthritic spines who have difficulty performing more advanced twists. It also relieves backache during pregnancy.



Sit on the floor with the legs stretched out front. Then bend the knees and swing the feet to rest beside the right hip with the knees still facing forward. Now place the instep of the right foot over the arch of the left foot. (the top of the left foot on the floor, sole facing upwards.)  

Press down with the right buttock to assure the waist is level with the floor. (One can place a folded blanket under the left buttock if necessary.)

Lift the chest and turn the trunk to the left. Take the right hand to the outer left knee and bring the left hand (or finger tips) to rest on the floor behind the sacrum. Inhale deeply and, as you exhale, turn the trunk more and more to the left by utilizing the strength of the arms. Roll the left shoulder back and keep the trunk upright by continuing to ground the right buttock. Turn the head to look over either shoulder. With each inhalation lift the chest, with each exhalation turn more. Stay in the pose for 30 seconds to one minute. Exhale and turn back to center.

Stretch the legs out and repeat on the other side.