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Long Island Yoga Association Newsletter
Spring 2013

We are all connected; to each other, biologically.  

To the earth, chemically.  

To the rest of the universe, atomically.

-Neil deGrasse Tyson


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Its Only Rock and Roll
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Greetings yogis and yoginis,


The Long Island Yoga Association is very proud to continue its first and foremost mission, to unite the Long Island yoga community. This past year we have been able to provide an opportunity for our local teachers to share with us, their knowledge, wisdom and expertise. We are immensely grateful for the support you have shown to LIYA and to the Yoga community.


Our neighbors have gone through many challenges in the last several months. Hurricane Sandy and the Nor'easter left so many homeless. They suffered thru personal and material losses that only time and support from others  give them to chance get back on their feet. With your generous donations, LIYA was able to contribute. We donated non-perishable food to Island Harvest, clothing items to Long Beach and the Far Rockaway communities along with blankets and towels to local animal shelters. There is still so many in need and we want to continue our support with a couple of fundraisers.  

We are happy to bring to you "Hockey Night". On Friday, March 22, 2013, LIYA will be holding a fundraiser for Island Harvest, "Islander vs. Pittsburgh Penguins" game! Please join us in helping our community and enjoy a night of hockey. Bring your family and friends to what will be an exciting as well as a fun night out!! You can purchase the tickets here.

We have a great line up of presenters coming up. Enjoy these presenters as they deliver a wealth of knowledge and the opportunity to grow deeper into our practice. They are as follows:


April             Theresa Venezia

May              Wellness Fair

June             Christopher Hildebrandt

September   Karen Dubi

October        Narayani and Amari

November    Theresa Shay

December    Tao Porchon-Lynch & Holiday Luncheon 


LIYA offered a new member service in February. LIYA will list your events in an email blast to our current and past members.  This allows the yoga community to know what workshops or special events are being offered by you. Please remember to email us with your event by the 15th of each month.


Continue to provide us with your input, ideas and suggestions. Email them to longislandyogaassociation@yahoo.com. Also, we would like to encourage you to join us at our board meetings at 11:45am on the day of the workshops. Don't forget that we are on Facebook. Please "Like" us on Facebook!  


Let's continue to connect, support, inspire and unite our yoga community!


With much love and light,

Roxana C. Lucero


Long Island Yoga Association



Rikki's Corner  - Healthy Recipes
There are many wonderful nutritive ingredients we can add to a soup increasing its healing.

One of my favorites is kombu seaweed. Kombu is a good source of calcium, iodine and iron

The other is... ashwaganda. This woody herb confers immune boosting properties. Read up on the tonifying and relaxing qualities of this Aryuvedic ginseng. It also makes a great cup of tea.

Attached is my version of a minestrone soup, that can warm any winter's day. Click here for the complete recipe.  


Asana Column by Jeff Logan


The name of this pose means "holding the big toes" but, as you can see from the illustration, it is a little more than that.


Stand in Tadasana with your feet about one foot apart. Keeping your chest extended, exhale and bend forward from the tops of the legs. Grip the big toes between the thumbs and the first two fingers so that the palms face each other. Now, draw the back ribs in and stretch the front chest forward thus creating a concave spine. Hold here for a couple of breaths.


Next, on an exhale, pull on your toes and use your arms to draw the upper body down as far as possible without strain. Keep the thigh muscles drawing up so that the legs remain stable. Ultimately, let the front chest release down until it is parallel to the legs. Release your neck and head and, breathing normally, stay here for about 20 seconds. Then, inhale and come back to the concave spine position for a few breaths. Lastly, inhale again and come back to Tadasana.


This pose stretches the backs of the legs and soothes the nerves. It can be very refreshing


A Poem by Cathy Fizzinoglia
It's Only Rock and Roll

Okay Okay, so it's not just the Rolling Stones,

you can recite Gibran, Rumi , Neruda and Rimbaud.


You know Tadasana, Padmasana and warriors one two three and can hum Om Mane Padme Hum on the subway.


With sun-like bodhichitta and a bodhisattva heart you beseech the Holy Beings to remain, until all the land is pure and level as the palm of a hand and as smooth as lapis lazuli.


You start the day with Surya Namaskara and carry a wishfulfilling jewel to free all beings from Samsara.


     "May everyone be happy"

     "May everyone be free from misery "

     "May everyone have equanimity"


You make us roar, leave us wanting more and you tell bedtime stories that begin at the toes.Okay okay , so it's not just rock and roll .


                                                                                                ~ Cathy Fizz