As your incoming president, I am writing to all members in a sincere effort to reach out to all of you. Together we can improve awareness of our profession and make a difference. Throughout my career I have had the good fortune of meeting many of our fellow architects from the state, national and international level. The collective wisdom of our profession is noteworthy and my major goal for 2013 is to spread that word.


AIA National is in the midst of the AIA's Repositioning initiative. The purpose of the initiative is to develop a clearer vision of how to communicate to the public that architects and architecture play an essential role in everyone's lives. Having reached more than 30,000 individuals through interviews, surveys, and visits to AIA components a keen understanding of the issues that are most important not only to members, but to prospective members, AIA staff, clients of architects, and the general public. One of the most compelling findings from the online member survey was the fact that members have a strong desire for AIA to become a bolder leader. Nearly 70% chose "AIA is the voice of the profession, advocating for architects, championing innovation, anticipating change and leading the way forward"


Please take the time to review the "Repositioning Update".  


Following suit, the AIA Louisiana Board has engaged Rockit Science, advertising agency in Baton Rouge, to help us with a similar campaign. Our goal is to improve communications within our profession and to enhance the public's perception of architects and architecture. As part of this effort, interviews with AIA members, allied professionals, public officials and clients will be conducted. Also a short survey will be sent to all members. This is where you can voice your opinions, so please take the time to respond. It does make a difference. Use your voice and get involved. 


I would like to take a moment to reflect and look back at just a few of the many accomplishments of Mark Stielper, immediate past president, Lynn Robertson, executive director, AIA Louisiana Staff and the 2012 board; meeting with allied professional organizations to address public bid law, Critical Issues Summit and other legislative issues including Board of Ethics for Public Employees changes for architects; increased recognition of newly licensed architects and emerging professionals; successfully guided annual events and tasks such as Celebrate Architecture, Honor Awards, State Conference in Lafayette, and guidance and support for the Louisiana Architectural Foundation.


I am honored and proud to represent our noble profession in the State of Louisiana and I hope for the collective guidance of all of you towards a successful 2013.



Jeffrey Smith, AIA

President, AIA Louisiana

The American Institute of Architects today announced a five-point legislative agenda for the 113th Congress, targeting job creation for small businesses as a top priority. 
The agenda is the product of months of collaboration and dialogue with AIA members and leaders. More than 3,400 AIA members offered their views about what policies the AIA should advance through the annual Call for Issues last fall.
According to Mickey Jacob, FAIA 2013 AIA President, the AIA's agenda "reflects the interests of our members, which not so coincidentally reflects the priorities of the American people. These five priorities for the n ext two years have the creation of jobs as their centerpiece while also seeking to shore up our aging infrastructure, make our communities more resilient and assure we invest in the next generation of architects.:"
  1. Help Small Businesses Create Jobs
  2. Repair and Strengthen our Buildings
  3. Build Sustainable, Resilient and Vibrant Communities
  4. Reform Government to Build Better with Less
  5. Invest in the Next Generation of Design Leaders

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Department of Public Safety and Correction - State Uniform Construction Code
Please find attached the emergency rule which was submitted to and accepted by the Register. It has an official effective date of January 1, 2013. The changes have been highlighted for your convenience. Also the 2011 NEC became effective January 1, 2012. The emergency rule will be published in the January publication of the Register.
Michael Holly, AIA, REFP was recently recognized by the Council for Educational Facility Planners (CEFPI) as a Recognized Educational Facility Professional. He is one of three carrying that recognition within the State of Louisiana. REFP, Recognized Educational Facility Planner, is CEFPI's professional designation. In instituting this mark of distinction for educational facility planners, CEFPI states, "We recognize the successful achievements and continual professional development efforts of qualified CEFPI members." CEFPI goes on to say, "This program serves as a vehicle to raise public awareness about the educational facilities profession, providing REFP members an opportunity to be respected not only by their peers on a professional level but also by members of their communities.
Please take a moment and review the list of committees and their chairman below. There are two committees without chairman that need a volunteer. If you are interested please contact Lynn Robertson by calling 225-578-5579 or by emailing [email protected]
Alliance Development: Mark Lalande & George Minturn
Recruitment & Retention: Chairman Needed
Communication: Knobbie Langlinais
Fiscal: Sam Herpin
Education: Chairman Needed
Legislative: Steve Maher
Advocacy: Lisa Nice
Governance: Bill Tudor
Emerging ProfessionalsJennie West
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2013 5th Annual Critical Issues Summit 
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Location:Renaissance Hotel in Baton Rouge, LA. 

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In order to help architects more accurately predict the energy consumption in their design projects, AIA has put together An Architect's Guide to Integrating Energy Modeling in the Design Process. The guide is an exhaustive, step-by-step map to predicting (and thus reducing) the energy usage of buildings.