December 2014

Louisiana Elections Update

Following is a review of who's who and what's next in key Louisiana elections. As a reminder, all candidates in Louisiana run against each other in their respective primary regardless of party affiliation (i.e., we do not have partisan primaries). With the primaries over now, candidates who did not win outright will advance to runoffs, which will be decided on December 6th. 

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AIA Louisiana Leaders Meet with Facility Planning and Control Officials

The AIA Louisiana Governmental Agency Committee met with Facility Planning and Control officials on November 25th to discuss issues affecting the design profession on public projects. Topics discussed were bonding of sub contractors, errors and omissions, prolonged contract administration and change order delays. The committee will continue to meet quarterly with public agencies in 2015.  

UL300 Compliance for Existing Dry Chemical or Non-Compliant UL300 Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems




This memorandum is intended to clarify the submittal process for UL300 compliance in regard to existing dry chemical or non-compliant kitchen suppression systems. Interpretive Policy Memorandum 2001-4 states that all dry chemical kitchen suppression systems must be taken out of service by 4/19/11. Read Full Memorandum

Backflow Preventers Added to Existing Sprinkler Systems - Plan Review Requirements




The installation of backflow preventers on water supply lines that serve existing fire sprinkler systems may have an impact on the system's required flow and pressure. A reduction of the supply could compromise the fire sprinkler system, causing it to not function properly in a fire event. These installations have a potentially serious impact on the required fire protection features of buildings. Read Full Memorandum

A Call for Height Restrictions New Downtown Buildings


Planning Director Frank Duke says new design guidelines being drafted for Baton Rouge should ideally include height restrictions for new downtown buildings. Duke says one of the biggest problems with the city's existing zoning code is that it allows for unlimited building heights downtown.


"It creates the perception that there is unlimited value, which means you have a lot of surface parking because people are waiting for that right price, that great catch to come in, and it's not going to happen," Duke says. "Unlimited height does not increase development in a downtown area." Read Full Story


U.S. Bureau of Labor Releases Job Report

Manufacturing added 15,00 jobs, construction added 12,000, and architectural and engineering services added 2,900 jobs.


While October was a strong month for manufacturing jobs, construction and architecture and engineering jobs did better in September, according to the October jobs report released today by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


The American economy overall added 214,000 nonfarm jobs last month, which is 42,000 less than the revised growth for September. (The Bureau frequently revises the initial numbers.) This growth number is 16,000 less jobs added than ADP and Moody's Analytics reported on Wednesday. It's also slightly less than what was expected, according to Reuters. The unemployment rate dropped to 5.8 percent, down from September's 5.9 percent. Read full story